Rivals 1.4: Well, Hello Bradly!

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 1 (Soma, Part I)


Yukio: Where have you been, Watchette? It’s 4 a.m.!
Daniela lost 8 hours of her first Sunday, so I took 4 hours out of your day.
Go ahead and go overtime a little at the end of the week yourself!

Yukio: The first thing I do is call a club gathering and Yuki comes over right away.

Oh, see? Yuki likes the lavender penguin TV!
Yukio: Only because there’s nothing else to do here. *rolls eyes

Yukio: I want to take Yuki out to a Convivial venue, but I’m making a birthday cake to take with me!
Thankfully, I have enough money left to buy a stove, but just barely!
Yeah, good thing we didn’t buy you wall and floor coverings last week! *rolls eyes

Well, hurry and put that cake in your personal inventory, Yukio!
Yukio: Got it! Let’s head out, Yuki!

Yuki: I’m really familiar with this coffee shop, Yukio. It’s not far from my place, plus the Avant Gardes meet here.
Yukio: Hey, why did you change seats? Is it because you’re a loner?
Yuki: Nah, I can see you better from over here…

Barista: Can you believe the nerve of some people? Look at that adult hitting on that poor high-school girl!
Blonde with back turned: I dunno, it looks like a friendly hug to me…

Blonde: Hey, I just came over to introduce myself and chat!
Yuki: Would you please do something about her, Yuki? I’m not good around strangers.
Yukio: Let’s cloudgaze, Yuki! No one can join our conversation uninvited if we cloudgaze.
Darn, I wish their names weren’t so similar. Totally my bad!(sighs)

Yuki: I’m so glad we’re friends now!

You’re almost good friends, Yukio, which means you’ll be able to cake Yuki up to a young adult soon!
Maybe you two could go sit at a table now so you can light the…


Yukio: Huh?

Yukio: Oh c’mon, Watchette! It’s way cooler to celebrate Yuki’s birthday at Chez Llama!
Yuki: After much consideration, I’m inclined to agree!

Yukio: Oh, the guy Watchette’s been wanting me to meet is a chef here at Chez Llama!
Excuse me, Yuki, while I go pay him a compliment so he’ll become my acquaintance.

Yukio: That weird blond lady is sitting at a nearby table with the gardener (red hat).
Do you think she might be stalking us?

Yukio: Darn it, why can’t I order your birthday cake, Yuki?
Yuki: I think it’s the round lamp on our table. Ask your watcher to move it!

Nina Caliente: Here’s your strawberry cake!

Yuki: I do a birthday leap and age up into a young adult.
Except for Yukio, I’m celebrating my birthday in a room full of strangers for the first time in my life.

Yukio: After Yuki cakes up, we immediately return to my place and I ask her to move in.
Yuki: I have my sister, Candy, move in, too.

Candy: Why am I at this lot again and why is my younger sister a young adult now?
That look on Candy’s face!

Candy: So you’re Yukio Soma, founder of the restaurant line?
Why have you chosen my sister when you could have had me?

Yukio: Don’t play innocent with me! The first founder was too lazy to age up Yuki and got married to you instead, but you later cheated on him with Liberty Lee…

Candy: Hello again, Watchette. What’s my role in this household this time around? Painting? Writing?
Your task, Candy, will be to do penance for your past transgressions.

Yukio: Two dates at the Stargazer Lounge in San Myshuno, followed by a proposal.
Yuki: You know, we should just elope! I’m not a fan of parties, since I’m a loner…

Yukio: After eloping, we return home because we both want to try for a baby.
Before that, though, I manage to guilt Watchette into building that billboard for wfgodt. Thanks again!

FYI: The character on the billboard is Godot, who appears in the visual novel-based video game series called “Ace Attorney.” hehe

Yuki: I’m sincerely glad that the Sims 4 developers believe in gender parity!
But I’d rather not have been the first male sim to be kicked in the face mid-woohoo.

Yuki: *shares the big news
Yukio: *doesn’t look that excited
Yuki’s gained this little first-trimester baby bump immediately after taking a pregnancy test.

Yuki: After two home dates, Yukio and I really need a break.
We head for Desert Bloom Park with sister Candy and that cook, Bradley Storey.

My outgoing sister is tasked with befriending Bradley and she wastes no time!

Yuki: Thanks to Yuki and all the dig sites at the park, I earn enough points to buy Connections and join the Culinary career.
My first work shift starts at 6 pm, Monday.

Yukio: It’s my pleasure to introduce our new household member, Bradley Storey.
He’d been living with three roommates so didn’t bring any funds or furnishings with him.
But he’s a good-lucking guy and he already has Level 6 Cooking, Level 3 Gardening, and Level 3 Logic.
Yuki: Oh cool! He’ll be able to graft plants in no time!

Current Status of the Restaurant Bloodline

Founder: Yukio Soma
Traits: Creative, Foodie, Cheerful
*Completed requirements: None *coughs

Gen2 Heir: xx Soma
Will be born late Wednesday night.

Household Members
• Yuki Behr (spouse): Loner, Geek, Art Lover
• Candy Behr (helper): Outgoing, Music Lover, Cheerful
• Bradley Storey (helper): Snob, Bro, Neat

If Yuki Behr hadn’t had a sister, I’d have moved in the Jangs of San Myshuno instead of Candy Behr and Bradley Storey.
Even so, I’m pretty happy with Bradley and his gardening skill!

Also, I’m super excited about building the first restaurant.

Thanks for reading!

Rivals 1.5: Every Day is Like Survival

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