Mori 1.2: An Almost House

According to the gameplay rules, we aren’t restricted in the number of “secondary spouses” we move in, as long as they do not bring additional income into the household.
I’m not really clear on the rationale behind inviting a secondary spouse into the household, but have decided to move in an additional female adult sim anyway.


Anita: Basically, we are looking for a possible mother-in-law for our child. Her traits won’t earn any points for the legacy but will influence her child’s personality.
Kaoru: We’ve identified three adults with traits deemed desirable for our current household.
First, I invite Ashlyn Purdy over. She’s not bad-looking and might be able to reach Painting Level 8 to create our memorial paintings.

Anita: Next, we visit the South Square Café, Pan Europa Disco, and Rattlesnake Juice Bar, only to find the three venues staffed by premade sims.

Outside the Oasis Springs gym, we meet the dark-haired gym trainer Belinda Hahn. She would have max Fitness but could probably not complete an Athletic career in time.
Kaoru: My favorite so far is redheaded Dorothy Primley. She’s very attractive and her traits are unique!

Our choices are (from top to bottom):
Ashlyn Purdy (Adult, stay-at-home mom): Creative, Loves the Outdoors, Goofball
Belinda Hahn (Adult, gym trainer): Active, Cheerful, Jealous
Dorothy Primley (Adult, stay-at-home mom): Slob, Family-Oriented, Insider; Pro: help with children

Who would you choose?
We end up choosing Dorothy. She moves in with maxed Wellness and the Grilled Cheese aspiration.
The scoresheet I’m using counts her aspirations and skills, so we’ll be trying to complete her aspiration.
Here’s Dorothy talking to Ulrike Faust about grilled cheese.

Anita: Yesterday, I bought Connections, Marketable, and Creative Visionary, then phoned in to join the Painter career.
Now that Dorothy has joined the household, I think I have a good chance of completing Patron of the Arts.
While Dorothy and I paint, we wait for the cowplant to offer its cake. Next time, it’s your turn to take the cake, Dorothy!

Dorothy: After moving in, I first had to unlock my Grilled Cheese aspiration.
Watchette wasn’t sure whether or not my completing this aspiration mattered, so I’d initially stopped working on it.
The scoring sheet shows that it counts, though, so I’m back to chowing down grilled cheese sandwiches.
I guess we’ll need to save up for the rocket ship. Maybe I should go ahead and have a baby while we wait.

Watchette, did you have anyone special in mind for my baby daddy?
I know you’ve decided against moving in any premade sims, but I would love to get my hands on Paolo, hehe.
Couldn’t he just be my live-out baby daddy? Huh, please?

Anita: Actually, Watchette decides no premade sims in this legacy, so we all look through our relationship panels.
Dorothy: Kaoru’s at work, but Anita knows a fella named Frank Nagy. We invite him over and he arrives right away.
Judging by his work schedule for the Criminal career, Frank works as a Level 1 Tough Guy.
Anita: What do you think, Dorothy?
Dorothy: Well, he’s rather cute so I think we might have a nice-looking kid!

Anita: The weird thing is that his traits are so similar to mine!
Frank and I both share the Loves the Outdoors and Materialistic trait, but his third trait is Childish.
Dorothy: To be honest, I’m not a fan of his pear-shaped figure but this is just a one-time meet, right?
Oh, if only he could have been Paolo! *sighs

Dorothy: Alas, the sacrifices I make so that my child may be raised in a legacy home!
And now Anita and other creative sims in the Legacy House can drink Essence of Inspired before work!

Dorothy: Twenty-four hours after woohoo with Frank, I get the “Eating for Two” notice at 11:20 pm on Wednesday!
This means the baby will be born Saturday night.
And yes I deliberately didn’t take a pregnancy test because we prefer a two-day infant stage!

Anita: I should actually wait a few days to try for baby, especially since Kaoru won’t reach Level 8 of his career until Thursday.
Nevertheless, consumed by impatience, I recklessly ask Dorothy for a fertility massage!

Anita: According to the description of the Fertility Boost I got from Dorothy’s massage, “my blood is boiling from vitality and procreative energy”!
Kaoru: Hey, Anita, I was just wondering if you feel like….
Anita: I thought you’d never ask!

Watchette/W: Well, I must say that happiness becomes you both!
Anita: What time is it now, Watchette? Almost 2 a.m.?
W: That’s right. If you’re pregnant, you’ll go into labor around 2 a.m. on Monday.
I guess this is the part where I follow you around to check whether or not you’re pregnant.

Kaoru: Looks like the third time’s charmed!
Anita: I can’t believe you actually think this is funny!

Dorothy: Thanks to my aspiration, I feel like I’m drowning in grilled cheese sandwiches.
I’ve cooked and eaten so many of them lately that I can multi-task!
While waiting for a group serving to brown in the pan, I whip out my phone and send a text message.

Anita: Besides needing a rocket ship for Dorothy’s Grilled Cheese aspiration, we’ll also eventually need a rocket ship to get the UFO plant (the only non-Sixam plant missing from our garden collection), space rocks, and geodes.
Well, there’s no time like the present.
Dorothy: Thanks for helping out, Ulrike!
Ulrike: What’s wrong with you people?
Anita: What do you mean?
Ulrike: You have an almost-complete garden, a fully kitted-out science lab, high-quality bathroom plumbing, and now a rocket ship.
Yet your home has only one wall, no wall or floor coverings, no roofing, and most of your furniture is for camping.
Anita: One word, Ulrike: priorities! And our windfall is lurking just around the corner!
W: Also, I hate renovating one room at a time…

Kaoru: mumble, grumble…Why do I have to do this? I come home from a long day at work then I have to woohoo with some old lady in the rocket ship?
Dorothy: For my Grilled Cheese aspiration,  I need to talk to the Grim Reaper about grilled cheese!
I thought the fastest way to meet Grim would be for your devastatingly-irresistible self to woohoo an elder to a “dangerously fatigued” state.
I’d do it myself but I can’t go up in the rocket ship while I’m pregnant.
Kaoru: Yeah, right… *invites over Leigh Sniper, that elderly gardener lady who followed me around the first day of the legacy

Dorothy: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Kaoru, you hawtie scoundrel, you! I can’t believe you did it!!!
Kaoru: I’m crushed, Dorothy! You doubted me? *buffs fingernails on shoulder
I’ve set you up, dahling, so don’t go blowing your timing to talk with Grim.

Dorothy: Hello, Mr. Reaper. My name’s Dorothy Primley. How do you do?
Grim: Hey, Dorothy! I hear you’re working on the Grilled Cheese aspiration. How you doing?
D: Well, I’ll be fine and dandy if you’ll let me chat with you about grilled cheese…blah, blah, blah.
GR: Okay, okay. I’ve listened to your nonsense, Dorothy. Happy now?
D: You betcha, Mr. Reaper. Once I’ve eaten a grilled cheese sammie in space, I’m done with this silly aspiration!

GR: Look at you, acting all upbeat in front of that poor old lady’s tombstone! Hahahaha
D: Well, thanks loads, Mr. Reaper. Excuse me, but I’ve gotta run. There’s a dozen strawberries with my name on them!

W: Dorothy dear, I must say that I’m rather concerned about your recent weight gain.
I realize you’re pregnant but you’re bigger all around now. *gasps

Dorothy: I blame it on the grilled cheese sandwiches, Watchette! I’ve been eating them almost non-stop for the past four days.
Let me check my aspiration—that’s 3 sandwiches to unlock the aspiration, then ten sandwiches each at Tier I and II.
I confess that I’ve been eating each sandwich in two sessions so I’ve only actually eaten about 11 or 12 sandwiches total.
But I’ve been stuffing my face in an attempt to complete all but one milestone before the baby arrives. *sighs
W: No worries, Dorothy. After you give birth, we can invite over that gym trainer to help you lose the weight you’ve gained.  (If only real life were that easy!)


Kaoru: We rush back from fishing at Desert Bloom Park tonight, just in time for Dorothy to give birth at home.
Dorothy: I’m so pleased to introduce my little girl, Doreen Primley.
Kaoru: Not to take away from your moment, Dorothy, but I appreciate your battling the Green Man and bringing home the UFO plant this afternoon!
Thanks for completing my gardening collection! (but you still owe me for that old lady! We’re not even close to even yet…)


Anita: Kaoru is so excited about the baby! Right before I have to leave for work this Sunday morning, he asks to feel the baby.
Kaoru: Our son (because Anita’s been eating carrots and listening to Alternative music) will be arrive a few hours past midnight. I can’t wait!

W: We really don’t have enough cash saved to start a house, but Kaoru’s owned this lot for two weeks now so it’s time for a little building.
Though we only have $3000 left now, at least there’s an enclosed room for the children through the door in the kitchen.

Dorothy: Doreen ages up into the cutest little girl! An Art Lover, she’s got my red hair and the most mischievous smile.

Anita: Our son, Nio Mori, is a Geek. Do you think he resembles his father?
Kaoru: He wanted an aloha shirt like mine, but all I could find for him was that Hawaiian-looking t-shirt.

Kaoru: Nio and Doreen have just met but we hope they grow up to become good friends.
Doreen is about 26 or 27 hours older than Nio.
Anita: Kaoru and I tried for baby again as soon as Nio was born. We’re planning on just one more child–a daughter this time.
She’ll be born roughly 48 hours from now.


Kaoru will definitely complete the Scientist career before ageing up to an adult in 3 days.
Thanks to the age freeze during pregnancy, Anita has a really good chance of maxing her career, too.
As for Dorothy, she’ll become an elder in six days. She’ll be around to celebrate Doreen’s teen birthday.
I’m dying to see how the third child turns out, but I’ll close this chapter here.

I’m still confused about the secondary spouse business. The challenge creator gave approval to one player who wanted to move in a spouse but have the baby daddy be Don Lothario instead of the founder. I also read his comment that an heir could have “a harem of secondary spouses,” if so desired.
Does the primary spouse of the Gen2 heir need to be moved in? If so, I guess I’ll use Doreen to…actually, I’m not sure what her function would be.
I guess I’ll worry about that after we see what she looks like as a teen.
And by the way, I feel bad about exploiting Kaoru but I actually rather enjoyed completing the last part of the Grilled Cheese aspiration, hehe.
I’d never done that aspiration before!

Thank you for reading!

Mori 1.3: Double Trouble

3 thoughts on “Mori 1.2: An Almost House

  1. So quick question what did you mean by the two day infant stage. You said you didn’t take the pregnancy test because you wanted that instead. Also how sad I’ve never had anybody die from the rocket crash.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The pregnancy/infancy stages have changed since toddlers came out.
      But when I was playing my Wonder Child/Apocalypse Challenges (timing’s crucial to the Apocalypse Challenge), I found the following “rules”:
      with pregnancy test = 3-day pregnancy* + 3-day infancy
      no pregnancy test = 4-day pregnancy** + 2-day infancy

      *With a pg test, the baby is born 72 hours after the “Eating for Two” message.
      **No pg test: The Eating for Two automatically pops up 24 hours after conception, followed by 72 hours until the baby is born. That means 4 days.

      Since toddlers, though, the bassinet burrito stage seems to have become two days regardless of whether a pregnancy test was taken or not.

      LOL, that elderly lady didn’t die from the rocket crash! She died from overexertion caused by woohoo with the legacy founder, so Dorothy could chat with Grim about grilled cheese…(I’ve never had a “death by rocket ship crash,” either)
      Thanks for reading, Lisa ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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