1. Day One @ Thrive


Hello, my name’s Shinya Mori. You might already know me as the twin of the Mori Legacy’s tenth-generation heir. After my young adult birthday, the Simverse Center for Genetic Excellence offered me an very well-paying job.

And that’s why I’ve moved here to Windenburg island to open a group home for gifted toddlers.

It’s Sunday but my charges won’t be arriving until Monday morning. This gives me a day to prepare this lot and myself for the trials ahead.

In the morning, I substantially renovate the interior of the Pier Palace house, renaming it to “Thrive.” Yeah, the first floor looks overly colorful for adults, but I have only my young charges in mind. The back patio has become an outdoor playroom. I hope the kids like it.

My own rooms are upstairs and I move the kitchen up here as well. This frees up more room downstairs for the larger dining area with a second fridge. Well, I’m not a builder, but thought you might like to see the house’s new interior layout.

After starting my mini-garden, I leave for the Desert Bloom Park in Oasis Springs in hope of earning points for reward traits. While waiting for collectibles to spawn, I fish or socialize.

As soon as I get home, I have a light meal, hire a vegetarian caterer, then roam the island seeking more collectibles.

Luckily, I find enough crystals today to save two for a quick Energized boost. The boost will, I hope, be a time-saver once my charges arrive.

My caterer, Jesmina Bheeda, is such a gem! Nine eight-serving vegetarian dishes later, Jesmina leaves the premises a little after midnight. Wow!

Just as I’m about to go to bed, I hear angry muttering downstairs.

Shinya: What’s going on, Jesmina? I get that you’re a hotheaded sim, but the dollhouse?

Jesmina: It’s past 1 am but I can’t leave this lot!

Watchette: A google search reveals that door locking options exclude caterers and nannies from the “employees” category. Sorry, Jesmina!

 Author’s Notes

Not moving the toddlers in until the second day is probably a challenge rule violation, but I’m fine with a little rule-breaking in this case. Because in normal gameplay, I would not have parents raising kids without any reward traits. Also, the objective of trying this challenge is to learn how to raise toddlers efficiently, not torture myself.

So yes, the caretaker has a day to himself to earn some satisfaction points, start a mini-garden, and hire the vegetarian caterer to stockpile meals for the toddlers.

2. Meet the Gang

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