Mori 1.3: Double Trouble


Kaoru: I forgot to mention last time that both Anita and Dorothy are working on the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration and are painting up a storm!
As for my garden, I confess that I’ve been working harder at completing the Botanical Enthusiast aspiration than producing a cash-crop garden.

Nio: In case you’re wondering, my name is pronounced just like that guy in The Matrix, Neo.
Since I don’t start school until tomorrow, I’ve been trying to complete my Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.
Leveling the Motor skill seems to take forever!

Doreen: Though I’ve already completed Artistic Prodigy, I’m very drawn to the violin!
I should actually be working on aspirations instead, though. I can always play the violin after my birthday!

Anita: Watchette decides that we should collect all of the cowplant essences sooner rather than later, so that we can start stockpiling in advance.
In another life, Dorothy could have been a world-renown rodeo cowboy!
Thank you for the Essence of Playfulness!

Nio: Wednesday evening, Dad comes home with his final promotion to Level 10 Scientist and upgrades the Wormhole Generator.
Since Mom is pregnant and takes forever to waddle anywhere, Dad takes only me along on his first trip to Sixam.
I discover that I’m not that helpful. All I can gather is aliens.
Dad gathers rare flora, geodes, and other rare items.

Kaoru: I’m so glad Nio could come along on my visit to this mysterious planet of Sixam.
Since it’s a weekday evening, we don’t stay long.
When we prepare to return home, the wormhole generator shows us who’s currently on Sixam so we can choose who travels back with us.
What a surprise to learn that both Ashlyn Purdy and Belinda Hahan are aliens! You remember I considered them as possible move-ins but ultimately chose Dorothy.
We also discover that Frank Nagy ((Dorothy’s baby daddy and Doreen’s father) is actually an alien, too!
Nio: Wow, that’s crazy! I wonder if Doreen has any alien powers.

Nio: It’s only 10 pm when we get home. I ask Dad to coach me in swimming after he grafts those Sixam plants.
Kaoru: I see you’ve been busy with house décor, Watchette.
Watchette/W: Thanks to the sales of Anita and Dorothy’s paintings, I’m making some progress with the front rooms. Still have no idea about the house’s overall layout.
For now, the pool you see runs down the center of the house. That double door you see is the front door.

Here’s another view from the kitchen/dining area.
Kaoru: The central pool certainly looks nice but it’s rather inconvenient to walk from one side of the house to the other.
Nio: Maybe you can move the pool to the back of the house and have this center area be a narrower indoor garden or something?
W: Now that’s a nice idea, Nio! Something to think about, anyway.


Dorothy: This morning around 10, Anita goes into labor!
And now you know where Nio gets his big eyes!

Anita: And I give birth to twin girls! Arisa in the pink-trimmed bassinet is born first, followed by Nami in the blue-trimmed one.
We’ve now become a seven-sim household!

Anita: Dorothy and Nio need help with homework and skilling, but the twin babies are frantically crying even after being fed and changed. Who you gonna call?
Nanny Clinton Small to the rescue!

Anita: Instead of going straight to the crying babies, he decides to put away a toy but then sits in the pool briefly on the way to the toybox in a back room.
After giggling in front of the toybox, he finally starts to care for the babies.

Dorothy: In the afternoon, Anita and I notice that the cowplant is dangling his cake again. Anita, darling, I do believe it’s your turn!
Anita: I’m sorry, Dorth, but I’ve got my hands full with the three kids right now.
D: Oh what the heck! I’m already feeling Confident but not Drained, so I might as well!
Well, I think we should give you a name!
Doreen: What about Conan the Cowplant?
Dororthy: Fine! Thank you, Conan!

Kaoru: Now that I’m home, I have a chance to watch that nanny, Clinton Small.
I hear one of the baby girls wailing her heart out, but the nanny ignores her while he chats up my wife.
Finally, he goes over to the baby. Notice that he’s giving her a bottle while she’s covered with swirls of green smoke (signaling a dirty diaper).
Instead of changing the diaper, he heads to a computer to play a video game (but Watchette foils him by moving the chair).
The nanny leaves right after that. I really feel a nanny’s not worth the trouble.

I wonder if a nanny is more useful with children, however, rather than infants.
I’m too busy this evening to check out his traits, though Doreen learned that he’s Ambitious.

Anita: Kaoru gives us a tremendous scare tonight! Since maxing Logic last week, he’s recently started the Nerd Brain aspiration.
On his fifth trip to outer space, though, the rocket ship crash landed.
First he seemed to be crawling out from the debris. He looks like he’s on fire!

We breath a collective sigh of relief when Kaoru stands up out of the flames.


Anita: I’m not quite sure why, but when I arrive home this afternoon with my Level 8 promotion, I’m dressed like this.

Anita: You’re feeling pretty proud of yourself, aren’t you, hun!
Kaoru: Well, yeah! I just threw the first gold-medal party of this legacy!
Anita: Well, you’re looking mighty fine, too, though I’m not sure why you’re shirtless for your party.

Dorothy: You are so incredibly mean, Kaoru!
Kaoru: What are you talking about?
Dorothy: You invite not only my crush Paolo but also Mr. One-Night-Stand, the father of Doreen.
Kaoru: Hey, I just did that for Doreen, you know. Go fangirl on Paolo, if you want!

Anita: Who’s that old lady, Kaoru? I’m not planning to do the Grilled Cheese aspiration.
Kaoru: Well, we get points for achieving all 11 types of death, so I thought it might be useful to line up the old folks.

Kaoru: We take a very quick trip to Granite Falls on Saturday evening.
Anita: After Kaoru learns the woodworking schematic, the three of us go fishing at the Hermit’s Retreat.
Dorothy: We fish only until Kaoru can harvest the last missing plant in his extended garden collection—the Morel Mushroom.


Kaoru: About an hour after Anita leaves for work this afternoon, the twins age up to children.
Arisa seems like she might be the quieter of the two. It’s still too early to tell.
W: And yes, mother Anita is back from work because I got too excited and had the girls use the dresser to plan outfits, causing Anita to leave work early. Doh.

Anita: Nami (which means wave) rolls Rambunctious Scamp so she starts out on the pirate gym.
Nami: Thar she blows!
W: I’m not sure why, but I’m really attracted to Nami!

Kaoru: Here are the kids all together.
Arisa (left) is Creative, Nio (center) is a Geek, and Nami (right) is a Genius.  All three are potential heirs.

Doreen: I’ve joined the three of them watching the Kids Network on TV.
Nio: Dad, you and me need to stick together! Us guys are so outnumbered in this household!
Kaoru: You just wait, Nio. When you start high school, all your male classmates will want to be your friend!
Nio: Really, why?
Kaoru: So they can come to the house and make moves on the girls. Maybe you should learn a martial art?


Since I completed this challenge last year, I have a finalized family tree. I’m not sure where to put it.
I’ve been a little worried that I don’t have enough viewers in order to choose the heir by viewers’ vote.
If there are even three votes, I’ll continue to choose the heir by voting.
In case there aren’t any votes, the potential heir with the most skill points (at which age?) will be chosen as heir.
No voting until the kids become teens but just thought I’d air my concern.  

In addition, I must confess that I’m having a little trouble with pacing this legacy’s gameplay.
With an Immortal Dynasty Challenge, we know exactly what needs to be done in each generation.
With a Legacy Challenge, I’m not sure how to tell if I’m lagging behind or not. I’d like to relax more about scoring points, but I can’t tell if I’m ahead of the game or not.
Anyway, I believe most of the “set up” is done so I can start enjoying the household sims more.  *cracks whip

As always, thank you for reading!

Mori 1.4: 4 Kids Be Like…

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