4. Teach Me, Uncle Vladislaus!


Shinya: I embark on the path to all things garlic by studying Vampire lore while the kids eat.

After a quick scan of the neighborhood, I discover three garlic plants have sprouted as well as several wolfsbane plants.

I am frantically rereading the Vampiric Encyclopedic Tome, reaching Vampire Lore L4.

One more level before gaining the ability to craft garlic-ward goods!


Shinya: At midnight, I get a text message from some stranger named Vladislaus Straud, something about my scrumptious neck!?

My first reaction is to immediately lock the front door. That’s when I see him!

Angel: What do I do, Uncle Shinya?

Shinya: You know the drill, Angel. Ask him to help you with Shapes! Keep him busy!

Shinya (internally): Really? Bat form to move, like, three yards to the nesting blocks?

Gramps: On the plus side, Vlad appears not to hate toddlers. On the minus side, Shinya needs 40 more points to reach Vampire Lore L5 and we have no garlic.

Shinya: Well, we can always have the toddlers keep spamming “teach me” socials at Vlad to keep him away from our necks.

Gramps: Oh, right. Like having an extra nanny!

Shinya: It’s 2 am so he’s been here for two hours now. Why won’t he leave?

I don’t know what his game is, but he better not wake up the kids.

Allure: Now that I’m awake, it’s my turn next. I start out with my ole faithful:

Allure: Thanks for helping me with Shapes, Mr. Vlad! I’m almost Thinking Level 4 now!

Shinya: I’m absolutely terrified by the sight of Gramps giving the death salute, but it’s only a pathing issue. Watchette had accidentally deleted the door to the adult toilet. Phew!

By the way, Count Creepster finally leaves at 4:30 am. I hope Allure totally wore him out!

Shinya: It’s 7 am now and nobody had nightmares all night, thank heavens. No one, that is, except Sillz whose Thinking skill is still only L2.

Also, the garlic seeds I ordered and planted last night have sprouted.

Ken: I look outside and see the Fengs strolling by. Don’t they have jobs?

And I also see a new plant: the Sixam Mosquito Trap. Now Papa’s going to want one!

Papa, can we go outside for a short walk?

Ken: Papa reads to the five of us until we all reach Imagination L2. Then, we’re off and running—um, wobbling—to the plaza.

Fuschia: Look! Allure’s maid stalked her here! But I’m pretty tired, so I’m going back to sleep.

Deredere: Where are we going? It’s like we’re circling the fountain.

Ken: That’s exactly what we’re doing. Hey, I bet you can’t catch that pigeon!

Ken: All that time walking around outside didn’t do much for our Movement skill!

I ask Papa to “Play” with me so I can get Energized, but I’m too sad from my Potty Accident moodlet to switch moods.

Shinya: Don’t worry! (Eat one of your tomatos and) Be happy!

Papa traded that scary pipe organ for a stereo so we can now bob to the music.

Deredere (purple): Get with the choreography, Ken!

Indiana (turquoise): Yeah, Ken. You’re supposed to look right at the bridge!

Ken: I enjoyed going outside for a change this morning but my Movement skill barely increased.

Now, Deredere’s Energized (from a bath) and I ask Papa to teach me dancing.

After bobbing to the music for a while, Deredere and I are the first to hit Movement L3.

Shinya: Our vegetarian caterer, Jesminder Bheeda, phones to ask about joining my club with Gramps, also named Thrive.

I must confess that I’m sorely tempted, but I manage to resist and regretfully refuse her request.

Shinya: I notice from afar that the wild garlic plants are ready and go harvest them.

While roaming the neighborhood in search of more wild garlic, I discover my first plasmafruit tree!

Shinya: I return home with 18 garlic bulbs harvested from the wild plus 3 more from my garden.

I craft two garlic braids (5 bulbs each) and one garlic wreath (10 bulbs).

If only I had two more braids and three more wreaths! Then, I might feel we’re safe from Vlad…

Shinya: It’s only 8:30 pm and Sillz still doesn’t have a full Energy bar. But I wake her up anyway to teach her Basic Needs using flash cards.

Sillz: But I’m so sleepy!

Shinya: I’m not letting you settle down for the night until you reach Thinking L3.

Sillz: I did it, Uncle Shinya! I’m L3 now!

Shinya: Yes, and as the notification message informs us, you will now sleep better through the night. Yay!

Gramps: It’s 10 pm now. I wonder if that Vladislaus fellow will come around again tonight.

Shinya: I certainly hope not, though two garlic braids and one wreath seem hardly sufficient.

Gramps: Hey, look over there in the plaza, Shinya. That’s Caleb Vatore.

Shinya: Who’s that?

Gramps: A vampire who lives here in Forgotten Hollow with his sister, Lilith.

Shinya: He’s gorgeous. I guess if I had to be bitten, I’d prefer Caleb over Vlad…


Shinya: Well, it’s 1:30 am now, so I guess we’re safe tonight! Vladislaus didn’t text me at midnight like before and we do have our garlic objects.

Gramps: Yeah, we can just relax until dawn.

Meanwhile, outside…(is it just my imagination or does that bat doll look angry?

Skilling Recap

I’m calculating one point for each skill level. All five skills maxed would be 23 points.

•   Angel (Angel): Comm L1, Imagin L2, Move L3, Think L3, Potty L2 = 11

•   Allure (Charmer): Comm L2, Imagin L1, Move L2, Think L3, Potty L2 = 10

•   Deredere (Clingy): Comm L3, Imagin L2, Move L2, Think L3, Potty L2 = 12

•   Fuschia (Fussy): Comm L2, Imagin L3, Move L2, Think L3, Potty L2 = 12

•   Indiana (Independent): Comm L2, Imagin L3, Move L2, Think L3, Potty L2 = 12

•   Ken (Inquisitive): Comm L2, Imag L3, Move L3, Think L3, Potty L2 = 13

•   Sillz (Silly): Comm L1, Imagin L2, Move L2, Think L3, Potty L2 = 10

That makes 2 toddlers with 10 points, one with 11 points, three with 12 points, and Ken with 13 points.

The Happy Toddler bonus trait requires Level 3 in all skills, while the Top-Notch Toddler trait requires all five maxed skills.

I’ll definitely end up with seven Happy Toddlers, but seven Top-Notch Toddlers will be a real stretch.

Thanks for reading!

5. Forgetting Forgotten Hollow

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