Rivals 1.5: Every Day is Like Survival

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 1 (Soma, Part II)


Yukio: Candy has four hours until her first day in the Writer career, so we head out for some fishing.
Yuki: But not before we all get makeovers. You noticed, right?

Bradly: So…Watchette didn’t like my pompadour?
Candy: It’s not that all. You’re her first sim that looks good in practically any hairstyle.
Yuki: It’s true! Some sims look dreadful unless they wear a particular hairstyle.

Bradly: I guess it’s true that I have no flaws that require concealing!
Candy: And you’ve got those deep-set eyes that wfgodot loves!
Bradly: I do?  And she does? *blushes

Yuki: Let’s go home, folks! We’ve got everything we need, plus my back aches!
Bradly: I even caught an Encyclopedia Vampirica!
Yukio: And I need to practice making bar drinks before my shift starts!

Yukio: The wishing well doesn’t grant me an instantaneous promotion.
But I’m guaranteed a promotion at the end of my shift tonight. Nice!

And I’m off to go bring home that Level 5 promotion.

Yuki: Since Candy doesn’t need promotions and Yukio is guaranteed one, Bradly and I leave for Granite Falls.
Bradly: Right, we’re NOT putting it off until late Saturday like another family we’ve read about!

Bradly: Yuki waddles very slowly now, so she spends most of her time fishing.

Yuki: Bradly gathers every herb except two and even has time to catch some insects!
Bradly: When we arrive at the Campground Area, the plants were already harvestable!
Yuki: He works so quickly that we’re back home before Yukio gets off work!


Salim, should I be worried about you? Last Sunday, you followed me to the Zanna’s home.
And now you’re here, first thing in the morning, behind Yukio’s home.

Salim: What’s wrong with my wanting go fishing?
You have two fishing spots in your own neighborhood. What’s up?

Salim: I’m sorry, Watchette. I can’t help worrying that you’ll like this family more than ours!
Go home and train your toddler to Top-Notch by the time I return in two weeks, Salim!
(Lol, if only toddler training worked that way!

Yukio: We only have a little over $15,000 after expanding the house, but it’s time I get started on my restaurant!
I buy the 30×20 Dusty Turf lot for $3,500 in the Parched Prospect district of Oasis Springs.
The 30×20 Pebble Burrow lot in the Bedrock Strait district is only $1,500 and has access to 3 fishing spots.
But I prefer Dusty Turf because it has greenery and a space gym, too!

I transfer $10,000 over to the restaurant lot and use all but $1,165.
It looks dreadful now but it’s equipped with all the required restaurant items, at least.
We really, really need to get serious about making money to build the restaurant!

Before Bradly leaves for his first day of work at 10 am, I make a quick trip to the art museum.
Because my third trait is Art Lover, I’m going to be a painter in this challenge!

Strut yo stuff, Bradley
Bradly: Yep, my first day of work at the Lab. You know, that receptionist looks so familiar but I can’t place her!

Bradly: I can’t believe that one of our readers confused me with my new co-worker, Don Lothario!
I am quite obviously the more debonair, cultivated, and handsome sim between the two of us!

I mean, I am a neat, snobby bro! How can anyone compete with my traits?

Candy: Congrats on your promotion today, Bradly!
Bradly: Yeah, thanks, but I’m not sure why I bothered starting from Level 1!
That’s so the founder’s house will have that machine for making serums.

Candy: Hey, Yukio! Yuki and I have been brainstorming names for the new restaurant. Wanna hear them?
Yukio: Sure, Candy, I’m all ears.
Candy: Since I’m a Music Lover, what about “The Singing Naan”? *sings: Dominique, nique, nique….
Bradley: *groans

Yuki: I’m a Loner, so I thought of “Naan of Your Bizness.” What do you think?
Bradley: I also thought up a name. What about “It’s a Naan-Issue”?
Candy: Here’s one for Beatle fans: “Daal You Need is Love”!

Yuki: Wow, that’s four really different options. Which one do you like best, Yukio darling?
Yukio: Naan of them! I asked for your suggestions because I thought my name was too corny.
After hearing your names, though, I’ve decided to use the one I created.

Bradley: What is it, Yukio? Don’t keep us in suspense!
Yukio: It’s “Korma Chameleon.” Cool, right?
Candy, Yuki, and Bradley: …

Note: As you no doubt already know, “naan” is a flatbread made from wheat, “daal” refers to lentils, and “korma” is a South Asian dish of braised meat or veggies in broth.

Mila Munch: Thanks for inviting me to your dinner party.
Yuki: Thank you for coming, Mila! Yukio needed to throw a dinner party for two of his aspirations.
Candy: Looks like he only invited his co-workers!

Bradly: I still need to tell a second joke, don’t I? Who’s this redhead?
Yuki: Apparently, Yukio doesn’t remember how he knows her…

Yuki: The party ended two hours ago, but Bob Pancakes is still chatting with the gardener lady.
I’d hate for Yukio to stay out late like that!
Oh well, I might as well listen to music and eat strawberries until those two leave.


Yukio: After everyone leaves for work, I open my restaurant from home then travel over.
Korma Chameleon is shedding tears over its horrible appearance!
It’s the trade-off, I guess, for living in a somewhat nice house from the beginning.

Still, I open the restaurant anyway because I want to start training the staff and boosting Chameleon’s rating.

Yukio: I hear a swiping sound, then notice a table’s centerpiece has vanished.
When I look over at the waitress, she looks back at me while Very Embarrassed.
It can only mean one thing–she’s a kleptomaniac!!!

Yukio: Ain’t no one got time for a kleptomaniac waitress! After firing her, I hire a new waitress right away.

Victor Feng: You’re giving this place 5 stars!? Seriously?
Bearded diner: It only deserves 4 stars, but I’m adding an extra star for the drama!

Bradly: The Landgraabs have been waiting forever for their meal!
Yukio: I think the first waitress took the Landgraabs’ order but never placed it.

It’s almost as if Bradly knows how cute he is…

Yukio: Thanks to Marcus and Katrina, Korma Chameleon ends its first day with a two-star rating.
I hire a second chef in preparation for more business.
We really need to focus on earning enough coin to finish building the restaurant.
I blame the smaller household size for the current financial crisis!

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