Rivals 1.11: Aspirational Exasperations

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 1 (Zanna, Part IV)


Caleb: (This time,) I’m doing my best to complete the Good Vampire aspiration before our son moves out.
“Get permission to drink from 2 sims” is my remaining Tier III goal.
Since you’re stalking me anyway, Nanny Scruggs….

Caleb: Lilith, please! Nanny Al Fassi has just given me permission to feed from her.
Now is not the time to welcome me to the Zanna Club.
If you cause Nanny Al Fassi to change her mind, I’ll have Watchette punish you!

Serena: Diego has been over since very late Thursday night. What a hard nut to crack!
Becoming friends with him takes half the night, even though we’re both snobs!
Eventually, Diego Lobo becomes my friend and my fourth progeny.
He’s not as excited about being a vampire as last time, because his boyfriend Morris Spiffendale in a different dynasty a recently re-admitted him to his Upper Echelon Club…


This shot is not about beefcake, not entirely anyway. It’s about Caleb’s Good Vampire progress.
At Tier IV, he can’t drink without permission for 14 days, but the game won’t count the days I’m with the other households.
Once again, Caleb will not be completing this aspiration.
It’s decided. None of the Zanna heirs will select Good Vampire for this challenge.

Caleb: Hey, wassup?

Massimo spam–the face of an angel!

Serena: The wishing well grants me an instantaneous promotion to Technological Innovator (Level 5) !
Among the three rivals, the Zannas are the poorest.
But since I couldn’t buy the Connections trait, money I spent on both the wishing well itself and offerings to the well have paid off in spades!

Penny: You see me strutting off to work.  You know, I’ve seen the light recently.
At first, I was skeptical of these threads and deeply missed my one-piece dress with ponytail and headband.
But, seriously, who needs to look “normal” when you look as fly as I do?
And yes to short shorts that flaunt my narrow hips and alluring legs!

Serene: Hotheaded Diego requires constant attention or he gets destructive…
Dude, can’t you work off your aggression by attacking the puddles in the downstairs garden?

Lilith: I also reach the final tier of my Master Vampire aspiration by defeating Ayaka for the third time.

Lilith: Excellent sparring, Ayaka! Looks like our vampiric spar drew quite a crowd.
Ayaka: Who’s that sim in the black-and-fuschia top with lime-colored sneakers?
Lilith: Oh, her? That’s our very own Nanny Al Fassi on her day off! She so got it going on!

Serena: I achieve the breakthrough to invent a cloning machine, but lack the required materials. Off to the Desert Bloom Park, we go!
While Caleb looks for metals and crystals, Lilith looks after the toddlers.
I need to stay indoors so I invite Leticia Mixon over.

Yes, stay indoors because we completely forget about the Sunlight Reversal Cocktail!

After a few drinks and much socializing, Leticia becomes my friend and fifth progeny.
Before I can start training my offspring, though, they’ll will need to complete their transformation.

Caleb: When I spot the Soma household’s nanny, I go introduce myself.  His name’s Daichi Yoshida.

If I add him to our club will he still behave like a nanny? We’ve never been lucky enough to hire him yet.

Massimo: I do appreciate your enthusiastic cheering, Auntie Lilith, but could you give it a rest?
I’m trying to take a poop here and you’re embarrassing me!

Serena: As soon as Caleb finds the additional common metal and common crystal I need, we rush home.
I head straight for my Invention Constructor and start inventing.

Lilith: At the other end of the neighborhood, I watch as Jung Storey transforms into a vampire.

Lilith: He looks quite handsome in his dark form! Um, does he remind anyone else of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine?

Serena: I’m so impatient to rush over to offer training to Jung. But first I need to finish what I’m doing.
Just think, our very own cloning machine!

Serena: After training Jung, the entire household leaves for a final end-of-the-week outing to Korma Chameleon.
I bring along Daichi Yoshida as well as Morgan Fyres, who transforms immediately after arriving at KC.
Paola: I’m so not fazed by bizarre vampire happenings anymore.

This is what happens whenever any of my toddlers arrive at a restaurant lot.
They are most definitely at the restaurant, but their portraits at bottom left are greyed out.
And if I hover over their portraits, they’re described as being “At daycare.”

Caleb: Yukio Soma has been kind enough to place high chairs and potties for toddlers.
But the hostess recognizes only the four adults in our household, seating our party of eight at a table for four.

Massimo: We come all the way to an Indian restaurant and all I get is a bowl of green peas?
Paola: You’re not the only one! I’m stuck with applesauce!

Daichi: This is a strange restaurant–they have high chairs but don’t recognize the presence of toddlers!
And though Morgan and I traveled here with the Zanna household, the hostess completely ignores us.

And speaking of Morgan, what could Serena and Morgan be thinking, doing vampiric training in public!?
It’s not what most people want to be seeing while they dine. Just sayin’

Massimo: What is this tingling sensation!?
My sixth sense informs me that our household is about to get bigger…

Caleb: Hey, your nose-leaf is cold and wet! Get that thing out of my sensitive ear!
Serena: Ouch! Stop poking me with your thumbs–they have claws, remember!
Caleb: Well, I certainly would if I could, darling. But all this dark mist is obscuring my vision!

Serena: Whoa, Caleb! Your pheromones in bat form are even more irresistible!
Caleb: No flaming my oily secretions, baby girl! They not only moisturize my wing membranes but also condition the fur!

Current Status of the Zanna Household

Founder: Serena Zanna
*Completed requirements: None

*Incomplete requirements:
Vampire Family aspiration: currently on Tier III
Portraits (2): not yet
Garden: Need death flower (have the other 5 plants already)
Career: Scientist (Level 5)

Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna
Toddler skills:  L3 Thinking, L2 all the other skills


Rivalry Status at the End of Week 1

Coming next: The Rival Cowfolks enter Week 2 of their challenge

Rivals 2.1: Daichi, da Real MVP

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