Mori 1.5: Who’ll Be the Gen2 Heir?


Doreen: Once my birthday party’s over, I get a makeover.
My hair’s not exactly the same as Mom’s. She has a side part and I have a center part.

Anita: I mistakenly announced last night that our three children completed Social Butterfly yesterday.
Actually, Arisa got lost in the shuffle and stills needs one more adult friend.
Arisa: I’d chatted with Paolo at Doreen’s party today, so I phone to invite him over.
Kaoru: One great thing about Paolo: he always rushes over right away whenever he’s invited!

Arisa: Thanks so much for becoming my friend, Paolo!
Paolo: No problem, darling. You know how much I like underage…uh, what a big fan I am of your family!
But what’s with your Watchette? Her girls always make a fuss over me but that’s where it ends.
Kaoru: Well, I hope you are long-lived, Paolo. If you can wait on Doreen, it’d be great for your child (a son, hopefully) to marry into the family!
We’ll have to see.  Also, you have a really long face and a square jaw….
Paolo: Now you’re just being shallow.


Dorothy: Doreen is just back from her first day of high school.
All the Mori children took a vacation day from school. We’re waiting for their parents to return from work for Nio’s birthday party.
I quite love this kitchen, especially since Kaoru bought the nicest fridge and stove then upgraded them!
Doreen: Aren’t you cooking a lot more than we’ll need for one party, Mom?
Dorothy: Well, I maxed Homestyle Cooking today so now I’m going for Gourmet Cooking in my free time.
Watchette/W: On second thought, Dorth, besides supporting the family, the best use of your time would be to paint!

Kaoru: Everyone waits for me to return from work to phone in the party, since I’m the only adult who knows the new children living with Malcolm Landgraab.
When we visited them the other day, I made sure to introduce myself to them all.
I decide to throw an Incognito Party, just for the heck of it. Naturally, I invite the four new children!

Kaoru: Before any of the guests arrive, Nio blows out the candles on his birthday cake.
That’s Doreen and me in clown costumes and the three kids dressed as hotdogs.
Nio: Adding to Geek, I’m now Good with the Nerd Brain aspiration.

Nio: I am a teenager at last! Do I dare go to the dresser now? Why aren’t Mom and I in costume?
I’m seated with astronaut Bjorn Bjergsen to the left.
Behind me stand pizza guy Malcolm Landgraab, Paolo the maid, and hotdog Arisa.
Arisa: Dad always invites one or two elders just in case they decide to keel.

Anita: This shot’s from the front of the house. Did you notice that the formerly sunken pool’s been raised to the same level as the foundation?
Also, Dorothy was such a pain tonight! I had to do the “Make Buffalo Wing Tea 0/3” milestone earlier.
Dorth tried to come scold me several times about inappropriate behavior.
Luckily, Watchette was on the watch and kept canceling Dorth’s queue, forcing her to go back and resume cooking her stupid taco casserole.
I’ll just go ahead and buy the “Always Welcome” trait.

Kaoru: Oddly, our three kids and the other four all wear hotdog costumes, though Nio soon aged up.
I can’t even recognize my own daughters, so I can’t introduce the new children to you this time.
W: That’s Nami on the very right, eating her taco casserole. Arisa wears red sneakers and sits next to Nami.

Kaoru: I do recognize the big hotdog as Frank Nagy, Doreen’s father.
Maybe you’ll meet the kids in their everyday clothes at Arisa and Nami’s party in four days.
W: Nothing like a half dozen hot dogs to incentivize me to buy more sofas! Priorities, right?

Kaoru: We earn our first gold medal for an Incognito Party!
Anita: Don’t worry, folks. We only take the gold-medal shot once for each party type, hehe.
Also, Kaoru, I’d completely forgotten that the “Compliment costume” social can’t be used by or on children.

Kaoru: Did you notice that Watchette added a new gym room with a sauna room in the corner?
Who me? I’m sitting in the sauna, waiting for my elderly neighbor Moira Fyres to join me.

Um, well, yes, of course, I slipped out without keeping my promise of “relaxing” with her.
Puh-leeze! I’m a happily married man, you know! Do you like me in a towel? Huh? Who’s fishing for compliments? *mutters: Overheating, eh? Hope it works!


Dorth: In fact, Kaoru isn’t as clever as he thinks he is.  Moira just stood around in the sauna all night without actually using it.
Now Watchette’s volunteered me to relax in the sauna with Moira.
First Moira and I need to become dangerously steamed.
Next, the plan is for me to invite Moira to relax in the sauna once more, then I dash out of the sauna and lock the door behind me.
Anita: This method of dying may only work with a controllable sim. We’ll soon find out…

Anita: I can’t believe what just happened!
Dorth texted me to say she’s feeling uncomfortable so she’d invite Moira to relax once more then leave the sauna.
When I click on her, I see that she’s dying from overheating! Running over to the sauna room, I see Moira sitting there with an urn!
There was no special music, no Grim Reaper, no notice that Dorth was near death.
She still had four more days before ageing to elderhood. I can’t believe Dorth is gone!

Anita: What is that Japanese proverb? To catch a tiger’s cub, you must enter the tiger’s den.
Rest in peace, Dorothy. We could never have gotten off to such a solid start without you! *weeps
W: That so didn’t work like I’d planned…*horrified and shocked speechless 

W: In the evening of the same day…
Nio: While working on my Nerd Brain aspiration, Dad mentors me in handiness.
I’m so lucky that the adults had already built a rocketship. Wish me luck on my fifth trip to outer space!


W: Well, aren’t you just looking very proud of yourself this evening!
Doreen: Okay, people, say my name! Who’s the first sim in this house to max the Retail Employee job?
Mom passed away yesterday while I was at school, but I wish she were here!
Yesterday, I brought home my first A from high school and tonight I maxed a teen career on the second day!
Mom, if you’re watching me up there, I’m doing this for the two of us!

Nio: Late Thursday night, I finish the Nerd Brain aspiration. You’re probably wondering how I completed it so quickly.
The truth’s a bit embarrassing.
This morning, I realized that I’d forgotten to do my homework so I took the day off from school so my school performance wouldn’t plunge.
That’s how I could spend today doing my five upgrades and finishing Logic levels 9 and 10, hehe.


Anita: It’s so nice when we all sit down together to share a meal! And thank heavens it’s finally Friday!
Kaoru: How is it that I have the highest Cooking skill in the house?
Nio: Because you’ve been watching the Cooking Channel while you work out, no doubt.
Nami: Don’t forget that Arisa and I become teenagers tomorrow!
Arisa: Yeah, we’re expecting a big birthday party! And don’t make us dress like hotdogs this time!

Nio: Now that I’ve taken care of my first aspiration, I’ve started on Chief of Mischief.
You know, when you’re as charismatic as I am, it takes a lot of attitude to be disliked by two sims!
This guy came by while I was chatting with my neighbor Wolfgang Munch.
Can you believe he tried to get his flirt on with me!? But now he hates me…


Kaoru: I’ve maxed Fitness and the Bodybuilder career this morning, so we can kick that gym trainer out of our club!
Also, the talented Nio joined the Manual Labor career at Level 2 then maxed it in one day. Way to go, son!
Nio: Hey, this is how we roll! *phones to quit the Manual Labor job

Anita: Since Nio is home, Kaoru phones in another birthday party.
Arisa is the first to blow out her candles!
Arisa: Adding to Creative, I’m now Self-Assured with the Freelance Botanist aspiration.

Nami: Now it’s my turn to blow out the candles.
Adding to Genius, I’m now a Bro with the Computer Whiz aspiration.

Anita: An adult needs to make a toast as our last party milestone, so I ply everyone with drinks. Somehow, Kaoru just can’t make a toast.
Kaoru: My darling, you are as lovely as ever!

Kaoru: Finally, finally! I’m able to make a toast at last. Notice that both Doreen and Nio are carrying two drinks each!
That’s another gold-medal party!


Portraits of the Potential Heirs

Anita: Here are my little darlings as children.

Kaoru: Here they are again as teenagers.

Stats of the Potential Heirs

Note that they all finished the four childhood aspirations.
The “Maxed Skills” lists the skills they’d maxed by the time of their teen birthday.
Doreen Primley and one of the Mori children will be moved out as soon as they max an adult career.
On their teen birthday, I rolled the teen aspiration as well as the teen and adult traits.

Please vote on:
(1)   Your choice of the Gen2 heir; and
(2)   Which of the remaining two Mori children to keep in the house as head of a cadet branch.

Nio: Geek, Good, Loves the Outdoors (Nerd Brain)
•   Maxed Skills: Motor, Mental, Creativity, Social; Mischief, Logic L8 (Video Gaming L5)
•   Adult Career: Criminal/Oracle

Arisa: Creative, Self-Assured, Glutton (Freelance Botanist)
•   Maxed Skills: Creativity, Mental, Motor, Social; Violin, Charisma, Piano (Fishing L8, Logic L7)
•   Adult Career: Entertainer/Musician

Nami: Genius, Bro, Dance Machine (Computer Whiz)
•   Maxed Skills: Motor, Mental, Creativity, Social; Logic, Charisma, Video Gaming, Fishing (Piano L6)
•   Adult Career: Tech Guru/Start-up Entrepreneur (if she’s heir) or eSport Gamer (if she’s not heir)

Mori 1.6:   Toils & Troubles of Gen2 Teens

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