Rivals 1.6: So Not Narcissistic

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 1 (Soma, Part III)


Yukio: Before we start in on what happens at home after leaving the restaurant, I want to give props to Bradly.
Here’s a shot of our fabulous garden as of Tuesday morning, with Bradly thick in the midst of grafting.

Candy: Wow, it took the Dineros until Saturday night to reach this point!
Yukio: Yeah, Bradly’s been pretty awesome!
Candy: I totally agree! Watchette, when will I be making that luscious man my baby daddy?
Bradley and you? Nevah!!!! *adjusts halo

Yuki: Speaking of Bradly, one of his co-workers visits after we return from Korma Chameleon.
Don: Hey, Bradly, just thought I’d drop by. Wanna watch some sports TV?

Bradley (internally): Hmmm, Don definitely has the physique of a fitness freak.
Still, his pectorals and biceps pale in comparison to my noble, aquiline nose and disdainful, condescending half-smile/half-smirk!

Yukio: I started painting this morning to help with income and earn more points. At home, I immediately resume painting.
Yuki: But I go into labor not long after Yukio comes home.

Yuki: I give birth to a baby girl, just as we’d hoped! We name her Megumi, which means “blessing.”

She’s named after the blue-haired Megumi Tadokoro in “Food Wars.”
In the manga, Megumi exhibits no culinary specialization like the others
However, she excels in considering the circumstances of those who eat her foods and in hospitality.

Don: Erm, dude! I never thought you’d feel this way for me!
Bradly: Neither did I, Don! Who knew we’d hit it off like this?
Don: It’s so unexpected, considering that our readers think we look alike! We don’t!

Bradly: Are we simply being narcissistic, Don? Everyone thinks we look the same, right? Does that mean loving you is like loving myself?
Don: Man, who cares? Will you be my boyfriend?
Bradly: *squees


Bradly: Never invite Don over when you need to get a good night’s sleep!
Don: Wow, Bradly just changes for work then walks off without a good-morning kiss!
Do you think Bradly’s just using me? I mean, why doesn’t he invite me to move in!?

Yukio: The nanny took long enough to get here! I’ve been waiting to leave for the restaurant!

As soon as I arrive at Korma Chameleon, I invest $12,000 to start sprucing it up.
Transferring all the household funds to the restaurant, I make peace with the fact that–today–we are living in abject poverty.

In the previous shot, did you notice a sim on the sidewalk, dressed in black?
That’s Katrina Caliente, who supposedly showed up as a cook. Why her?

On Tuesday, I’d hired Genji Suzuki but he’s never worked here yet.
On the first day, another substitute chef named Skylar Rawls showed up.
I paid for that Skylar’s chef training that day, but it didn’t transfer to Genji’s stats.

Maybe I’ll try inviting Genji over to the house tonight…

Both my new chef Mizuki Ikeda and new waitress Tiffanie Wyman are doing great!
It’s a good thing I hired a new chef yesterday, since Genji hasn’t showed and Katrina doesn’t go to the kitchen.
By the way, I discovered today that Tiffanie is an alien…

I place a fourth small table, so the restaurant now seats nine sims.
Katrina has moved inside the restaurant but still refuses to enter the kitchen. *shrugs

I’m excited about my new waiter! I luck out and find the vegetarian Skylar Rawls looking for a waiter job!
I pay for his training and praise him right away for looking great in his uniform.

Sylar: Thanks for hiring me, Mr. Soma! I’m glad to be a permanent part of your team!
I see your primary chef still hasn’t shown up! But what’s with the redhead?
She’s moved 3 steps closer to the kitchen in the past hour. Is she playing “Red Light, Green Light”?

Yukio: Who knows? I bet she still expects me to pay her for today, too! *sighs
But I’m afraid to fire her for fear of losing my original hire, Genji Suzuki.

I have Yukio go around getting to know all the non-premade sims.
Who knows who might make a great roommate for a later generation?
We learn that this gloomy blonde barista, named Ayaka Mori, is a Prime Vampire. Good news for the Zannas!

Yukio: We only served six diners because the Fengs never paid!
Can you believe they arrived before 11 am and still hadn’t left when I finally closed at 7:30 pm?
I wish there was some way to force diners to leave after paying!

Still, considering the restaurant’s only worth a little over $31,000, we didn’t do bad on our second day!
And sadly, I can chat and text that chef Genji, but I can’t invite him over. I’ve even added him to our club!

Bradly: I wonder who our nooboo will resemble?
Taking bets starting right now, dear readers! Just kidding, since everyone thinks they look alike. They don’t!

Yuki: Life has been good! Once I reach Level 4 Painter, I can stay home to spend time with Megumi, paint, and help out at the restaurant!
Megumi ages up to a toddler tomorrow night on Friday!

Bradly: And I expect to give birth on Saturday!



Thanks so much reading! I hope Bradly’s “situation” isn’t too weird for you. It just seemed to happen…

Rivals 1.7: 1 + 1 = 3 (Real Math!)

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