Mori Legacy: Intro

Hello, readers, Watchette here.
Yes, I realize that not much time has passed since completing an Apocalypse Challenge, but I only really enjoy playing the sims with some form of structure and goals.
And that’s the feeble reason why I’ve now decided to embark on a Legacy Challenge…
Please note that I completed this challenge on January 20, 2017.

Can you tell where we are now?

Watchette (W): You’re right! It’s the Dresden House lot in the western part of Windenberg, formerly the Fyres’ home.
Peeking through the bushes affords a glimpse of the lot’s new resident!

Unknown resident: And why, oh why, would you want to peek at me through the bushes?

W: Well, it ramps up the suspense a bit while we all try to guess who you are and it’s also kind of funny in a creepy, stalker-ish way.
There’s even a tenth-century Japanese term for this: kai-ma-mi (peeking through openings in a thicket fence).
You should know! You’re named “Kaoru” after one of the protagonists of that eleventh-century romance,
The Tale of Genji.
Kaoru: Well, if you’re going to go all nerdy on us, I’m just going to ignore you, you hear?
W: Please don’t! Look, here’s a 16th-century painting depicting the romantic social “kaimami” in a scene from The Tale of Genji!
Peeping through a thicket fence at the lower right, the Shining Prince discovers a hidden flower, the love of his life! So romantic, yes?

Kaoru: Yeah, yeah. Well, allow me to introduce myself before we completely lose our audience!
My name is Kaoru Mori.  It’s pronounced Cow-rue Moe-ree, and means “Fragrant Forest.”
I have been reincarnated from the oceanic depths and have been granted a new name and identity to found a ten-generation legacy!
Who was I originally, you ask? I was born Daisuke Serizawa. If you’ve seen the 1954 Japanese film Godzilla, you may remember me as a scientist who researched chemical elements.

In fact, I invented the Oxygen Destroyer, the chemical weapon used to slay Godzilla. It’s shown below.
Diving down into the sea to detonate the Oxygen Destroyer, I destroyed Godzilla while dying myself in the process.

These days, of course, Godzilla is no longer considered the global threat he’d been sixty years ago.
Here’s a Godzilla-shaped Christmas decoration gracing the promenade of a shopping mall in Odaiba, on an artificial island in the Tokyo Metropolis.

And while you’re at it, why not buy a keychain of Hello Kitty cos-playing as Godzilla?

W: Excuse me, Kaoru. You accuse me of losing our audience then go prattling on and on with your Godzilla lore?
Please continue introducing yourself, okay?

Kaoru: Anywaaaay….now that the world feels safe enough from Godzilla, Watchette felt my past sacrifice to protect humankind warranted a second chance at life, so here I am!
I initially resisted the idea of adopting a new name, but Watchette insists that my new name—Kaoru Mori—would be easier to pronounce and remember than Dr. Daisuke Serizawa. Whatever.

“Mori” means “forest,” which explains this legacy’s title: A Frenzy of Forests.
In a frenzy, the Mori legacy will strive to prosper for 10 generations and successfully complete the challenge’s many requirements.

My new look—the wonders of twenty-first century nip and tuck never cease to amaze!
And no knocking my aloha shirt, please! I’m told I no longer have to wear a lab coat day in and day out! I’m keeping the eyepatch for sentimental reasons.

So, what next, Watchette?
W: I’m glad you asked because I’m not really sure. I’ve never played a Pinstar Legacy Challenge and there seem to be a gazillion rules!
Let’s take a look at our succession rules.

Succession Laws

Gender: Equality (the heir may be male or female)
Bloodline: Strict Traditional (the heir must be naturally born)
Heir: Democracy (chosen by reader vote; Random, if no votes)
Species: Tolerant (the heir may be human or alien)

Extreme Start on a 64×64 lot (must earn $200 to buy the Knight of the Octagon Table statue for $8200 before being allowed to purchase anything else)
(You can later review the above and related information on the Legacy Stats page here.)

1.1 The Mori Legacy: Impoverished

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