Murky 1.2: Grunge, Filth, and Trash Plants

Week 1/Monday

I get up at the crack of noon and immediately begin what will become my regular routine of digging and harvesting.

Behind me, you can see the Freegan Camp, home to my next-door neighbors the Freegans.
On my left, there’s the Burner Camp where the Burner Campers live.

Really, I’d like to tell you more about all these Murkland townies, but I hardly know them myself!
To be honest, I haven’t visited because I’m hoping they’ll send over a Welcome Wagon.

Let’s face it. Until I catch the more profitable fish, my big-ticket items are my breeding Whirlyflower frogs.
Of course, their price means nada until I can get a yard sales going properly.

See that building behind me? It’s the Fire and Music Festival, apparently.
Once I’ve met a few more people, I want to go check it out en masse.

Actually, I woke up once around 7 am.
Or rather, some unseen force moved my trash plants to a planter then woke me up to water them.
After that, I felt compelled to create four more trash piles while gradually filling my tummy, then went back to sleep.

Yeah, yeah. According to Japanese superstition, someone who lies down right after eating will turn into a cow.
Well, that didn’t happen to me today!

While I’m collecting, I spot Brennachan the Freegan and run across the street to introduce myself.
Howdy, neighbor! Thanks for creating this weird and wondrous world for us to explore! (She’s the challenge creator’s simself!)

I don’t have a single friend yet but, after Yuki Behr and Rex Turbo Pumpkin, I only need to introduce myself to one more sim.
Rex tells me that his Turbo Pumpkin peeps live at the Forgotten Gas Station, kitty corner from the Mad Mudder Encampment.

Whoa, Rex is a mean, unflirty kleptomaniac! Another good reason to hold my yard sales somewhere besides my home lot! Jerk!

It’s 3:30 pm and still no Welcome Wagon! I’m starting to suspect that it visited while I was at the gym yesterday. Dang!

Before heading over to the Hot Springs (it’s Monday!), I have a quick lunch then visit the Freegan Camp for the first time.

I would kill to live here!
On the ground floor, they have two buildings with two rooms each plus a bar and grill in the backyard.

On the second floor, they have one area with massage tables and another with yoga mats.
The Freegans are my kind of people!
I mean, literally, we all share the Loves the Outdoors and Glutton traits!

Forest Tree the Freegan becomes my very first friend!
He notices how badly I’m feeling and suggests a visit to the Hot Springs.
I’m not sure what to think about Brennachan yet. Either she’s laughing at my discomfort or she’s just lovin’ life.

The Freegans’ trash plants cry out for attention, but I’m too uncomfortable to water and harvest them.
Oh right, eating a trash plant should do the trick. And I’m happy once more!

Maybe the Freegans would be willing to trade my gardening for their massages?

Once I arrive at the Hot Springs with some of  the Freegans and Lisa Bee, I head straight for the tub!
It’s a little disturbing that Willow Creek immediately jumps in with me.
She was flirting with me heavily last night at the gym. Please, please, get in, too, Forest Creek!

So now I’m in the hot springs with the two sims I’ve already befriended.
Meanwhile, the two sims I’d hoped to befriend first are still standing over there!

I’m dying to start a convo with Brennachan and Lisa Bee, but I’m too filthy to risk having to get out of the hot springs.
Who knew it would take forever to get clean in the hot springs?

Though I once again fail to become friends with Lisa Bee, she and Brennachan seem to be getting along famously.

Brennachan: So, are you avoiding oshizu?
Lisa Bee: Nah, I bathed already today so another soak would turn me into a prune.

Brennachan: Hey, what are those pink hearts floating out of the hot springs?

oshizu: Wut!? I check my relationships, but I don’t have pink bars with either Forest Tree or Willow Creek.
I guess those strange faces they’re making must be meant for each other. Huh!

Speaking of pink hearts, I can’t stop wondering what happened to Hayate…

That’s Sunshine the Freegan behind us, carrying a veggie burger.
I quickly scan the area to see if there are more veggie burgers where that came from, but no luck!

Incidentally, like the other Freegans, Sunshine’s an outdoors-loving vegetarian glutton in the Politician career.

Check out my mad conversational skillz! Forest Tree and Willow Creek totally believe I’m talking to them.
But, in fact, I’m chatting with the veggie burger–I mean, with Sunshine–behind me.

Thanks for becoming my third friend, Sunshine!

Lisa Bee, my newest friend, do you realize someone just made veggie burgers in the backyard?
Time to ditch this rummaged salad! *puts it in inventory to make trash with later

This is the first time I’ll be having “real food” since Shimuzu!

It’s really late, but I harvest some strawberries before going home.
They’re one of three ingredients for deodorizing cream, if I ever make it to Granite Falls to learn the recipe…

When I get home, I’m delightfully surprised to see a trash plant that I don’t remember making a trash pile for.
You don’t hear me complaining!

This lot didn’t come with a trash bin when downloaded from the Gallery. But “someone” saw the trash bin here in another story, then bought one to place in the exact same spot. *coughs


I’ve been noticing a really bizarre pattern lately.
Whenever I’m almost done eating, I suddenly feel compelled to stop eating.

Then, my plate mysteriously flies through the air and drops to the ground at the farthest possible point from the trash bin and bonfire.
It’s as if someone were giving me time to drop my bag of trash before throwing it away. Strange, that.

After all the time I spent at the Hot Springs yesterday, my hygiene is tanked by 10 a.m.!
You know what’s even worse?
My discomfort from being grungy combines with all the trash piles, trash plants, and the lot’s Filthy trait, making me too uncomfortable to water my plants.

Once I leave my home lot and its many smoldering trash piles, I feel fine.
I visit the Freegans in hope of tending their trash plants, but they need no tending.
Actually, they all need to be evolved, but I’m not a skilled enough gardener yet. Poo!

Maybe building my Wellness will help keep me focused for gardening and fishing…

That’s when I remember that I’ve never introduced myself to the Burners (and their trash plants)!
I hastily quit practicing yoga and dash over to the Burner Camp.

From left to right, that’s Dusty Boots, Lavender Pink, and Jeep Girl with the mohawk.
Dusty’s a chef and Jeep Girl’s a bartender. They both work at Make a Dish.
Jeep Girl’s a gym trainer. Good to know!

Okay, one more question each to demonstrate my personal desire to get to know them better, then off to water their plants!

Sadly, the Burner Camp also has the Filthy lot trait and I’m unable to provide the watering and harvesting needed by the plants.
I need to find a non-Filthy lot where I can garden.
Here’s a thought, I stay on my own lot long enough to sprout all those trash piles!

Anyway, since I can’t garden, I head over to What’s Left of the Gym again.
This time, I run my yard sale properly, even restocking my table a few times.

Look at this crowd! This is definitely the place where I’ll be holding yard sales until I have 16 trash plants!

See those two fellas in front of my table, their bodies covered in metallic paint, ? They’re Mad Mudders.
Followers of Mad Mud, Mad Mudders have maxed mischief, mixology, programming, and fitness.

I’ve been avoiding them somewhat because I imagine they’re also kleptomaniacs.
But you know what? They’re hands down my best customers!

Today, I earn a total sum of $1,083!!! I’m going home to check my trash plants then go to bed early.
Cuz tomorrow, I’m taking a trip to Granite Falls! Woot, woot!

11 thoughts on “Murky 1.2: Grunge, Filth, and Trash Plants

  1. I didn’t have a trash can either. The second time I even went back onto the gallery and downloaded the lot again but no luck. She just tries to throw it into the bonfire so it’s fine not having one but I thought it was really weird that some of us have it and some don’t. Looks like she’s doing really really well! So goal oriented.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I decided to include a list of the goals because (1) I’d already made a list of do’s and don’ts in OneNote so I could figure out what I’m doing, and (2) I also post stories at a forum where few readers are familiar with this challenge.

      Thanks so much for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Speaking of Ridge, I’m dying to take us both to Cliff City but I still need one more Gardening level.
      I like how all of Brennachan’s households never have 8 sims, as if giving us the chance to join one eventually.
      And sorry it’s taken me so long to respond–I never even saw any of your comments until a few minutes ago. Rainydayz taught me about WordPress’s admin view and when I used it, I saw that your comments needed to be un-spammed.
      Haha, I’m so excited to read your other comments, too. Off we go!


  2. Haha, I’m loving your diary style of writing! Oshizu is such a funny sim. I’m fairly certain I downloaded her and placed her in my own world so if Quinn gets to meet her I’ll be sure to have them become friends.

    Forest Tree was the first sim my Murklander befriended too! And she has the hots for him, big time. I’m quickly going to continue reading because I find your story very amusing 😀

    Francisca (Francisca464 on the forum)

    Liked by 1 person

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