Mori 2.09: What the Heart Desires, Part II

Nio: I love Isabelle’s new look. Her new, lighter blond, hatless hair looks so feminine!
I just know Isabelle and I would have a lovely child. It’s too bad there’s not enough space!

Isabelle: Thanks to the Amygdelight drinks, mentoring by Anita and Nio, and trolling teh forum, I’ll soon be earning my final promotion!
I want to show you my work outfit this afternoon, since I usually don’t get home until after dark.
Nio: I know you don’t want to stay in the Villain career once you clear it but, honey, you are sheer hotness in that career outfit!
Folks, don’t you think she looks like a professional model?

Doreen: It’s the night before Nami and Arisa’s young adult birthday, so Arisa and Isabelle host a small dinner party.
They say it’s also a sort of farewell party for me, since I’m moving out tomorrow morning.
They invite my father and Paolo, which is such a thoughtful gesture!
Arisa: We also invite Nehemiah Asher at Nami’s request.

Isabelle: Arisa and I hope to achieve the “Earn silver for a dinner party” milestone tonight.
I’m quite eager to be done with the Villain career so I can devote my energies to my real passion and starting aspiration, Master Chef!

Kaoru: This is how we get down for the “Have sims dance at the same time” milestone!
Too bad Nio has to work tonight!

Nami: Nehemiah and I are already friends, but I make friendlier.
Isabelle: Gah, what is with his walk and that receding hairline?! Nami, you can’t be serious, girl!

Doreen: As for me, my love life is quite straightforward: I love only Paolo because he’s a sweetheart!
He seems so thrilled to feel our baby!

Doreen: My back’s killing me so I decide to go to the living area and watch TV.
To my surprise, Paolo follows me there and sits next to me. I could kiss him all day!

Doreen: While watching the pelvis-thrusting skeleton on The Kids Network, we chat about our future together.
Tomorrow, I move out of this Legacy household.
I’ll miss all of my friends here, but I can’t wait to start a new life with Paolo at the Partihaus!

Isabelle: My darling Nio finally arrives home at 2 a.m.
How was your night, hot stuff? Do you realize how irresistible you are in your work clothes?


Anita: You will no doubt give birth this afternoon, so it’s time you move away.
Doreen: It’s frightening to leave the only home and family I’ve ever known, but I’m now Paolo’s wife.
Kaoru: We’ve been thinking whether you and Paolo living in the Partihaus makes sense. Would you two rather live elsewhere?
Doreen: The Partihaus is Paolo’s home. I wouldn’t separate him from his friends in their remaining years.
Farewell, all! And Watchette, thanks for letting me leave in my formal dress. I’d never had a chance to wear it before!
Nio: We’ll be watching over you, Doreen. You may not live here anymore but we’ll always consider you part of the family!

Nio: It’s a little past noon. Everyone else is off today, except that I start work tonight at 8 pm.
We’re all just killing time until the notice to celebrate Arisa and Nami’s birthdays.
While painting, I look over at the lovely Isabelle who is learning mixology and I realize that I’ve yet to propose.

Isabelle: Of course, I’ll marry you, silly man! Why else would I move in with you?
Everyone’s so busy since Nami will soon assume leadership of the legacy. Shalll we just elope?
Nio: Not on your life, doll. We’ll wait until things calm down then throw this household’s very first wedding!

Crazy sims! If I’d known you would kneel in between the piano, mike, and bar to propose, Nio, I would have had you both walk over to another room!

Nami: It’s 1 pm and we finally get the birthday notice. We immediately start setting up as I phone in a birthday party.
Sadly, Isabelle leaves for work in a half hour but Mom texts Dad to tell him to return home right away.

Arisa: Mom’s age bar has been bubbling all day so she should age up first, but I go first instead.
My traits are now Creative, Self-Assured, and Glutton.
W: The founder Kaoru drank a Potion of Youth to live through a second Adult phase, but I’m not doing the same for his wife Anita.
The Mori household will be full soon and I want to have openings for nooboos.

Nami: While I’m trying to age up, someone grabs a piece of birthday cake after I blow out the candles but before I do the birthday leap.
Perhaps because of that, I don’t age up.
So I light and blow out candles on a second birthday cake and this time I do become a young adult.
My traits are now Genius, Bro, and Dance Machine. As Gen2 heir, I assume leadership of the Mori Legacy.

Kaoru: Since we seem to throw so many parties, we’re going to need more seating.
Poor Nio’s sitting out in front of the house and Arisa is heading over to join him.
Regardless, it’s another gold-medal party! Let’s end this fest and proceed to the sordid business of spouses.
Nio: Huh, sordid? Why do you say that?

Nami: I first invite Nehemiah Asher to move in, giving him the status of my Primary Spouse.
Consequently, his three unique traits count in the Love category: Hotheaded, Hates Children, and Squeamish.
For reference, we can earn a total of 9 points, one point for every 3 unique traits over nine generations of Primary Spouses.
Kaoru already earned the tenth point by completing both Soulmate and Serial Romantic.

Isabelle: I really can’t imagine anyone wanting to marry a sim with traits like that! Nami, you are so dedicated to the success of the Mori Legacy!
Kaoru: He’s on the verge of ageing up to an elder, too.

Nio: I swifly dedicate one of my biographies to Nehemiah Asher, then give Nami a subtle nod.
Nami: Nehemiah, why don’t you relax tonight? You can go “Watch funny movies on” in our sauna-less sauna room.

Nami: Step Two: I invite Frank Biello to move in, making him my Secondary Spouse.
As secondary spouse, his traits won’t count in the Love category but any careers, aspirations, and skills he maxes will count in other categories.
His Level 9 Criminal/Boss career will really save us a lot of time.

Seriously! I’m not a fan of the Secret Agent/Villain and Criminal/Boss careers, so we’ve been really lucky to meet Isabelle and Frank. Also, neither of them are Mean or Evil!

Kaoru: Frank comes with the Curator aspiration which is really easy to complete.
His final career promotion to Level 10 requires Level 10 Mischief and Level 6 Handiness.
For now, I start by mentoring him in Handiness. He’ll be an elder in 7 days—he has time to clear his career.
Frank: What about the makeover Nami promised me?
Kaoru: If all goes as planned, you should get your makeover later this evening.

Nehemiah: Watching those funny movies has put me in such a Playful mood.
I’m also feeling a bit thirsty, so I’ll drink that Happy potion which Nio gave me earlier.  Oh no, now I’m feeling hysterical! Mwahahahaha

Nehemiah: Oh my gosh, I cannot stop laughing!
Who are you? What are you doing here? Where’d you get that cool, black freezer bunny pouch?
Grim Reaper: Can’t you tell? I’m the Grim Reaper and you’re dying from hysterical laughter.

Anita: Hey, Doreen, the party ended several hours earlier. Why are you still here?
Doreen: I’m not sure, Mrs. Mori. I just keep wandering around the house.
Anita: Well, you need to return to your new home, honey. Your husband Paolo left hours ago.
Aren’t you worried about your baby? It’s due any time now, I bet!
Doreen: Oh yeah, I’m leaving right now, ma’am!
W: Oops, I’d forgotten to remove Doreen as a member of the family club! No wonder she wouldn’t go home, poor thing!

Anita: Good evening, Grim Reaper. How have you been lately?
GR: Oh, you know, the same ole, same ole. Reaping, working out, fishing…
By the way, Doreen, now that you’re an elder, you don’t have that much time left. Unlike Kaoru, you don’t have the Long-Lived trait, either.
Have you given any thought about how you want to leave this world?

Anita: I just don’t want a long, drawn out death. Maybe death by cowplant or electrocution… *shuffles feet

GR: It’s nice to finally meet you, Nami!
Nami: I noticed you going into our gym and thought I’d come introduce myself.

GR: I hear you took over leadership of the Mori Legacy tonight!
And soon after your birthday party, you move Primary and Secondary Spouses into your home then eliminate your Primary. Not a shabby first night! Not shabby at all!
Nami: Well, my Primary had a great combo of undesirable traits and my Secondary is close to maxing the Criminal/Boss career.
I think they’re both super choices in terms of our legacy, but not in terms of what my heart desires.

Now that I’ve got those traits and career out of the way, though, I can choose my baby daddy based only on my heart!  Maybe change Andy to a brunette?


Frank: I feel like I’ve been waiting all night for my makeover, Watchette! Why all the waiting?
W: Nio’s getting promoted to Level 6 Criminal tonight and will choose the Oracle branch.
If we go into CAS now, he’ll leave work early and lose his promotion.
It’s midnight now so we just wait until he gets off at 2 a.m. Go do your daily task or something.

W: Okay, Anita and Frank! Nio got his promotion and we’re ready to plan your outfits!
Nami: It’s settled, Frank! Besides your career-related skilling, you absolutely must increase your fitness! That pear-shaped body needs to go!

This is actually a very complimentary shot of Frank since we’ve caught him at an angle. His hips are over twice the width of his shoulders!
He has a week until he becomes an elder—let’s see what exercise will do for Frank.

Mori 2.10: Who’s Your Daddy?

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