Mori 1.6: Toils & Troubles of Gen2 Teens


Nio: Once my sisters’ birthday party is over, Nami and I take off to make some social calls.
You can guess where we are, right?

Nio: Just because I’ve maxed Mischief, that doesn’t make me a social boor!
No ma’m! Here I am making friendly with Max Villareal!

W: I’m not understanding why you’re along for Nio’s “visits.” What are you up to?
Nami: What’s not to understand, Watchette? Nio’s going to become The Oracle and I’m going to be a computer whiz.
We’re like a dynamic duo! The Hackin’ Hawties!
And wow, Nio’s right! Hacking into the Villareals’ bank accounts was a piece of cake!

Nio: As much as I’d like to chat with you some other time, Luna dear, you are spoiling my concentration!
I’m trying to clog a drain here, not worry about your Ferragamo pumps fading because brother Hugo left them on the back porch.
Luna: Yak yak yakkity yak yak…

Nio: Luna started complaining about my inappropriate behavior so I’ve moved to the upstairs bathroom.
Nami: I’m running interference for Nio, listening to Luna going on about her Ferragamos as if I actually cared…

Nami: At the Bjergsens’ home, I persuade Sofia and  Elsa Bjergsen to watch a movie with me while Nio makes his mischief.
Nio: Just one more drain to clog, Nami! Great job!

Nio: At the Free Spirits’ residence, Nami tells a group story to Maaike and Ulrike in the front yard, while I clog my last drain upstairs.
Brilliant stroke with the group story, Nami!
Nami: And now you’ve completed Chief of Mischief so quickly, though it certainly helped that you’d already maxed Mischief as a child…


Kaoru: One never knows when the science objects and serums will come in handy!
I’ve decided to invent a simray and satellite dish as well as make and test the most useful serums while I’m still working as a scientist.

Anita: By the way, Watchette replaced our central pool with a garden area last night to build bedrooms downstairs.
Apparently, it’s impossible to create an enclosed space on four sides downstairs when one “builds a pool next to or close to a foundation.”
What do I know? For now, at least, that central area holds stairs leading downstairs, a fountain, and flora.

Arisa: So much focus on Nio and Nami this chapter! Isn’t anyone interested in what I’m doing?
Kaoru: Well, let’s see…you’ll be done with Freelance Botanist as soon as you max Gardening.
Nio: Sorry, sis, but Mom and Dad have already completed Freelance Botanist, so that’s not such an exciting achievement!
Nami: Just now, you cooked breakfast and did a Call to Meal social, but finished off your plate standing in the kitchen…
And you keep trying to run off to use the computers in the Focused Room—those are for Nio and I, sis! We’re the computer whizzes, so hands off!
Arisa: Awwww, mean!

Arisa: Okay, so I just need to max a skill or an aspiration that no one’s done yet so far?
Anita: Yes, dear, that would be extremely helpful! Also make sure you max Gardening ASAP—graft a lot of plants or something.
Arisa: Fine, I’ll work on Guitar and something… mutters: the voting’s still ongoing but it’s like I’ve already been voted off the island!
Kaoru: Sorry, Arisa. You really need to carve out your own niche in this household!
Arisa: If you’d finish upgrading the Microscope, I’ll try to finish that collection.
Anita: Don’t mind me—I’m just capturing the epic saga of Nio in a Book of Life.

Kaoru: By the way, Anita, why capture the epic sage of Nio first? Nami has the most heir votes right now.
Anita: That’s true, but Nami can’t complete her Computer Whiz aspiration until she’s a young adult.
Nio’s completed two aspirations since his first one, so he’s more versatile for the moment. Of course, my second Book of Life is for Nami!

W: And what are you up to, Kaoru?
Kaoru: Well, I’m just about done making untested serums.
I’d like to make an Age-Away Serum for cloning to save Potions of Youth for points, but I still lack that serum’s ingredients.
Once I get some roses, I can also make a Rose Serum then I’ll start testing all my serums.
I want to leave behind a useful archive of tested serums.


Nami: Mom, I never realized you started work at the same time as our high school!
Anita: It’s nice that we all leave at the same time, isn’t it?  Well, except for your father, that is.
Nami: Why is Nio shirtless, Mom? Will the school send him home if he tries to attend classes like that?
Anita: I’m friends with Go Sanada and his friend Tao in Newcrest. If I know the Windenberg High School’s PTA, none of the mothers will lodge complaints against Nio!
Sigh, there goes my little boy Nio!  Breaking hearts, one grade at a time!

Nami (under her breath): He’s still a little scrawny for my tastes…
Anita: You better hurry, girl! You don’t want to be tardy on your first day of high school!

The teens are back from high school, some a lot happier than others!
That’s Doreen on the very right.


Arisa: After caring meticulously for our garden and grafting several rows of low-quality plants, I finished Freelance Botanist last night!
First off, I want to work on the Guitar skill this morning!
W: Arisa is actually a very beautiful sim. Her traits simply make her less unique and so not as interesting.

Nami: Since yesterday was our first day of high school, I haven’t earned an A yet.
But I’ve totally aced my Barista job! Sayonara to working from 5-7 am on weekdays and this lame outfit! *phones to quit job

Kaoru: I’ve come to the Lab today for the first time, hoping that it would encourage new households to move into our simverse.
It’ll be hard to find a husband for my girls that (a) has unique traits, (b) is a townie sim, and (c) will not bring undesirable genes into our bloodline.

Here at the Lab, all the workers are male, but only one offers three unique traits.
The adult Isaiah Morton is a Bro, a Foodie, and a Bookworm.
Nice traits for Nami, who is also a Bro, but when does he become an elder?

Don’t get the wrong idea, dude! I only used a Romantic social to ask if you’re single for my daughters’ sake.
And he’s single! But do I want a guy who’s my age to marry one of my daughters? No!
We’ll keep an eye on him just in case a suitable younger man doesn’t emerge.
W: Let’s keep our eyes peeled for a male spouse and a female spouse, to cover our bases.

Anita: Since the Computer Whiz aspiration requires 100 hours on the computer and since Nio still has six more days as a teenager, he’s started the Bestselling Author aspiration.
I joined the Writer career and completed this aspiration last week, so I’m mentoring Nio in writing.
Nami can’t strategize this way since Computer Whiz is her first aspiration, poor thing!

Kaoru: In between writing novels, Nio invites his friend Isabelle Herndon over so I can check her out.
The young adult Isabelle is a Romantic Snob and share’s Nio’s Good trait.
Incredibly, she is a Level 10 Secret Agent/Villain (as you know, the Villain branch has 11 levels).
What do you say, Nio? I’ll befriend her then get her moved into the house tonight. You two can hook up in 6 days when you’re a young adult.

Nio: Hey, Dad, butt out! Isabelle is my acquaintance and I don’t need you getting all chummy with her!
You know, I haven’t told Mom, but the guys at school say you’ve got the Player trait from your Serial Romantic past.
If Isabelle and I are meant to be together, then we can wait for six days
Kaoru: How did you meet Isabelle, son? I’d never seen her before tonight.
Nio: Remember the time we went to Desert Bloom Park and you broke open the access to Forgotten Grotto? I met Isabelle there that day and we played chess.
Kaoru: You were just a kid then!
Nio: Whatever. Now, excuse me, Dad, while I try to strike up a friendship with my future wife.

Nio:  Watchette, if you’ll please take steps to ensure my BFF Isabelle isn’t culled, I’m pretty certain she’ll move in as soon I’m a young adult!
W: I’d been giving you space and didn’t notice earlier, Nio, but you have red swirls all over your body.
Here, drink this medicine right away!

Arisa: So let’s talk about who’s pulling their weight in this household again!
Besides my first aspiration (Freelance Botanist), I maxed two easy ones: Mansion Baron and Curator.
I’ve maxed two new skills for the household, Photography and Guitar. And tonight, I cleared the Fast Food Employee career!
Do you think I’ve carved out a space for myself in this house yet?
W: You’ve done really great, Arisa!!! I wish you’d have come home in your work outfit, thought.
About your contribution, what we really need are maxed skills!
Your parents are working on Herbalism and Mixology, Doreen maxed Comedy tonight, and Nami the Dance Machine will level DJing.
Would you take care of Baking? That would really help out!

Kaoru: I’d like to thank those of you who took the time to vote.  The poll is now closed and here are the official results:

Gen2 Heir     Nio (3 votes), Arisa (0 votes), Nami (6 votes)
Cadet            Nio (4 votes), Arisa (3 vote), Nami (2 votes)

If you’re wondering how Nio got 3 votes, Watchette voted for Nio as heir and Nami as cadet.

Nami: Obviously, this means that I become the Gen2 heir when I reach young adulthood in 8 days (next Friday).
Niio:  And, becoming a young adult in 4 days on Monday, I will remain in the house to start a cadet branch.

Nami: Okay, so Nio has been lucky enough to find someone awesome to love, but what about me?
Kaoru: Sunday night is “Guys’ Night Out” around town, Nami, so I thought we’d hit all the hot spots.
Buy yourself the Observant trait before then, Nami. Nio and I have that reward trait, too, so we can help interview your prospects.
And when Doreen and Nio age up, I might even send them off to work as Doctor and Detective for one day each to try and spawn more townies.

Mori 1.07: An Ideal Hazubando

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