Rivals 1.9: Penny Pizzazz and Her Razzamatazz

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 1 (Zanna, Part II)


Lilith: No one has explained to me, Caleb, why Penny Pizzazz has moved in.
Caleb: Oh, Penny? She’s going to be the household painter and she’s going to have a child, too.
Lilith: I understand why I can’t be the painter without reward traits, not to mention my Genius trait overriding Creative!
But why can’t I be the one having a child?
Caleb: Because you’re my sister, your child would always be only a spare or helper.
Penny’s child, on the other hand, could also grow up to be a Zanna spouse.

Caleb: Did you hear the Dineros already have a toddler heir as well as a toddler helper?
The Somas also have a toddler heir, too! We need to catch up!

Lilith: And I heard through the grapevine Serena’s co-worker in the Soma House had a son!
Caleb: Yes, it’s hard to believe that notorious playboy has settled down.
Lilith: What’s his name again?
Caleb: Serena says folks at the Lab have started calling him Not-Bradly.

Lilith: Have you seen Penny this morning? Is she off painting in her locked balcony?
Caleb: She mentioned something about Phase 1 earlier…

Bjorn: Hey, I’m really glad you decided to join my club The Good Timers!
Penny: Thanks for letting me join, Bjorn, and for coming over on such short notice.

Bjorn: Well, it’s nice to be invited over by such a pretty girl as you but you could have joined without meeting face to face.
Penny: I’m aware of that, Bjorn. But, now that we’re friends, I have a super big favor to ask of you!

Bjorn: Penny, please stop! I hear you’re seeking a baby daddy but I’m a married man, albeit unhappily.
Well, maybe I could make just the one teeny-tiny exception for you…

Penny: Silly man, that’s not what I want! What I want is to take over your club!

Psych! Lol

Bjorn: Well, that was an utterly embarrassing assumption on my part!
Penny: Phase 1 of Project Penny’s Razzamatazz is complete!

The Good Timers already has Rally the Troops, so this club will do for now.

Penny: Proceeding to Phase Two, who needs a dead beat baby daddy, anyway?
I check the adoption agency for available adoptees, finding 4 nooboos, 4 toddlers, and at least 4 children.
Which one would be the best choice? Hmmmm….

Penny: Watchette intervenes and forces me to choose a toddler because she’s a masochist. And so I adopt Corina in the white bunny suit.
Welcome to the Zanna household, little Paola! And yes, I gave her an Italian first name.
What do you think? “Paola Pizzazz”…it has a certain ring to it, yes?

A happy Paola, after a successful potty sesh with the founder

Serena: Seriously, Lilith, I’m finding your constant need to interact with your brother to be borderline obsessive.
Do you really need to welcome him to Zanna Club twice every half hour?  Would you mind letting him study Vampire Lore?

Lilith: Well, since I made him stand up before Watchette rudely cancelled my “Welcome,”  I’ll just stand here in front of him to read.

Serena: Thinking she needs something else to do, I ask Lilith to “Play” with Paola.

An angry Paola, after being roughhoused by Lilith while playing

Serena: After work, we come to San Myshuno to buy my carrots.
It’s nice to have time to just chill with Caleb for a change.

Penny: Shall I just chat with Paola or use the Teach to Talk social?

Caleb: With a shock, Serena and I remember that we’ve only been together for a short while as the active household.
Serena: But we already have the connection from a past save file–I mean, past life–so we become BFFs (again) in no time.

Serena: We make the customary pilgrimage to Magnolia Promenade, where I catch a dragonfruit but no cowberry.
I’ll need to try fishing for a cowberry again at Desert Bloom Park. Harvesting cowberries by grafting will take too long!


Serena: Off to work, looking like a whale! I’m beached as, bro!

Caleb: We almost go back to Korma Chameleon tonight, which is why we’re in our party outfits.
Penny: Because of Paola, we decide to come straight to Desert Bloom Park instead.

Serena: And after several hours of fishing, I catch a cowberry at last!


Caleb: Serena goes into labor like clockwork around 6 a.m.

Serena: I can just imagine you’re wondering why the bassinet’s in the middle of the living room.
Why, that’s so I can “Show off” our nooboo to his father who’s standing on the other side of the bassinet!
Meet our firstborn son and heir, Massimo Zanna.

Serena: Isn’t Massimo too adorable?

And notice I’m using a tip shared by forum member Junan for feeding toddlers.  See the baker’s cousin display case?
Food placed in it spoils at the same rate as in a fridge, but toddlers can take food out of the case by themselves.

Lilith: Penny and Paola in their white-and-turquoise themed party outfits.

Caleb: I’m trying to reach Level 5 Gardening so I can start grafting and streamlining our garden.
Why does the nanny have to chat with me, when Lilith is indoors playing chess?

And have you noticed, dear readers, that this time around Yukio Soma and I are afraid to start jogging?
As a result, both of us have zero fitness. Sheesh!

Lilith: I’ve reached Level 6 Logic and really wanted to work on this skill today.
Instead, I practice guitar and ask the nanny to mentor me, just to keep her away from Caleb.
I guess we should dismiss the nanny whenever the toddler is sleeping.

If we fire her, will we get the Soma’s blond male nanny? *dismisses her for now

Caleb: I’ve been keeping my eye out for possible offspring or helpers in the neighborhood.
I’ve never seen this human around.

Meredith Mixon is a mean, romantic vegetarian. I’ll add her name to the Never Happen list.

Caleb: My little Massimo! Your father will work harder to provide you with everything you need to become a successful heir!
If only Serena and I could have another child, you would have a gorgeous sister to support you.
But we’re trying to keep the household size to six sims, so….grrrr. *sighs

Penny: Just wait until I start Phase 3!!!!

Rivals 1.10: Penny’s Cheesy Razzamatazz


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