Mori 1.4: 4 Kids Be Like…

Come to think of it, I’ve never played a multi-generational challenge with four children in the house.
Micro-managing four children and three adults has been driving me a little crazy.
For one thing, the adults who should be mentoring, encouraging, or coaching drop their queue like it’s molten iron or something.
The adults never choose to help out their kids; no, they’re too busy trying to run off and do something unnecessary. The painters will even stop painting mid-way to go chat with another sim.

I’m also to blame—it’s hard for me not to complete all four child aspirations. Is it even necessary?
On the plus side, the kids are all adorable! Sorry, Doreen, but I need to focus on the potential heirs.



Kaoru: Speaking of Doreen, I don’t know what her secret is but she’s a little skilling demon!
She’s only a day older than Nio yet she’s completed all four aspirations except for Whiz Kid’s “Achieve a Grade of ‘A’ in School” milestone.
She’s also maxed the Violin skill. Since she’s so far ahead of the others, she’s left to level up Charisma on her own.
She’s Level 3 Charisma with a week until her teen birthday.

Anita: Our firstborn Nio took so long to level the Motor skill.
With 8 days until his teen birthday, he’s completed Rambunctious Scamp, with Level 9 Mental, Level 6 Creative, and Level 2 Social.
How did ever he fall so far behind Doreen?

Kaoru: As for the twins, leveling the Motor skill seems problematic.
Both girls have been skilling the same amount of time, but Arisa has Level 6 Creativity while Nami has only Level 3 Motor.
Rambunctious Scamp isn’t a good starting aspiration, even with my coaching!
Anita: Awww, look at Nami! She looks like our very own little waterbaby!
W: I’ve since realized that we should switch to playing Key Commander as soon as possible; it levels Motor faster than Practice Typing or the playground equipment.

Kaoru: Listen very carefully, my sweet Arisa. I’m going to read you a story titled “How I Dumped Your Father.”
Ask me any questions you’d like. This tale’s told from the mother’s perspective so I’d like to offer you a father’s point of view.
If it were my book, I’d retitle it “How Your Father Pretended to Let Your Mother Dump Him.” Because I’m a gentleman…

Aria: Dad always seems so busy with working, crafting his little mascots, and helping us kids with the Whiz Kid aspiration.
I’m glad he’s made the time to read to me. I sneak in a hug because he’s the greatest dad.

Nio: I can’t complete Whiz Kid without getting an A, but it’s too late to socialize outdoors for Social Butterfly.
For now, I’ve joined Doreen in this makeshift room, using a mirror to raise Social to Level 5.

Dorothy: Watchette is such a slave driver and yet I’ve achieved so much since moving into this house.
Anita and I have been painting every spare moment, trying to complete Fabulously Wealthy.
Since Anita now has a career and three children, though, I’m much closer to having earned $200,000 then she is.
Anita: Once I max my career, I’m going to quit that job right away! It will be fun for the two of us to stay home all day every day, like we used to, eh?

Nami: I finally finished Rambunctious Scamp and have started Whiz Kid! Dad is mentoring me like he’s done for the other kids.
Kaoru: The tricky part is catching you kids when you get home, or you’ll just go ahead and do your homework without being focused!
Anita and Dorothy, that’s totally on you two!

Nio: I befriend Edward Munch in the neighborhood, then befriend Paolo by chatting with him online.
All the other children in the simverse are teens now, so I won’t be able to complete Social Butterfly unless some new families move in.
And since I’m a Geek named Nio, I think it’d be funny if I became an Oracle. Once I max Social, I’ll start on Mischief!
Kaoru: Great plan, son! Too bad your aspiration is a random choice…

Dorth: With everyone gone for the day, I finally have some time to myself!
I realize I have enough points to buy one each of the reward potions. For now, Watchette’s storing them in a doorless room out back.

I buy an extra moodlet solver for cloning. Kaoru really needs to invent another cloning machine!
And, Watchette, when will you provide this room with wall and floor coverings?!
W: Note that the family will be cloning the cowplant essences. Moodlet solvers, Potions of Youth, and other for-sale potions will not be cloned.

Hearing the mailman arrive, I go the mailbox to find that Anita’s completed the postcard collection!
Also, check out my bubbling age bar—I’ll be an elder soon!
W: Since every sim can drink a Potion of Youth once in their lifetime, I considered when I’d want Dorth to drink hers.
With seven sims in the house, I’ve decided to extend her elder stage (and not her adult stage), so she’ll be around during the kids’ teen stage but pass on before they become young adults.

Also, sorry for the walls-down shot of the house!

Dorth: After buying all those potions for the house, I decide to treat myself and buy another Insta-Lean potion!
Doreen is just back from school and comes to sit with me!
You can see the three Mori children in the background as they head for the dining room.

Dorth: I really wanted Watchette to show you how I looked as a slim adult!
Unluckily, she didn’t take a screenshot until after I aged up to an elder! Bah!
W: My apologies, Dorth! The twins Arisa and Nami are doing the Whiz Kid aspiration and started on their homework!
I had to stop them and get them in Focused mode first.

Dorth: I wish I had thought to buy an Insta-Lean potion as soon as I finished the Grilled Cheese aspiration! *mutters: I might have still had a chance with Paolo…

Kaoru: Early in the morning, I realize that Anita has the day off today.
I take her and our kids to the park in Oasis Springs so I can break open the access to Forgotten Grotto.

Nio:  The twins and I didn’t meet any kids our age here at the park, but I maxed Social and unlocked Mischief today.
My reign of trouble-making has officially launched!
Except today, we all need to be back home by 7 am to prepare for school.

Anita: Our fishing collection lacks the anglerfish, batfish, and treefish.
After the kids leave for school, Dorth and I return to enter Forgotten Grotto.
There, I catch an anglerfish and Dorth catches the first batfish!
We relocate to the Sylvan Glade where Kaoru joins us after work. We invite Doreen, too.
Though I’m the only one with maxed Fishing, Dorth is the one to catch a treefish, completing our collection!
Dorth, you are a real trooper!


Anita: My birthday is tomorrow! I thought I might max my career before then, but I’ve only been working three days a week lately.
Kaoru invented a second cloning machine so I want to clone some more Essences of Inspiration.
I’ll only need one more myself, but I’d like to leave a nice stash for the next creative sim.
W: See? New wall and floor coverings for the Focused Room!


Kaoru: Early this morning, I notice that my wife’s age bar is bubbling. Let’s have a party for you this afternoon, sweetheart.
Anita: Sadly, I work from 10 am to 4 pm today. I’m not sure I can wait until I get back home.
Kaoru: We have three hours before your shift starts, so let’s do it now! *phones in a dinner party

Anita: I loved the sugar-free carob cake that Dorth cooked for me! But I notice her daughter Doreen acting oddly.
Kaoru: You saw that, too? Whenever I place food on the round serving table, Doreen swoops it up and puts it away in the fridge.
Anita: Not great style for a dinner party!

Dorth: Your career’s at Level 9 and you work both today and tomorrow. Be extra careful, Anita, and you can max Patron of the Arts this weekend!
Kaoru: We’ll all be careful! I wanted to take the kids somewhere this weekend since they all become teenagers over the next week.
But we’ll definitely stay home so you won’t lose your Very Inspired mood at work.
Anita: Thank you all for your support! And Watchette, can you keep an eye on me to make sure I get to work on time?


Kaoru: Sunday’s been a very eventful day for our family!
First thing this morning, Watchette imports a LegacyLoves household with four children!
My kids still need one or more child-age friendships to complete Social Butterfly.
So after waiting until Anita’s sure to snag her Level 10 promotion today, we head out to meet those children.

We bring back one of the boys for Arisa to make her third friend. This is Lucas with the Mean trait.
(The other boy is Hotheaded and the two girls are Perfectionist and Cheerful.)

Anita: Everyone’s home when I return with my final promotion! What a great feeling!
Our three kids also finish the last of their four childhood aspirations today.
Not only that, our little Nami completes the Space Print collection this evening, bless her Genius heart!

Dorothy: Anita and I plan to throw a small party for Doreen’s birthday today since both Doreen and Nio stay home from school.
But Watchette accidentally goes into CAS, causing everyone to come home.
Now, Kaoru’s throwing a House Party instead for the whole family plus friends.

Kaoru: Teen Doreen so resembles her mother!
Doreen: Since I’ve maxed Violin and Piano, I really hoped for Musical Genius.
But adding to Art Lover, I roll the Good trait and Leader of the Pack aspiration.

Dorothy: That’s Doreen’s father Frank Nagy on the left with the unbecoming white hat.
Kaoru: By the way, the party earns a gold medal! But why is the Inspired Room next door cleaned out?
W: When the party started, all of you were running off to use the easel, drawing table, or computer.
I had to lock everything away in the Focused Room. We need a better, easier system for parties!

Anita: I want to take a nice family shot of the birthday girl with your parents, Doreen, but you get photobombed by Paolo!
Kaoru: Doreen, I get the feeling that your mother never got over Paolo…
Frank: What a hussy!
Kaoru: Psst, Watchette, we’re all trying to chat up Frank to see if he’ll reveal that he’s an alien but he won’t give it up!


The next update will cover the teen birthdays of the three potential heirs.
After the twins age up, I’ll post a listing of each child’s traits, aspiration, and skill levels.
If you’d like more information, you could let me know at that time.

Thank you for reading! I can’t wait to share how the three children age up!

Mori 1.5: Who’ll Be the Gen2 Heir?

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