Rivals 1.7: 1+1=3 (Real Math!)

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 1 (Soma, Part IV)

Yukio: We’re all very busy now since we’ll be switching households tomorrow night.
Nevertheless, there’s a matter of utmost import that begs further discussion. Bradly?
Bradly: Thank you, Yukio. I’d like to lay to rest, once and for all, any more rumors about Don and I resembling each other. We don’t!

For the image below, I have shamelessly cropped a portion of the 1903 painting “Echo and Narcissus” by John William Waterhouse (1847-1917).

Bradly: Dear readers, I present before you Exhibit No. 1: portraits of both of us in profile then wearing my hairstyle.
Our noses may look similar from the front but differ in profile.
Also, my olive skintone is distinctly lighter than Don’s.

Bradly: Exhibit No. 2 consists of portraits of us wearing Don’s hairstyle.
I have smaller eyes which Watchette finds very attractive.
And my lips are shaped somewhat like Don’s but are thinner.

If you still have trouble telling us apart, I guess I could introduce Don to our closet and give him the tragic clown hair…

And now, back to our usual programming…


Yukio: We all go to work today and bring home promotions, so it’s a productive day career-wise.
The new nanny comes out to greet me and follow me around while I inspect the garden.

I fired our first nanny before work today, because she was harassing Bradly and me.
After Yuki returned from work at 4 pm, she fired the second nanny for ignoring  three “Megumi is starving” warnings.
I really hope this third nanny works out! She looks rather intense, don’t you think?

Because of all Bradley’s recent grafting and evolving, our garden hasn’t produced much yet.
That’s why we come to San Myshuno to buy Bradly his carrots.

Yuki: Since we’re here, Yukio and I start painting.
Candy’s a music lover, if you remember, so she’s upstairs playing the violin.
Yukio: This isn’t such a great idea, since you earned a better easel today!

Bradly: I continue building my handiness, but I really don’t approve of skilling here, either.
Every second that nobody’s at home, our garden stops growing!

Yukio: We make three brief stops on the way home. First stop, Shimuzu Restaurant.
Yuki: Don’t you think it’s a little late to be eating, Yukio dearest?

Candy: I can’t believe you chose Don Lothario when I’m living right under the same roof as you!
Bradly: Oh please get over yourself! You look nothing like me!

Bradly: So why are we here at Shimuzu, if not to dine?
Yukio: I’m trying to find my errant chef, Genji Suzuki. But the only chef here is Kyra Gupta.

Yukio: I fail to find Genji at Chez Llama as well. I wonder if that Peppino Lovell is a talented cook.
Bradley: So, what now? Do you want to check all the bartenders, too?
Yukio: Hardly! Do you mind quickly visiting my restaurant? I’m going to hire a new cook!

Yuki: We get home in time for Megumi’s birthday!

Megumi: I’m on my way to watch Papa in the kitchen!

Megumi: Now, I’m walking back to the living room to watch Mama painting!

Yukio: Nothing like toddler spam to motivate our lazy watcher into finally covering the floors and walls!
Hey! In my defense, I’ve been trying to save money for the restaurant, okay?
You still need between $70,000 to $80,000, due to depreciation.

Yukio: You’re joking, right? We  only have $22,000 right now. *looks dejected


Yukio: It’s past midnight when I decide to give the wishing well a try.
Just as I make my wish, that weird nanny runs out and tries to chat with me.
I’m only giving this third nanny one more chance!
I was so upset to see her running toward Yukio that I took the shot with the walls down. Grrrr!

Yuki: Notice how the elderly nanny is standing all up in my husband’s business?
Whereas Yukio has a 3-hour Confident moodlet from cooking, notice that the nanny’s feeling flirty?
*proceeds to fire the third nanny
What is wrong with these nannies anyway?

Yuki: I’ll just have some of this cowplant cake for breakfast!
Megumi: Mama’s so pretty that she can even make being puked out by a cowplant look good!

Megumi: On my way to the potty with Papa! I’m most definitely a daddy’s girl!
Don’t you think Papa’s even prettier than Mama!

*hums: You daddy’s rich and your mama’s good-looking, so hush little baby…

Megumi: Dear readers, meet Daichi Yoshida, our fourth–and, hopefully, our last–nanny!

Yukio: I work from 3 pm and decide not to open the restaurant.
Since it’s Saturday, I want to spend time helping Megumi learn her skills.
I use the “Teach to talk” social to get her to Level 2 Communication.
Now she can “Learn Animals” with the nanny using flash cards.

Bradly: Nothing wrong with asking the repairman to mentor me and my third-trimester baby bump in handiness!
Aaaaand, I’ve reached Level 7 handiness. Thanks tons, Druv!

Bradly: Thanks for coming over, sweetheart! It’s almost time and I want you to be here!
Don: Wouldn’t miss our nooboo’s birth for the world!

Druv: Oh, I see now! So that’s how it is! Level 7 handiness, my plumbob!

Bradly: I’m going into labor, Don!
Don: We’re not going to the hospital?
Bradly: You’re here with me, Don. That’s all I need.

Don: What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?
Bradly: huff, puff…

Bradly: Meet our beautiful baby boy, Braddon Storey!
You’re going to be grow up to be so fabulous, Braddon!

Bradly: I’ll ensure that you have flawless taste, manners, and fashion sense.
And your Papa Don can help you….he can help you..um, let me think…be buff?


Yukio: Watchette, you’d said last Sunday that I could go overtime for two hours into Sunday.
Can we spend the time improving the restaurant?
I’m hoping the other families will dine here until you return to us in two weeks!
Sure, let’s do it!


Korma Chameleon, Resale value = $64,257

Yukio Soma’s restaurant would like to share his renovated restaurant.
It borrows building tricks from several builds on the Gallery, such as the use of enlarged spiral emitters for domes. The interior layout and decor are still undecided.

A bird’s eye view

Looking through the front entrance

The foyer and reception area

The dining area

Tonight we did around $35,000 worth of additional building and furnishing.
By the time we reached the dining area, we placed two more tables and started adding decor then ran out of money.
So the bathroom tile on the walls is just temporary, lol.
Landscaping doesn’t add much to resale value, so I haven’t done any. Or maybe surround the restaurant with water?

The biggest problem with being so poor that one is forced to build in several stages: depreciation…

Week 2 Status of the Restaurant Bloodline

Founder: Yukio Soma
Traits: Creative, Foodie, Cheerful
*Completed requirements: None *sighs
*Incomplete requirements:
Portrait: none
Career: Chef (L7)
Restaurant: Korma Chameleon, resale value = $64,257
Star rating: 2.5 stars

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
Toddler skills: Potty Level 1, Thinking Level 4, Communication Level 2, Imagination Level 2

Rivals 1.8: Getting Ready to Rumble

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