Week 1/Day 1: What Horse?

Disclaimer: Although this is a new Rival Dynasties Challenge with new founders, I have kept two out of three spouses from my first attempt.
I’m curious to see if sons sired by these same spouses will result in…oh heck, why bother talking in circles?
The Salim and Caleb’s sons will be respectively named Moss and Massimo…Okay?  ;) (Of course, ultimately, it’s up to them what happens…)

Daniela Dinero, Mansion Baron

Daniela: You’ve all seen the map of Newcrest by now, I’m sure.
So you will agree that my only choice is Rippling Flats in southern Newcrest.
My lot is the smaller of the only two waterfront lots in all of Newcrest.

First on my list is to befriend a certain someone in San Myshuno.
There may be other sims with writing skills, but with those tragic eyebrows?
I think not. I mean, I want my own Moss, too!

Hey, Salim! Don’t look away while I’m talking to you!

Salim: I felt rather put off when you barged your way in at 8:15 this morning.
But I’m enjoying our conversation now. (And she’s really quite beautiful!)

I’m going to pretend that he didn’t start playing a video game while I tried flirting with him…

*hums: Whatever Daniela wants, Daniela gets. And little man, Daniela wants you!

Daniela: After becoming my boyfriend, he agrees to try for baby. When we enter his bedroom, however, this is what I find. Really!?

Salim: I’ve had to push my bed against one wall to protect myself!
So many unscrupulous females hoping to abuse my superior genes these days!

Salim: Well, I’m glad you figured the right way to move me in!
Daniela: What?
Salim: The last idiot asked me to move in at my place and all my furnishings vanished!
Daniela: Oh yeah, I read about that. So unfortunate!

The humble beginnings of the forthcoming Dinero Dynasty! *kaching!



Yukio Soma, Restauranteur

Once again, we Restauranteurs have been sent off to the north, which is the smallest district in Newcrest.
I suppose we can make do with the smallest lots! And when we can afford it, we could even buy an extra lot to use as a recreational site.

I’m standing in front of my lot, Midtown Meadows, which is the largest lot in this district.

So, Watchette, are you going to throw some camping gear at me like last time? Or will you actually build me a home?

You know if you just leave me a tent, wfgodot will laugh you at you (again)!

*bows to peer pressure
Fine! I’ve built you a little place. Happy now?

Yukio: No windows?
You only have $2,000 left.

Yukio: So…no floor or wall coverings?
I repeat, you only have $2,000 left. But, hey, check out your lavender penguin TV! Your glass is half full, dude!

Oh look! There’s Yuki Behr jogging by your house! What a coincidence!
Yukio: Very funny, Watchette, especially since you know she’s in my club with me.

You realize she’s only a teen, right?
Yukio (sighs): Yes, I do. And I have plans to sort that out when you return in a week. Oh, and Watchette?
Yes, did you have something else to say before I leave?
Yukio: Yeah, thanks a lot for the lavender garbage can. I so prefer that to wooden flooring and wall paint! *rolls eyes
Yeah, you’re welcome, Yukio! I’m perceptive like that! See you in a week!



Serena Zanna, Vampire

The district where the Zanna reign begins lies in the east of Newcrest.
And I, as founder, take up residence at Optimist’s Outlook.

I wonder if you’ve guessed my traits already? I am a cheerful, snobby genius.
And yes, I am Italian. But no, I am sadly not yet a vampire. That, however, can be easily remedied.

Caleb: Serena, darling! In another life, you moved to Willow Creek to compete in a tournament and I flew over to be the first to greet you!
Serena: I have not forgotten you, Caleb, not for even a moment. And so today, it is I who come to you.

Caleb: You’re the one who left those polaroid photos for my ex-wife Selene Sciarri to find, aren’t you? Naughty girl!
Did you miss me that much?

Serena: During the tournament, I dared not ask you but now I am free. Will you turn me, Caleb?
Caleb: The words I have been longing to hear!

Caleb: You will be my first and only progeny, Serena.
I will treasure you more than life itself….well, actually, I’m immortal, so I’ll need a different metaphor.  Hmmmm, let me think.

Lilith: Don’t mind me, folks! And don’t hold back with the moaning and slurping, by all means.
I’ll just be over here, playing chess by myself…

Serena: I drink from Caleb’s wrist to partake of his vampiric essence. And I thus seal my pact with Caleb as my vampire master.
When I formerly lived in Willow Creek, I’d never imagined this day would finally arrive!

Serena: Soon after, Caleb and his sister Lilith move in with me.
For now, the three of us dwell in this hastily-built two-story house.

Serena: As you can see, I have truly begun my transformation into a vampire!
Caleb: Yes, darling. I wonder if you will transform while Watchette is away or wait two weeks for Watchette’s return, instead?

Serena: May I ask a silly question, dearest Caleb?
Caleb: Yes, of course, my love. What is it?
Serena: Seriously, dude! Just how long do you expect me to talk like this? I’m pure street, yo! Did you read my T-shirt? I ain’t no Victorian princess.

But hey, baby boy, I’m going to make one heck of a Vampire Queen!


Dinero/Part 1: What Rolling Stones Don’t Gather

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