Mori 1.07: An Ideal Hazubando

Grim Reaper: I’ve been a little worried about Kaoru Mori and his Watcher lately.
Those two are giving the Legacy Challenge a go, even though that Watchette is pretty notorious for finding “creative” ways to keep all her played sims alive.

She’s also a very superficial player—devoting immense effort to her sims’ looks while having them live in a home that looks like some preschooler’s Lego building blocks.
Anyway, I thought I’d offer Kaoru and his Watchette some advice or, at least, be their sounding board.

Grim: Hey, Kaoru, how you doing? Long time, no see!
Kaoru: Wassup, Grim? I haven’t seen you since Dorothy needed to talk with you about grilled cheese.
Grim: Oh yeah, Dorothy. What a character! Hey, I’m really sorry about not coming to reap Dorothy properly.
Kaoru: What happened that day? Anita was shocked that Dorothy just vanished without any warning.

GR: Well, you can imagine how stressful my work is! I’m just doing my job but wherever and whenever I show up, people are always hating on me!
So I took a three-day vacay to unwind and asked a Soul Reaper named Ichigo Kurosaki to substitute.
Have you ever watched that anime “Bleach”? Ichigo’s that orange-haired high-schooler human who accidentally became a Soul Reaper.
Anyway, he’d always been totally awesome and unwaveringly reliable.

Kaoru: But what happened that day?
GR: Well, he ran into Rukia, his good friend and a captain in the Soul Society, on his way to work that day.
And she talked him into pairing up to cos-play The Black Butler for some anime convention.
Watchette/W: Oh, I lurve Ichigo as well as The Black Butler!!! *fangirls

GR: Ichigo actually had the cheek to text me a photo—that’s Ichigo (below) dressed as the demon butler Sebastien Michaelis with Rukia (above) dressed as Sebastien’s master Ciel Phantomhive.
Kaoru: So that’s why Dorothy didn’t get reaped? I bet they won first prize in the cosplay competition! I’m a huge fan of The Black Butler, too!

But would you mind if we changed the subject? I’ve got other things on my mind right now.
GR: No problem. I actually came to see if you had any questions about this challenge.

(Image source:

Kaoru: To be honest, Watchette had been planning to just give up on earning the point for 10 types of death, especially after Dorth’s unexpectedly tragic demise.
Do you have any tips about causing eight more deaths? To be honest, I’m unhappy with the pool of available spouses for my Nami.
On the other hand, I’m starting to understand how the concept of primary and secondary spouses works.

GR: Yeah, you have to think creatively to earn maximum points!
Kaoru: Thank you for the consult, Grim. We’re only Gen2 and our simverse population has already decreased conspicuously.
GR: What about importing a spouse from the Gallery?
Kaoru: Yeah, Watchette has looked at the #LegacyLoves sims several times already. I think she’s saved to the library one or two YA males who she’s considering for Nami.
GR: Well, good luck with everything, Kaoru! Don’t forget to drink your Potion of Youth tomorrow!
Kaoru: Yeah, Grim, see you around! Thanks for being a friend!


Nami: In a spacious room in the basement that Watchette has earmarked for a party room (when she ever decides to get serious about building), I practice my beats!
I’m the only one in the house who’s maxed Dancing so it’s only reasonable that I become the house DJ!
Nio: But if you’re DJing, you can’t dance, Ms. Dance Machine!
Nami: Oh right, there’s that!

Kaoru: Realizing I’m just one quill fruit away from being able to invent the Age-Away Serum, I take along Nio for a quick trip to Sixam.
Nio: Yeah, since I’m a Geek, Dad expects I’ll have a better chance of finding our missing collectibles.
Kaoru: Later, when I click on the Wormhole Generator to go home, I notice two in-disguise aliens with a familiar last name: Elliana Morton and Brooks Morton.
What a shame! This means that my co-worker Isiah Morton must also be an alien since they’re family!
Nio: Aww, Dad! Let’s keep our hopes up for Guys’ Night Out!
W: To be very honest, fellas, I’m not quite ready yet for an alien in the Mori bloodline….


Kaoru: This morning, I invent an Age-Away Serum and clone two more for testing purposes.
Strolling the neighborhood, I run into Lucas Munch and test my Rose Perfume serums on him.
Then, his brother Edward comes along, so I test my Red Hot serums on him.

Edward: Grrr, I don’t know what Kaoru just gave me but I’m so mad I could explode!
Kaoru: I’m ready to make tested versions of both serums now, hehe.

Doreen: How’d the Age-Away Serum work, Mr. Mori?
Kaoru: I tested all three on myself tonight, but only got one placebo effect and two negative moodlets.
Since my age bar is already bubbling, I’m just going to go ahead and drink this Potion of Youth.
And before you go, Doreen, how would you like to sample a Spark Drive serum to get energized?

Kaoru: After testing three Spark Drive serums, I should be able to invent a tested version now.

Nio: Um, Dad, did you just give an untested Spark Drive serum to Arisa?
Kaoru: Yes, I did. How did you know, Nio?
Nio: Oh, I don’t know. Just a wild guess. *shrugs


Anita: After breakfast, we all continue socializing while watching that movie about the lost dog.
W: I love this movie theater TV—the entire household can build fun and social at the same time.
Then they’re happy to go off and do whatever else they need to be doing.

Arisa: I’ve maxed Baking! Then, just as I’m basking in the glow of a mission accomplished, I discover Dad’s started a fire.
He must have been trying to make the Sea of Fire drink!
Nio: What the heck are you doing, Dad? Why are you just standing there in the flames?
You and Arisa both have that fire-resistant Naturalist trait, yet you two do nothing and force me to extinguish the fire?!
Nami: Why is Dad just staring off into space like a zombie? Gah, how stressful!

Nio: You two are disappointing, you know that?
Dad, you wait until I’ve put out the fire, then you remember to whip out your freeze ray.
And you, Arisa, finally decide to stroll over here after the ceiling sprinkler goes off.
If I ever have to pick two people to go live with me on a deserted island, I will definitely not choose either of you!
Kaoru: Don’t blame me, son! Watchette clicked the wrong part of the bar so I had no options to act!

W: By the way, Nio, you are rocking that new hairstyle!
Nio: Thanks, Watchette. I’m glad you finally stopped hiding how cute I am!

Kaoru: Way to go, Doreen! You completed a second teen career: Babysitter! We’re now done with all five teen careers!
Doreen: Thanks, Mr. Mori. My young adult birthday’s in zero days so I wasn’t sure I’d make it in time.
W: And thanks for posing in your work uniform, Doreen! I’ve taken a photo of every career completed so far.
Every career, that is, except Fast Food Employee. *glares at Arisa

Nami: I noticed that you aren’t as frustrated with Arisa lately. What’s changed?
W: I’m not less frustrated, Nami. I’ve just given up expecting much from Arisa.
First, I’ve locked her out of the Focused Room so she isn’t constantly trying to get on your computers.
Also, I’m going to have her mentor you in Piano and Violin, even if you’re still stuck on your first aspiration.

Kaoru: After viewing some paintings at the Willow Creek art museum for my painter aspiration, I phone in a birthday party for Doreen there.
We believed we’d thought of everything!
Nio: Nami brought her DJ station, I brought a table and several types of food, and Dad brought a portable bar.
Nami: Dad even completes a toast before most of the guests arrive!

Arisa: Our guests initially stay in the museum but finally come outside to party.
Then we get the “Cook a meal” party milestone which, of course, is impossible at this museum.
Doreen: I still have a blast, though I’m shocked that Paolo’s already an elder. Is there still time for us? He looks positively ancient!
Nami: It’s 7 pm, people! Let’s wrap up this silver-medal party! We need to go check out Guys’ Night Out!

Nio: We arrive at the Shrieking Llama Bar, then each invite over any eligible bachelors in our relationship panel.
W: Unless I micro-manage everyone, the Mori household sims just socialize with each other. Must I remind you? That’s NOT why we’re here tonight!

Nami: I really appreciate how enthusiastic and obsessed Watchette gets over spouse-hunting, especially since we’re talking about my spouse!
Let us tell you about the first three prospects that arrive.
Nio: Liam Cantrell is one of the four kids that Watchette imported into the game several sim-weeks ago. Even if he weren’t too young for Nami, those traits…
Nami: Herbert Reeder has so-so traits. He doesn’t exactly make my pulse quicken, you know?
Kaoru: What’s there to say about Nehemiah’s traits? He possess three unsavory traits!

Liam Cantrell (teen): Mean, Hotheaded
Herbert Reeder (YA; Unemployed): Childish, Good, Outgoing
Nehemiah Asher (Adult; Fisherman): Hotheaded, Hates Children, Squeamish

Kaoru: You may recognize Clinton as that incompetent Nanny with the feminine walk.
He shares Anita’s Loves the Outdoors trait, so he brings only 2 unique traits.
Nio: It took me forever to learn Malcolm’s third trait. Surprisingly, he also Loves the Outdoors.
But since Isabelle and I are both Good, Malcolm’s Evil trait is a deal-breaker.
Nami: I’m not sure who invited Andy but I think he and Liam are the cutest guys in this bunch.
Not only are Andy’s traits pretty okay, he probably has maxed Wellness!
Kaoru: By the way, why didn’t Isiah Morton get invited?
W: Besides the fact that he’s probably an alien, he’s also an elder. That’s two strikes against Isiah!

Clinton Small (Adult; Nanny): Active, Loves the Outdoors, Ambitious
Malcolm Landgraab (Adult; Criminal): Snob, Loves the Outdoors, Evil
Andy Herrick (Adult/Massage Therapist): Insane, Lazy, Good

Nio: Around midnight, someone new arrives at the bar. His name’s Frank Biello.
Kaoru: In spite of his dubious fashion sense, pot belly, and ample hips, Frank has three unique traits and is a Level 9 Criminal/Boss.
Nami: We’d need to work on his pear-shaped figure and that hair, but his face is easy on the eyes.

Frank Biello (Adult; Criminal/L9 Boss ): Childish, Bookworm, Dance Machine

Nami: Surprisingly, Frank and I hit it off really well! Since he’s a Dance Machine and I love to DJ, we bond over a discussion on dancing techniques and DJing.
He seems to think I’m pretty interesting, too! What do you think, Dad? Is Frank “the one”?


Author’s Remarks

Tomorrow is Nio’s birthday, so we’ll be seeing more of Isabelle Herndon around the Mori residence very soon.
Nami and Arisa age up to young adults in five more days.
I’d initially thought that our simverse was pretty dead but it actually coughed up a decent number of prospective spouses.  That is, a  decent number of candidates, not exactly a number of decent candidates, hah! This time, all the prospects were already in the game, no #LegacyLoves needed.
Well, we’ve already decided how we’ll be handling the matter of choosing Nami’s spouse.
What would you do?

Also, Nami can move in a spouse in five more days; that’s not enough time for Doreen to max a career.
However, it’s time enough for her to get pregnant, eat a bunch of strawberries or carrots, then move out while pregnant.
Shall we honor Dorothy’s sacrifice by hooking up her daughter with Paolo as baby daddy?

Finally, I realized at one point that the Mori collection of reward potions (bought by Dorothy) had simply vanished.  It included one of each type of reward potion and 13 Potions of Youth.
This time, I re-purchased them all. Around the same time, one of the $10,000 computers (fully upgraded) disappeared, but a computer is more easily replaced than the potions, serums, and essences. Unfortunate game glitching!

I hope you don’t consider this cheating, but I plan to upload my room of potions, serums, and essences to My Library periodically. If they ever disappear again, I can just download the room and its contents to the lot.  I currently have 34 unused Potions of Youth; I don’t want to reach the maximum total of 80 PoYs only to have them all disappear again. I would only ever use that room to replace reward potions/essences/essences/PoYs that disappeared due to a game glitch.

Well, that’s all for today.  As always, thank you for reading!

Mori 1.08: What the Heart Desires, Part I

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