Rivals 1.10: Penny’s Cheesy Razzamatazz

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 1 (Zanna, Part III)


Lilith: I suppose I should be grateful for even a back shot of me bathing Paola.
Once Massimo becomes a toddler, I doubt I’ll even get that.
Unless I manage to max Logic…

Paola: I’m absolutely starving but all the adults are too busy to notice. Self-service ftw!

Serena: Caleb and I come along with Penny, who needs to view paintings at the Willow Creek Art Museum.
This is Leticia Mixon, who works as a mixologist at Chez Llama. A lazy, snobby music lover.
I need to turn five sims and she’s definitely on my short list of potential offspring.

My gardening skill increases very slowly. It’s Level 4 now.
Can you believe my pomegranate tree has already matured but I can’t graft an orchid yet?
Maybe I’ll just read a skill book for that last level!

Thanks to Caleb’s training, I reach Prime Vampire rank tonight and buy the Vampire Creation power!
Which five sims shall I turn? Wyatt Patrick (Hawaiian shirt), Diego Lobo, and Jackie the ex-repairlady, for sure!
Leticia Mixon makes four. The fifth should be a possible wife prospect, but who? Morgan, of course!
*mutters: I’ll need to make friends with them all, first…


Serena: I’ve had incredible luck with the wishing well this week!
This morning, I’m guaranteed another promotion at the end of my work shift!

Lilith: When I wished for a skill boost, on the other hand, I was granted Level 2 Mischief.
Caleb: *tries not to laugh

Lilith: I notice that I have the “Ask to be best friends” option with the nanny.
Since I’m feeling a bit peckish, I courteously ask for a sip…between friends. My request does not go over well…

Caleb: I’m getting sick and tired of you constantly trying to flirt with me, Nanny!
I am a happily married man, if you haven’t noticed, with a ravishingly gorgeous wife.
I should report you for sexual harassment but I’ll just fire you instead. Now, be gone!

Lilith: You have a lot of nerve! You charge us for your useless time after Caleb fires you.
Then you turn right back around on the sidewalk, and waltz through our front door  without even knocking?
You and your ignorant “I’m delighted to see you again.”
Don’t you understand that “You’re fired!” means “forever”? *fires Nanny Scruggs again

Lilith: Oh, and before you go, this is for making me fire you again and for refusing me the first time *compels for a deep drink

Caleb: Don’t look at them, Paola! I’ll read to you while you eat, okay?
We don’t have any need for a nanny like that!

Lilith: After she leaves, I clean up the downstairs garden area then phone to hire a new nanny. Oh no!

Look, Nanny Houda, let me save us all some time and trouble!
We’ve all seen that screenshot of you looking all flirty and trying to spoon Yukio Soma while he was painting.
Ain’t no one got time for dat around here. So, you’re fired! Don’t slam the door on your way out!

Darn it, we want to leave for Desert Bloom Park but need a nanny to look after nooboo Massimo.
Well, people say that the third time’s charmed, right?

Lilith: Our third nanny, Imane Al Fassi, is a neat, cheerful loner.
After entering the house, she heads straight for Massimo rather than for Caleb.
So far so good Nanny Al Fassi, but I’ve got my eye on you!

Serena: As soon as I’m off work, I head for Desert Bloom Park to meet up with everyone else.
Of course, I’m here to start my Vampire Family and who do I run into but lovely Morgan!
I take the time to befriend her so I can “Offer to turn” her as a friendly interaction.

Morgan: Really, Donna Zanna? My life as a sim would end, but I would gain immortality as a vampire?
Serena: Please, no stuffy honorifics, Morgan! Please just call me Serena.
And yes to what you just said, plus you’d enjoy pride of place as my very first offspring.

Making friends with Jackie goes smoothly and I turn her, too.
Just think…an immortal handiness mentor! *coughs

I can’t get my bearded Hawaiian shirt to come to the park so I look around.
Someone who might make a good husband for a future Zanna heiress….hmmmm. Over there!

Jung Storey is a former roomie of that Bradly Storey, but it seems they’re unrelated.
Yes, Watchette has renovated Desert Bloom Park to facilitate our skilling.
And no, it doesn’t have a pool, but I needed to check Jung out, okay?
Who’d be crazy enough to immortalize a pear-shaped sim? I mean, like, seriously!

Watchette and I give Jung our stamp of approval.
(I imagine I can only change my offspring’s normal form, not their dark form…)

Lilith: To reach the Master Vampire aspiration’s final tier, I need to defeat 3 vampires in combat.
After defeating Ayaka Mori twice, I head home with the rest of the household.
Looking good, Lilith!


Caleb: Look at our little Massimo, who aged up this morning!
He shares Serena’s olive skintone and grey eyes, but has the exact same mouth and cheeks as Massimo 1.0 (upper right)
Serena: *tries not to think about Caleb having a son with another woman…

Personally, I don’t really care if the two Massimo’s look alike or not.
I’m pretty sure this one will grow up to be just as cute, if not cuter!

Caleb: And he’ll need a new nickname! Let’s not recycle Italian Stallion, k?
That was just embarrassing! And crass! Who thought up that ridiculous nickname, anyway?
Watchette: *hides while muttering, “It’s from a movie, okay?”

Heyo! Your girl Penny here to explain the title of this chapter: “Penny’s Cheesy Razamatazz.”
You remember my homie Yuki, don’t you? That adorable husband of Banana Mori?

Well, I sent him out to do some research about clubs for us.
If you’re like our Watchette here, you chose lot traits for your households rather than one skill-boosting club perk per dynasty club.
Now, thanks to Penny’s Cheezy Razamatazz, you can almost have both. I said, almost, don’t get greedy!

I would just like to point out that Yuki, as a Renegades member, was given a very acceptable club uniform–not the no-pants helmet look that Massimo 1.0 got!

As you know, the RDC rules allow us to form one family club after which we can join clubs but not create new ones.
That’s where Yuki’s research comes in. Here’s a list of all the premade clubs that come with club management perks or skill boosts.
For a thread with details about the additional clubs that appear after you’ve disbanded the original clubs, click here.

Penny: What!? You wanna know what I’ll be doing?
I’m looking to take over Garden Gnomes and Complementary Colors for Team Zanna, natch.

Rivals 1.11: Aspirational Exasperations


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