Mori 1.08: What the Heart Desires, Part I


Nio: I see a vision of loveliness walk in the door and wonder who she is.
The young adult Lyric Archer is a Clumsy, Family-Oriented Bookworm.
When asked about her career, she replies that she’s a Bar Regular from noon to 8 pm, 7 days a week.
You’re very lovely, Lyric, but you don’t hold a candle to Isabelle, career-wise!
W: *whispers: Still, she’s great baby mama material, Nio!

Nami: It’s pretty late now and we still have school tomorrow, but I take a moment to try to get to know Nehemiah, the fisherman.
I hadn’t spoken with him at all this evening.
Chatting with Frank was so delightful, but socializing with Nehemiah is like pulling teeth!

Nami: Oh, Frank! How can you possess such an angelic face with such an odd body? *shakes head in disbelief

Doreen: So why are you always so down on Arisa, Watchette?
W: Yes, that’s the question everyone wants answered, isn’t it? For one thing, she’s always moaning and groaning.
Look at you, Doreen! You’re currently finishing your third book for Renaissance Sim and you only got distracted once when you became playful because your Goofball trait kicked in.
Otherwise, you’ve been quietly reading one book after another.

Doreen: That’s how dedicated we all are, though!
Our scientist Mr. Mori needs 3 more masterpieces to complete Painter Extraordinaire.
Mrs. Mori will max Nerd Brain after two more Logic levels. Nio just maxed Rocked Science.
We’re all working very hard for the Mori Legacy!
W: Well, yes, and Nami’s reached Level 10 in violin, piano, dancing, and DJing, even though she’s still stuck on Computer Whiz.
The difference with Arisa is that she’s always trying to get out of what she’s supposed to be doing.
When she actually does what she needs to be doing, she makes annoying groans.
She’s a Creative sim, so why is she always trying to do programming?  See? Annoying!

Nami: After the notice to celebrate Nio’s birthday, we wait while Doreen launches the rocket ship twice more.
Meanwhile, I’ve reached Level 7 Handiness, so Watchette buys the Ranger Stanley Jackalope Sculpture for our lot.
It seems like an extravagant purchase, but it saves me from having to travel to Granite Falls tonight and also increases our lot value.
But, darn it, since I’m stuck on my first aspiration, I don’t even have enough points to buy Marketable!
I can make those camping mascots, but they’re not worth much. *pouts (but doesn’t moan)

Kaoru: Listen up, folks! Queen Joria has spoken! We don’t have many transformable items right now, but let the testing begin.
Nio, I have the fire-resistant trait from Freelance Botanist but you’re the Geek. Here, take this SimRay and see what you get.
Nio: Okay, but it’s 1 am now and I’ve been ready to age up for two hours now, so we’re having my party as soon as I’m done. Show me the way!

Nio: I remember now why I don’t like the SimRay!
Well, this is my second fire in two days, so I’ve got this under control.
Ultimately, though, no live aliens or other collectibles appear. But enough of this! I’m ready to age up and move Isabelle in!
Kaoru: Wow, I have so much respect for Queen Joria! She makes using the SimRay to get high-quality items look so easy!!!
Nio: Well, she did mention that the sim needs to build experience. *phones in yet another birthday party

Nio: The guests start arriving but it seems like people could care less that I’m blowing out the candles.
Like I care about any of the guests except you-know-who!

I remember the day I first met Isabelle at Oasis Springs park like it was yesterday!
A friend who works the security cameras there gave me a photo of our first encounter.
And there, my friends, you see me performing my first-ever Mischief social way back when!

We’re BFFs so why can’t I ask Isabelle to move in? Oh yeah, that option won’t show during a social event!
After our first kiss, she agrees to be my girlfriend! Isabelle, we’re so destined to be together!

Doreen: During my YA birthday party at the museum yesterday, I started putting moves on Paolo.
With all the fuss that evening over spouse-hunting, though, we don’t share a first kiss until tonight at Nio’s party.
I have a hard time chatting with him because Mrs. Mori keeps trying to talk with him.
Go talk to your husband, Mrs. Mori! Paolo Rocca is my boyfriend now. Mine, you hear?

Isabelle: When the party ends, I’m excited to move into the Mori household.
I’ll be an adult in 4 days and have a lot of professional catch-up to do.
My final promotion to Level 11 Villain requires L10 Logic and L6 Mischief, but both those skills are zero now.
Nio: Don’t worry, sweetness. Our family will get you skilled up in a flash!
For now, I’ve asked Mom to mentor you in Logic, just so Dad doesn’t get any funny ideas.
Anita: What does that mean, son?
Nio: *whistles innocently

Doreen: Early the next morning, I invite Paolo over again. We’re enjoying some steamy kisses, when I’m suddenly whisked to the Police Station.
Oh right, I’d promised to spend a day working here in the hope of spawning new townies!
At the crime scene with my co-workers, the eyewitness can’t keep his eyes off me because I’m so cute in uniform!

I’m only supposed to do this job for a day but I can’t resist looking for clues!
Look! There’s a superb piece of evidence over there next to the trash bin!

Except for the adult Cassandra Goth, all my co-workers are male elders while the Chief is an adult female alien.
Ironically, the only other non-elder humans at the Station are the perps, I mean, suspects.

Doreen: Upon notification that Nio’s squeeze Isabelle has an hour left before work, I immediately leave work early.
But when I arrive home, Isabelle’s already left for work. I guess sim-time marches on even during loading screens!?
Anyway, I lose no time inviting Paolo over again. I mean, tick tock tick tock, amirite?
After some serious flirting, I get down on one knee to propose. Paolo seems to love the ring and I know I love Paolo!
I discreetly pump my fist in victory—Yeeeesssss!

Doreen: Why wait? We decide to elope right away without even leaving the front porch.
Paolo: Doreen, you are mine at last! Huh? What did you say?
Uh, no, I haven’t had my eye on you since you were in grade school. Why would you even ask that?

Doreen: Speaking of age, how old could Paolo be now? I’d dearly love to have Paolo’s child!
I don’t want to have to ask him twice. Oh wait, I might have asked him to try three times. *blushes furiously
W: I am delighted to note that, out of the four downstairs bedrooms, Doreen and Paolo autonomously choose the one I’d decorated with Doreen in mind.

Isabelle: This family really takes care of their own.
When I return home from work the day after Nio’s party, Anita is ready and waiting for me.
Setting up a portable bar in the Focused Room, she whips up several glasses of Amygdelight for me. After I drink one glass, Anita begins mentoring me in Logic.
I’ve only been in this house for roughly 24 hours, and I’ve already leveled up to Mischief L2 and Logic L7.
Anita: All you need to worry about, Isabelle, is earning points for the Mori Legacy and keeping my son Nio happy!


Author’s Notes

About Arisa, I’ve been thinking lately why I don’t like her as much as other sims and consider her such a “disobedient” sim.
I realized today that she must feel constantly left out because she’s the creative sim while her two siblings are techies.
On the other hand, Hillee’s Legacy Scoresheet (which tracks various statistics besides scoring) shows that Doreen Primley has maxed the most aspirations, whereas both Arisa and Nami Mori have maxed the most skills. So Arisa is just as accomplished as Nami.
I guess what makes Arisa annoying for me, though, is her constant moaning and groaning. Wah wah wah.
On the other hand, I adore Doreen and wish I didn’t have to move her out. But she needs to leave to have a nooboo with Paolo.
If she has the child in the Mori House, that child could never move back in later as spouse material…

Since Nami takes over as the Gen2 heir sim-tomorrow, I’ve taken so many screenshots that I need to split this chapter into two.
So here’s the first part. The second part will follow later this evening.

Thank you for reading! I’m pretty hyped up about next chapter, but this chapter helps build suspense, I guess.

Mori 2.09: What the Heart Desires, Part II

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