Rivals 1.8: Getting Ready to Rumble

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Zanna (Part I)


Serena: Watchette finally returns to our house in the wee hours of the morning.
Caleb: As soon as she arrives, my beloved Serean insta-complete hers Vampire Family aspiration’s first milestone.

What? You didn’t wait for my return to transform into a vampire? Selena Sciarri waited for me, you know!
Serena: Maybe I transformed early because that Bradly chatted with me at the Lab last Tuesday…
So, if you and Caleb are both vampires, what are you waiting for?
Serena: A proposal and a big, fat diamond ring would be nice…

Caleb: Yes, dearest, I agree that producing an heir early ranks as the highest priority!
Serena: I’m expecting Krug Rosé Brut and black roses in the near future, darling.

Lilith: Meanwhile, the third-wheel sister stays downstairs, reading up on Vampire Lore!
Watchette, do you want me to garden and to max Logic and a music instrument like last time?

Just to shake things up, I thought I’d let you be more creative this time around.
For now, though, just keep reading up on Vampire Lore!

Serena: Around 6 a.m.,  a pregnancy test says I’m eating for two!I share the big news with Caleb. How utterly cool that he’s as stoked as I am!

I didn’t handle vampire ranks well last time because I didn’t know any better.
You vampires will be leveling your ranks faster this time, I hope.

Serena: Caleb and I start the garden in the basement since I’m not a daywalker like Caleb.
I’ll need to reach at least Level 5 Gardening for my bloodline requirement.

Caleb: I start planting what will eventually become our plasmafruit tree orchard outdoors.
It still makes no sense that plasmafruit offer no additional benefits at higher qualities.

Or do we get better moodlets from Plasma Janes and Plasmafruit Salads made from quality fruit?
We’ll figure out some beneficial use for plasmafruit eventually, I guess.

Not winning any popularity contests at work, I see. Why does Don Lothario dislike you?
Serena: Bradly’s baby daddy? I really have no idea!
How nice that you and Dennis Kim are buddies.
Serena: Is that supposed to be funny?

Caleb: Speaking of popularity, I’ve already started on the “Make 5 friends” goal for my Good Vampire aspiration.
Serena: Good for you, Caleb! I hope you get to complete your aspiration this time!

Serena: What level Vampire Lore do I need to be able to buy the plants I require, Lilith?
Lilith (sighs): Just go read Carl’s Guide on Vampire Lore. That’s what I did before I started reading!
Caleb: Don’t be mean, Lilith. It’s Level 8, Serena. And why are we all reading right now?

I want to make more use of the drinks you can mix at the higher levels of Vampire Lore.

Lilith: So I read that the Sunlight Reversal Cocktail enables a vampire to walk in broad daylight.
I’m making two shots, one for Serena and one for me!
Serena: I was hoping we could visit the Flea Market today to interview potential roommates, but it seems that we missed it!
Caleb: Watchette, could you keep track of the festivals for us?
Since we only see you every three weeks but the festivals occur in two-week cycles, we should try to visit every festival we can!

Lilith, after making a Sunlight Reversal Cocktail for Serena, you dropped your queue in the middle of making 3 more Sunlight Reversal Cocktails!
Congratulations, you just wasted $1,200 worth of ingredients! Is there a cooldown for making that drink? *sighs

Caleb: The three of us visit the apartment of Penny Pizzazz in the Spice Market.
Serena is considering Penny Pizzazz as our fourth household member and I need three more friends. So I’m working on it!

Serena: And don’t you be using your Vampiric Allure power on her! You just need to be friends, you hear?

Serena: Lilith has acquired the Ultimate Tome, so I ask her to continue learning Vampire Lore in Penny’s apartment.
Since she failed to make a Sunlight Resistance Cocktail for herself, she has no sun resistance.

So, of course, she vampiricly-runs downstairs to read in the sun, while burning up. *rolls eyes

Serena: I’m absolutely loving the Sunlight Reversal Cocktail and fearlessly roam the Spice Market in full sunlight!
I lack the rank to buy the Vampire Creation power, but I can still scout for possible offspring!

I try out my new Observant power on sims who arrive at the Spice Market!
Wyatt Patrick is a snobby, Romantic slob who works as a restaurant host. And most important, he is not pear-shaped!
He’s definitely on my short list!

Serena: Oh look, a living statue! I’ve so been hoping to meet one to move in! And she’s one of my co-workers, too!
My Observant power teaches me that she’s an evil, hotheaded bookworm so, to put it mildly, she’s not really an ideal roomie.

I also meet an unflirty, self-assured, bro repairlady, who would make a great offspring. But I introduce her to Caleb so he can befriend her first.

Serena: Hey, it’s that Ayaka Mori, the vampire who Watchette told me about!
Apparently, my Observant power doesn’t work on fellow vampires, so I sit down to learn her traits. You know, the old-school way.

And that’s Yumiko Watanabe sitting in front of us, stuffing her face.

Serena: I learn that Ayaka is a Prime Vampire so I ask her to train me.
And, Yumiko, I’ve officially deleted you from my list of possible progeny!
Anyone who gets up from the table as ungracefully as you doesn’t deserve to become a vampire!

The redhead seated in front of Ayaka is Maki Ishikawa, the hostess of Korma Chameleon.
Caleb learns that the little girl’s name is Saya Nakamura. I wonder who her parents are?

Serena: Where did the repairlady go, Caleb? And why are you looking embarrassed.
Caleb: …
Serena: Hmmm, I see I’ll need to put a ring on it…

And maybe we could have Lilith prepare one of those Draughts of Reconfiguration, too?
For this challenge, Caleb needs to be a spouse, not a player, right?

Serena: I meet yet another vampire tonight, Kyra Gupta, who’s a chef at the Shimuzu Restaurant.
She’s also a Grand Master vampire who I’d like to befriend. Still a young adult, Kyra would make the perfect roommate or spouse for our son!
But she’s a self-assured, bookworm kleptomaniac, so I’ll be meeting here away from the home lot, hehe.

Caleb: To help with my Good Vampire aspiration, Serena invites some sims along with us to that new restaurant in Oasis Springs.
For my detractors out there, I’ll have you know that I successfully befriend Jackie the repairlady without pink bars!
Serena: Oh honey, I’m so sorry for doubting you! You must have tried a friendly hug on the unflirty Jackie.

By the way, Yukio Soma has only hired two wait staff, but a third one stands in front of the right chef station (behind the bamboo).

Serena: We four vampires enjoy our Plasma Janes and Plasmafruit Salads.
Caleb: I gain my fifth friend, Diego Lobo, while Serena and Lilith chat with Kyra and Jackie.
Serena: As for you, Diego, I want you for the Zanna bloodline, just not this generation!

Caleb: I’m surprised to learn that Diego is unemployed. I’d assumed he’d be a Level 9 Art Critic, like last time…
Lilith: Jackie’s no longer employed, either. I wonder what triggered their unemployment?


Caleb: Very early the next morning, we make a short trip to Granite Falls, as is the custom in our world.
While I gather herbs and insects, Serena reads up on Vampire Lore indoors.
Serena: Lilith tries her hand at painting, but her Genius trait overpowers her Creative trait, so I send her home.

Serena: The wishing well blesses me before my first day of work! I really need it!
Unlike my rivals, I start as a Level 1 Scientist. But I don’t leave for work just yet…
Caleb: Because right before Serena must leave for work, I invite someone to move in.

Penny: Greetings, all! I’m the fourth and final adult addition to this household!
Mysteriously, I also lost my job as a Level 10 Internet Celebrity. But I join the Painter career just now.
You must think I’m daffy to move into a vampire household, but Serena promised that I will never be fed on against my will.

Serena: Everyone’s role in the household has been decided.
I will work on my Scientist career, my Vampire Family aspiration, and rocket science.
Caleb will garden and learn to craft camping mascots.
Lilith will be the Logic mentor/gardening assistant and perhaps learn the piano.

Penny joins our household with a mad array of skills! But she will be our painter.

Penny, you will also be giving birth to a child. You’ll need a baby daddy with looks that would translate well to a daughter…but who?
Do we know any male sims with baby faces? *scratches chin
(And yes, Sergio, we see you back there, but you’re going to sire a son, not a daughter…

Serena: I’ve thought of the perfect sim for you, Penny!

Rivals 1.9: Penny Pizzazz and Her Razzamatazz

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