Prologue: Even Cowfolks Get Dem Blues

This Sims 4 Rival Dynasties Challenge pits three bloodlines in a race to own the most lots in Newcrest. Each dynasty founder places a museum on their lot, housing portraits and items contributed by the founder and subsequent heirs of that bloodline. After all 15 Newcrest lots are bought, if the rivals own the same number of lots, the dynasty with the highest museum value wins.
This challenge, based on rotational gameplay, is a creation of the Challenges Team on Carl’s Forum. For detailed guidelines and rules, read the first page of this thread
Note that this is my second, ongoing attempt at this challenge.

Purple shirt: Ahhh, just smell that clean, fresh air!
Green shirt: Who are you people and where are we?
Purple: I believe we’re outside the Shrieking Llama Bar in Countryside Windenburg.
Red shirt: Arrgggh, I’m burning up! I need to get indoors, NOW!!!

Green: That’s a great idea, Red. And I believe I’m getting rather thirsty, too!

Purple: I’m right behind you, Green! Any time is the right time for a drink!

Red: Since I’m a snob, I’m really dying to mock their outfits, but since I’m dressed exactly the same…

Shirts (in unison): Bartender, I’d like to order a drink, please!

Shirts (in unison, again): I’d like to order my favorite drink!
Eric the Bartender: What is this, anyway? Synchronized simming? Where are your nose plugs?

Green: Let me be the first to introduce myself. My name’s Daniela Dinero.
Becoming a Mansion Baron is what I and my future heirs desire.

Eric: So, with your green skintone, I imagine you’re related to that Jade Benjaminz?
Daniela: Not at all. I’m actually a bin clone.
I’m the clean twin of the dirty sim created last year for the “2016 Handiness World Championships” challenge at Carl’s Forum.

Eric: So, you there in the purple shirt, what’s your story?
Purple: My name is Yukio Soma, after the protagonist of the Food Wars manga, Yukihira Soma.
As you’ve no doubt guessed from my purple shirt and violet eyes, my family’s dream is to own a chain of five-star restaurants.

Eric: And with your violet eyes, are you related to those Mori’s?
Yukio: Not at all. And I’m neither a clean nor dirty sim. I’m a freshly-made CAS creation.

Eric: So what happened to that kid, Hiroshi Mori? How did he turn out, anyway?
Yukio: Here’s a photo of him as a teen. He closely resembles Papa Sergio Romeo, don’t you think? (Note: His parents are Shota Mori from my Mori Legacy and Candy Behr.)

Eric: I thought the new plan was to use the Gen3 heirs from that failed RDC as the founders of a new RDC. What happened?
Yukio: Well, we brand-new, unrelated founders can marry anyone we want without worrying about familial complications.

Red Shirt: Hmmph, I bet Watchette just wants to play Caleb, a Behr sister, and Sergio Romeo again.
…Bingo! And yes, Yuki Behr, not Candy! *shudders

Eric: And you, what’s your story, gorgeous?
Red Shirt: My name is Serena Zanna. My family name is Italian for “fang” (sez Google), you know.

Eric: Aha, another one of those Italian vampires, eh? What’s your origin myth?
Serena: Though my face was never shown, I appeared as a blonde in polaroid shots with Caleb in the first RDC attempt.
I’m the sim recently created by Watchette for the “Masterpiece Bingo” challenge in the 2017 Tournament at Carl’s Forum.
And I’m not a vampire yet, but I plan to change that very, very soon!

Daniela: So Restroom Dude, I’m going to wipe the floor with your purple whatchamacallit!

Yukio: Oh please! Get over yourself, you arrogant artichoke!
All you’re good for is making money! Where’s the artistry in that!?

Yukio: But we restauranteurs? We cook, we cosplay, we create architectural dreamscapes! Now that’s art!

Daniela: Right, and you’re going to be all artistic while staying dirt poor, I guess? Don’t make me laugh!

Serena: While you mere mortals argue over petty details, I and my aristocratic lineage will be making history!
We will be forging new inroads into Sims 4 gameplay as well!
You two will end up choking on our smoke trails, commoners!

Yukio: How can you be so mean and snarky with such a pretty smile on your face?
Serena: How can you be so charming and two-faced at the same time?

Eric: As much as I’m enjoying your snarkfest, I just have one question.
Why are you all dressed up in plaid shirts, cowboy hats, and cowboy boots?
I mean, I almost decided not to serve you people! We have a dress code here, you know!

Daniela: Well, because Watchette’s first attempt at the Rival Dynasties Challenge failed, she told us to get back on the horse!
Yukio: Yeah, so we got dressed up as cowfolks, you know?
Serena: But then the Pets Expansion isn’t out yet, so we couldn’t find any horses.
Eric: I see, so you came to the Shrieking Llama instead? (Hey! That horse wasn’t there before!)

Sorry for the corny joke! May the best cowfolk win!

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