6. Fare Thee Well, Kiddos!


Indiana: Very early in the morning, I’m playing with the dollhouse when our caterer comes to chat. Uncle Shinya, shouldn’t she be….um, catering?

Shinya: Well, you know what happens to service NPCs who don’t do their job, right?
Indiana: Ask her to show me Flash Cards to boost my Thinking?
Shinya: Good girl!

Shinya: Watchette claims that every screenshot of Ken is the cutest.
Ken: Papa, please teach me Numbers with the flash cards?

Shinya: Ken is the first to max Thinking. That comes as no surprise. By nature, Inquisitive toddlers boost Thinking slightly faster than other toddlers.

Ken: Papa and Gramps finally let Deredere and me go potty and stumble off to bed.
Papa’s really started pushing me to complete my last one-and-a-half skills.
I’m pretty sure it’s possible!

Shinya: Just past 8 am, we get a succession of “Almost xx’s birthday” notices.
So I’m assuming that we’ll be getting their “Celebrate xx’s birthday” notices tomorrow at the same time.

Sillz doesn’t have a bat’s chance of becoming a Top-Notch Toddler with her two L3 skills, so she’s being left on her own.
Gramps and I are more likely to raise a Top-Notch toddler or two by teaching the other six.

Vampire bat #1: Yo! What’s with the negative stereotype about bats? That hurts!!!
Vampire bat #2: Word. Don’t you know we vampire bats regurgitate blood for bats who didn’t get to feed?
Vampire bat #3: And we’re not actually blind, either!

Gramps: Thanks to her fussiness, Fuschia ends up getting more attention than the others.
In fact, she has a really good chance of maxing all her skills.

Shinya: Gramps and I are thinking that we might be total meanies and not get birthday cakes for the toddlers.
Gramps: Yeah, we’ll keep them skilling until they age up naturally. Mwahahaha!!!

Allure: So, Gramps, would you read me a book after I’m done eating?
Gramps: Sure, sweetheart.
Allure: Thank you! I’m gonna try really hard to finish my last 2.5 skills!

Gramps: You know, readers, it’s not just the toddlers who are being worked to the bone!
Until we met you, Gramps, we’d decided that all nannies are completely useless, but you’re really incredible.
Gramps: I know, right? But Shinya has been very generous with my wages.
When this gig is over, I’ll be retiring to a little beachfront cottage in Tahiti.

Shinya: Uh, Gramps…you walked all the way upstairs to read to her?
Allure: Where did Gramps go? Just how many stairs are there, anyway?

Shinya: Kind of a jerk move, don’t you think, Gramps? You two were already sitting together downstairs. I might have to lock you out of the upstairs bedroom and bathroom!
Gramps: …
Allure: It’s okay, Uncle Shinya. I got some exercise and, wow, this view’s totally worth it!

Shinya: Great, just great! Now Fuschia’s crawling upstairs, too. Gramps, you’re officially locked out of the upstairs rooms.

Fuschia: Really!? I climb all the way to the top of the stairs and you tell me to go back down?
Shinya: Sorry, Fuschia but you need to eat! *uses “Go here together” downstairs to summon Gramps from upstairs


Shinya: I’m helping Ken build Movement and Communication at the same time.
While teaching him to dance, I ask him questions.

Ken: In the end, though, I have to switch to asking Papa for help with the Tower blocks.
How can I build Communication if he makes me listen to his dumb stories instead of letting me talk?

Maybe I should rename this challenge to “Ken and the 6 Toddlers Challenge”?

Indiana: I’m going to finish! I only have the Movement skill left…

Deredere: I’ve had a bath so I’m playful and I finally get Uncle Shinya all to myself.
Shinya: Sure, I’ll read to you, kiddo! I wonder if you’ll be done with Movement in time…
I’m sure some of you have already noticed, but the toddler Deredere and young adult Shinya are the same sim.

Gramps: We start receiving the “Celebrate birthday” notices a little past 8 am, as expected.
Shinya: By that time, we have three Top-Notch Toddlers: Ken (first), Allure (second), and Indiana (third).
Looks like I should make a few birthday cakes after all!

Meanwhile, back in Forgotten Hollow…

Gramps: Hey, Shinya! You better come down from the kitchen and take a look at this? *shows an image on his phone
Shinya: Whaaaaat!? Who is that hussy with the puncture wounds on her neck?
And what’s she doing with mah Caleb in what looks to be a boudoir? Watchette, what exactly is going on there?

Uhhhhh, it’s a different save file from last night… *coughs*
Anyway, you need to focus, Shinya! Three toddlers are ready to age up this very minute!

Shinya: *trudges back up to the kitchen dejectedly

Ken: After I cake up, Allure blows out the birthday candles next. Meanwhile, I go and hide until later because the game gives me such a hideous outfit and hair!

Ken: Indiana is the third Top-Notch Toddler, so she cakes up next.
If you’ve played toddlers, you’ve seen this menu before, but it’s a first for us here!
And although it looks like we start all children skills at Level 2, they’re actually all at 94%. That’s pretty cool, right?

Indiana: Something else we all find pretty cool: as children, we can now teach toddlers how to dance and use the nesting blocks. But I don’t get the option to show flash cards. Poo!

Indiana (blond): So, Uncle Shinya…you teach Angel and I’ll teach Fuschia?
Shinya: That’s smart since Angel will be a Top-Notch Toddler soon, but not Fuschia.
Indiana: Didn’t she have the second highest skills last night?
Shinya: Yeah, but she woke up grumpy and she’s been sad and gloomy all day, so she’s taking forever to level her last skill.
Indiana: Actually, the big question is: Do I get my turquoise hair back?

Angel: I’m in the zone, dancing in Energized mood with Uncle Shinya teaching me.
Then he goes and tells me a funny story, which makes me playful. Darn him!

Now I see why Ken says to ask Uncle Shinya to help build a Tower with blocks, instead of teaching dance.
I’ll be the fifth and last Top-Notch Toddler of this challenge.

Sillz (left): Fuschia and I get woken up and we cake up, one after another.
Fuschia (right): Well, it would have been hard to max our skills, even if we’d kept leveling, Sillz.
Sillz: I guess Uncle Shinya wants to rush to the end of the challenge.
Angel (blond): Ken says Uncle Shinya needs to hurry back to Forgotten Hollow or something.
Ken: Yeah, or something.

Sillz: I’m sad that Fuschia and I are the only ones who didn’t become Top-Notch Toddlers.
Fuschia: It’s fine, Sillz. We’re Happy Toddlers and that’s all right, too!

Shinya: Well, folks we have reached the end of our challenge by ageing up all the toddlers a little early.
Because I don’t have the patience to get everyone lined up for a lovely group shot, here’s a household shot from the Gallery.
Yes, it’s blurry. Sorry about that!

And finally portraits of the Thrive gang, in order of their skilling prowess from left to right.

As I mentioned earlier, Fuschia had only 60 more percentage points to max her last skill, but was busy fussing.
Sillz was missing 5 skill levels.
It’s not that Silly is the worst trait, but Sillz did seem to be sleeping a lot when the other toddlers were forging ahead.
So ultimately, Shinya ends up with five Top-Notch Toddlers and two Happy Toddlers.

Shinya: Hey, Watchette! What about you make me and Caleb a couple, then he turns me and we do a “6 Vampire Toddlers Challenge” in Forgotten Hollow?
Thanks but no thanks, Shinya. *waves him away dismissively
Shinya: Okay. I’ll go water the plasmafruit or something.

Thanks so much for reading! The kids all turned out pretty nice-looking, even that annoyingly fussy Fuschia!

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