2. Meet the Gang


Unnamed toddler: Heyo, wassup? I’ll be your guide for today.

When the seven of us arrive at Thrive, we find our caregiver out front waiting for us. He introduces himself to us. Shinya Mori seems like a nice, gentle man.

He invites us inside but, dang, it’s rough to get around with zero Movement skill! When we reach the front of the house, he starts carrying us inside one at a time. That’s when we surprise him by crawling up those two stairs!

Let me introduce you to the rest of the gang. Blonde Angel in green is named after his trait, while the black-haired Allure is a charmer.

Sitting on the sofa, there’s the turquoise-haired Indiana who’s independent. Next to her is the violet-haired Deredere , so named because he’s clingy. You’re familiar with the terms tsundere and yandere, right?

The orange-haired silly Sillz and brunette fussy Fuschia are chatting out in the back playroom.

And the seventh kid is me, Ken. I’m the only one that Shinya Mori adopted, so I’ll be calling him Papa. Why did he adopt only me, you ask? Isn’t it obvious? Because I’m the cutest, duh.

Oh yeah, I almost forget to mention our nanny, Akito Yamaguchi.

We’re gonna call him Gramps. Papa needs to find out what Gramps’ traits are!

You’re probably wondering why Allure’s in the bathroom with us, with that creepy look on her face. Apparently, she’s boosting her Thinking by watching the nanny.

There’s also a separate social for watching someone on the potty. Weird, huh? Whatever. Angel does not look very happy about it.

I tried having a few kids using “Watch” and a few using “What’s this?” while assuming that they would have similar effects. “Watch” boosted the Thinking skill quickly while “What’s this?” was just a waste of time. 

We’ve only been at Thrive for about three hours so far, so we can barely do anything yet.

But now you’ve met everyone who’ll be around at Thrive for the next seven days.

And finally, here’s a parting shot of me and Deredere as we learn to walk.

3. Allure Exacts Retribution

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