Meet the Contenders: Zanna

The Zannas: The Vampires

The Zanna Family Tree  Museum value: $101,120

The Founder: Serena Zanna

Museum contribution: $14,456

Traits: Genius, Snob, Cheerful
Vampire Aspiration: Vampire Family (done)
Career: Scientist (Level 10)
Garden: Cowplant, Deathflower, Dragonfruit, Plasmafruit Tree, Sixam Mosquito Trap, and Wolfsbane
Two Tier-5 Vampire Powers: Mist Form and Tamed Thirst
Museum Portraits (2): yes ($6,219 and $8,327)
Spouse:  Caleb Vatore
Children: Massimo Vatore and Lio Vatore

Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna

Museum contribution: $27,229

Traits: Cheerful, Active, Family-Oriented
Toddler Skills: Maxed all 5 skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
Childhood Aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp
Teen Job: Manual Labor (Level 3)
A in High School: yes
Unique Aspiration: Bodybuilder (done)
Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Paolo Rocca, Imane Al Fassi; and Morgan Fyres
Museum Portraits: $16,959 (normal/$7,652 and dark/$9,307)
Enemies: Daniela Dinero and Yukio Soma
Skills: Fitness (L10) and Fishing (L0)
Collection: $10,270  (Sturgeon: $2544, $2177, $1680; Anglerfish: $1496, $1189, $681, $503)
Two Tier-5 Vampire Powers: Mist Form and Immortal Pleasures
Garden (6/6): done
Career: Athlete/Pro Athlete (Level 10)
Vampire Aspiration: Master Vampire (done)
Spouse: Morgan Fyres
Children: Vitoria Zanna (Gen3 heir) and Laura Zanna (spare)

Gen3 Heir: Vitoria Zanna

Museum contribution: $28,222

    Traits: Creative, Music Lover (Independent)
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Communication & Imagination)
Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
Aspiration: The Curator (done)
Portraits (2): $15,197 (normal: $8378, dark: $6819)
Teen career: Barista (Level 3)
“A” in high school: A
Collection: Paintings/$13,025 ($3204, 2601, 2026, 1779, 1209, 1202, 1004)
Skills: Painting and Mixology (both maxed)
Good Friends:  Serena Zanna; Bella Goth, Masato Yamaguchi, and Wolfgang Munch
Enemies: Daniela Dinero and Megumi Soma
Two Tier-5 Vampire Powers: Mist Form and Tamed Thirst
Vampire Aspiration: Master Vampire (done)
Career: Culinary/Mixologist (Level 10)
Garden (6/6): done
Spouse: Jung Storey
Children: Ayato Zanna

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna

Museum contribution: $31,123

Traits: Charmer; Outgoing, Cheerful
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Communication and Imagination)
Childhood Aspiration: Social Butterfly (done)
Good Friends:  Serena Zanna; Jagger Dinero, Alfonso Dinero, and Arun Bheeda
Unique Aspiration: Leader of the Pack (done)
A in High School: yes
Teen Job: Retail Employee (Level 2)
Skills: Charisma (Level 5) and Writing (Level 6)
Museum Portraits (2): $20,623/total (Normal: $10,891; Dark: $9,732)
Collection (7): $10,500 (camping mascot sculptures x7)

Enemies: (Dinero and Soma)
Vampire Aspiration: Vampire Family (Tier III of IV)
Garden (6/6):
Two Tier-5 Vampire Powers:
Spouse: (Bella Goth)
Children: …

Gen5 Heir: ? Zanna


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