2. Let the Skilling Begin!

Week 1/ Day 2 (Monday)

Good morning!  Since yesterday evening, Jin and I (Misa) have been working mainly on the Soulmate aspiration, trying to earn enough points for Connections.
Jin is such an affectionate and sensitive man—and I don’t mind his looks either.

He’s been building up his nerve to propose all morning, it seems. And he finally asks.
When did he ever get the time to find a ring in my size?

It’s official, Jin and I have tied the knot. Now, let’s get serious about that Wonder Child Project!

Jin: Here’s walls-down shot of our humble home. As you can see, it’s still more of a skilling arena than an actual home at this point, but we have a few days to get a lot done.

Jin: Misa will work at the Scientist career until she reaches Level 5. At that point, I may join the Chef career at Level 4 for just a single day.
Our focus is the skills that can be mentored to our Wonder Child.
Remember that Misa and I share the Loves the Outdoors and Family-Oriented traits except that I’m an Art Lover and she’s a Genius.
Also, Misa will probably be in charge of Fishing since I’ll be handling Cooking and Mixology for the household.

Misa: Logic, Handiness, Piano, Fitness
Jin:    Painting, Violin, Writing, Guitar

Day 3 (Tue)

We start the day with Misa in the observatory, trying to make the eight breakthroughs she requires for her career promotion.
Meanwhile I learn the Wellness skill by starting a Brain Boosting yoga routine. Not only does this routine give me an eight-hour +1 Inspired boost, but reaching Level 2 Wellness will let me use a Focused boost social.
After Misa leaves for a hard-working day at the laboratory, I do some very quick redecorating then start painting. New flooring of tatami mats replaces that free, red Entertainer rug.
I purchase the Morning Sim trait because, for now, a skilling boost is more important than an income boost.

After Misa returns from her first day on the job, the happy couple (that’s us!)—still blissed out from our just-married moodlet—socialize a bit, then Rally the Troops to settle into our respective evening activities.
I continue painting, finishing a few easily achievable Painter Extraordinaire milestones on the way, while Misa starts on the Renaissance Sim aspiration by reading skill books on Logic, Handiness, and Fitness.
Reading also triggers scientific breakthroughs, making it a great activity since her Level 5 promotion requires eight breakthroughs—only four more to go!

Day 4 (Wed)

Misa leaves for work with her eight breakthroughs in the bag.
As for me, I do some gathering around the island then visit the art museum as part of the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.
In the evening, we are delighted but not surprised that Misa is promoted to a Level 5 Scientist. One more breakthrough will enable her to build a cloning machine!

Re-reading the project rules, our Watcher notices that the only aspiration reward banned is the Potion of Youth. Initially, only Misa was to max Fitness.
Since maxing the Bodybuilder aspiration will give us a short lifespan extension, however, we both head to the gym for a few hours.
I meet a gym trainer (in the baseball cap) to mentor me. If only we knew another gym trainer!

Day 5 (Thu)

Misa here. Earlier this morning, I had my ninth breakthrough a few hours before arriving at the Science Lab for my first and last day of work.
All this prep paves the way to one vital objective: building a cloning machine!
Mission accomplished!
Instead of going home right away, I spend a little time fishing and gathering rare collectibles in the lab’s vicinity.
Time to quit this job and become a stay-at-home, well, I’m not a mom yet but now I’m ready to have a child!

Ever have one of those days when everything seems to go right?
Watcher: Lately? Never.
Hey, don’t you rain on my parade!
As I was about to say, Jin and I tried for a baby once this morning but I had to dash off to work without taking a pregnancy test.
Thirteen hours later, I finally remember to take a pregnancy test.
I’m rather surprised to note that my status is “Pregnant: 2nd trimester in 24 hours.”
Watcher: So the countdown for the three-day pregnancy begins after the notification of pregnancy, not from the time of conception. Hmmm, hmmm. I see, I see.

Well, since I’m pregnant, it seems like a good time to max Fitness, so off we go to the gym again, this time in Willow Creek.
And no, you are not seeing things. We are both being mentored by gym trainers at the same time.
After our last visit to the Oasis Springs, I made a temporary fitness club with Jin, me, and Annie (the Oasis Springs trainer who mentored Jin)
Once we arrived at this gym, I started a club gathering to summon Annie for mentoring Jin while I asked Don Lothario, who is this gym’s resident trainer, to mentor me.
A rather clever strategy, if I do say so myself.

Day 6 (Fri)

With the addition of Don Lothario to our Fitness Club, the club gathers again at home this afternoon as we continue leveling Fitness.
I work out on the treadmill while listening to Alternative music, taking breaks to eat carrots and watch the Kids Network on TV.
Once I’m sure that Jin will max Fitness today, I decide to just relax and watch TV.
Watcher heard a rumor that, similiar to The Sims 3, watching the Kids Network will produce multiple births.
Well, if we don’t have twins the first time, we’ll just try again. Jin says he doesn’t mind trying. *winks

Day 7 (Sat)

I’ve grown quite huge! I feel so bloated and swollen, but Jin tells me I look radiant, bless his gentle heart.
Jin seems just as excited to meet our newborn as I am!

I’ve switched from skilling Logic in the Observatory to skilling Handiness on the woodworking table, so I can listen to music.
Watcher: I just realized that you two are at the end of the first week!
Misa: These past six days have been so trying. Every time I even think about stopping what I’m doing to chat with Jin, you cancel the interaction.
Practically the only interaction you’ve allowed today has been “Rally the troops”!
W: Well, that’s why they call this a challenge, right? Try your best to get as much done as possible before the nooboo is born!
You entered your third trimester at 10:46 pm today (Day 7), so we need to keep track exactly how much later you give birth.

By the way, fantastic job at making the nine breakthroughs and nabbing that cloning machine!
Misa: Child’s play, Watcher!
Okay, let’s take a look at what you’ve accomplished since Monday morning.

You both maxed Fitness, good job!
Jin reached Level 9 Painting and Level 5 Violin, while also reaching Level 5 Cooking and Level 3 Wellness.
Misa reached Level 7 in both Logic and Handiness, plus Level 6 in Fishing.
So far, you both have zero levels in your fourth skills (Guitar and Piano)

Jin: We’ve got this, Watcher! We’ll be done with all three skills before our baby boy has his birthday.

Day 8 (Sun)

Jin: By the way, Watcher, did you say Misa reached Level 7 Handiness? You know what that means, don’t you?
Misa: Ugh, that’s an ugly screenshot! If you couldn’t glimpse the kiosk there, no one would even know we were at Granite Falls.
W: Yeah, it ended up being a huge fail in terms of showing how cute you look pregnant as well.

Misa: It’s nice to be home again, even though the place isn’t exactly so home-y yet.
Jin: Since we are working so hard, will you build us a nice, real house here after this is all over so we can just relax, enjoy the sunsets, and go fishing?
Watcher: Deal!

Later that night,  Misa goes into labor at the exact time that she took the pregnancy test three days ago, to the minute!
Watcher: (taking notes…) So the time of birth is determined by when the mother learns of her pregnancy, not when the baby is conceived.
Misa: Watcher, your attention on me, please!  Hurry and come out, little fella. Your mommy’s hurtin’!

I am delighted to announce the birth of twin boys—Satoru and Shinji.
As the firstborn, Satoru will be the Wonder Child.

Well, where’s Jin? Why isn’t he around to greet his newborn sons?
Watcher: Sorry, Misa. We’ve been working on his BodyBuilder aspiration all day. He can’t seem to reach his maximum body potential so, despite my preference for a slimmer build, I bought him a workout machine.
After one protein shake, one energized protein meal, and one epic (Push the Limits) workout later, here’s Jin at his max potential.
Personally, I find him too muscular and hope he’ll slim down again.
(But how? @Playalot, do you have any tips? Jogging or yoga?)
Jin: Hey, Watcher, am I still going to be able to fit into my slim jeans?

Day 9 (Mon)

As we take leave of Jin and Misa this morning, we spot the happy parents in their front yard—which doubles as the twins’ bedroom—whispering excitedly.
Whispering, why?


Watcher’s Remarks:

Considering that the parents will have only 10 days left as adults when the twins age up to children, I think I might have waited too long before having the parents “try for baby.”
I did want to give the parents a head start on their skilling before the Wonder Child’s appearance but I somehow forgot that there’s a three-day baby stage during which time the parents could continue skilling.

Oh well, if this timing results in fatal consequences, the challenge is short enough to redo.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you next time when the twins will become children.

3. And Then There Were Five

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