Mori 2.10: Who’s Your Daddy?

Week 7/Saturday

Frank: That sure was a lot of commotion after the party last night.
I even acquired a two-day Sad +5 Mourning moodlet for having “witnessed the death of a loved one,” which is so bizarre since I barely knew the fisherman!
Meh, it hardly matters. This room is so ramped up with focusing items that I haven’t felt sad at all.

I need to max Mischief but I’m way too lazy to go outdoors to pester sims.
I’m just going to sit right here at this computer and spam “Troll teh Forum” socials.
Kaoru says to give him a holler when I reach Level 4 Mischief.

Nio: Hey, Dad. Why did you ask me to meet you at our bar downstairs?
Kaoru: You do know I’m trying to complete the Big Happy Family aspiration, don’t you?
Nio: Mom mentioned it the other day. She said you’d need four grandchildren. Isn’t that impossible?

Kaoru: Well, yes, if we only consider this household, since seven sims live here at the moment.
On the other hand, you could help me out by making nooboos with ladies who don’t live here.
Nio: You’re asking me to cheat on Isabelle?

Kaoru: Oh come on, I only need four grandchildren! What if one of them could be Isabelle’s?
Nami has two kids, you and Isabelle have one, and then you have a love child.
Nio: Where do I sign?

Kaoru: One thing I can say for Nio: he always takes his responsibilities very seriously.
Nio: Good morning, Lyric Archer. I haven’t seen you since we met at the Shrieking Lllama Bar.

Lyric: Hold on there, big boy! We’re moving pretty fast, don’t you think?
Nio: You probably think I’m just playing you, Lyric, but I think you’re truly gorgeous!
In fact, if my family didn’t have to worry about careers and points, you’re the one I’d want to marry!
Lyric: I imagine that our child would be incredibly beautiful…

Frank: When I tell Kaoru that I hit Level 4 Mischief, he leads me to this gym. Viewing us together in the mirror, I see just how different our bodies are.
Kaoru’s torso is broad at the shoulders and narrows to slim hips. But my torso is just the opposite, with narrow shoulders flaring out to wide hips. Ugh.

Frank: Kaoru, do you really believe that exercising can transform my body?
Kaoru: Good question, Frank. You should probably alternate between the treadmill for cardio and the weight machine to build upper body strength.
That’s it, Frank, feel the burn! You’re doing great!

Nami: Good evening, Dad. How are you doing, Frank? I’m so excited and want to share that I earned my Level 5 Tech Guru promotion in one day.
So I’ve completed the Computer Whiz aspiration! Oh, happy day!
Kaoru: That’s really wonderful news, Nami! Frank completed Curator when his elements arrived this morning!
And isn’t he looking great after working out?

Nami: By the way, you two, may I remind you of our priorities? What are Frank’s Mischief and Fitness levels now, Dad?
Frank: I’ll answer that, Nami. I’m Level 4 Mischief but Level 6 Fitness.
I know, I know. I need to max Mischief but your father was just letting me take a break, okay?

Frank: Well now that I’m alone again, I’m feeling depressed about Nehemiah’s death.
Anita: *shares detox secrets
Frank: Wow, Anita, you completely vanquished my Sad moodlet. That “Share detox secrets” social is off the charts! Back to skilling Mischief for me!

Howdy, Frank, I’ve been wondering if you would complete the Public Enemy aspiration for us.
You’d have to make declared enemies and get into fights, but you’re a Criminal Boss and that’s what a Criminal Boss does, right?

Frank: Once I’ve maxed Mischief for my job promotion, I’ll see what I can do!

Thanks Frank! You’re the best!
*whispers to readers: How funny that the only sim who Frank currently dislikes is that cute massage therapist Andy!

Kaoru: I’ve been wondering about who will father Nami’s child. It’s such an important choice since one of her children becomes the Gen3 heir!
Tomorrow’s Sunday, so we can all go to “Guys’ Night Out” again and perhaps meet new prospects.
This evening, though, we’re stuck at home while Arisa’s at work. We really need to visit a gym venue!
I remember a pleasant co-worker from the Lab, Zach Haskins, and invite him over.
Earlier, he’d not been among the Primary/Secondary Spouse candidates because of his overlapping traits (Active, Loves the Outdoors, Loner) and career (Scientist).

Nami: Dad, where have you been hiding Zach? I think he’s really cute! Let’s keep him on the short list with Andy and Liam (who’s still a teen).
So, Andy, I see you like to work out!
(to herself) Forget the short list. I’m sure Zach will be a most wonderful baby daddy! He’s the one!

Nami: Do you like to play chess, Zach? *bats eyelashes
W: Why chess, Nami?
Nami: Ssshhh, it’s the only way I can get Zach down to my boudoir without the entire household following us. That “Go here together” is for the birds!

Nami: Well, now that you’re my boyfriend, you better pucker up, buttercup. It’s time for our first kiss!

Nio (whispers): Psssst, are you sure about this, sis? Don’t you want to look around some more?
Nami (whispers back): Are you kidding me? Zach’s traits are pretty nice: Active, Loves the Outdoors, and Loner.
Plus, he’s a sweetheart! Now move away from the door, Nio, and let me romance my baby daddy!

Upstairs, at the gym…
Kaoru: Are you insane, Anita? This is the second time tonight that you’ve worked out until you’re dangerously fatigued!
You just woke up from taking a nap after your Muscle-Relaxing Soak!
W: Checking the household, I’m surprised to see Anita in the orange so soon already!
After her earlier incident, I sent her for a bath and nap, then she should have been working on her daily task.

Kaoru: You are being a major pain, dear wife of mine. And now you’ve made yourself totally useless AGAIN!
You can’t complete your daily task and you can’t even give your daughter, who is the heiress, a fertility massage!
If you don’t shape up, Watchette will lock you away with skilling objects and a toilet, or worse!

Meanwhile, in a steamier section of the house….
Nami: Zach, you are such a keeper! I’m already pregnant after our very first “try for baby”!

Anita: After a muscle-relaxing soak, I’m back in the game and ready to offer Nami a fertility massage.
Currently, Nami and I are the only ones who can give fertility massages, which require L9 Wellness. That’s a huge oversight, Watchette!

Shut it, Anita. No one asked you to get dangerously fatigued twice in a row while the Gen2 heir was trying for a baby.
Nami: I’m not taking a pregnancy test, so the child will be born Wednesday night. If only there were room in the house for twins!
I agree, Nami! *stares pointedly at Anita

Week 8/Sunday

Frank: Since I’m leveling Mischief anyway, I decide to create a club to help me with the Public Enemy aspiration. I named it (wait for it…..) “Public Enemy.”
Success, Guillermo dislikes me! Once I’m disliked by two more sims, I’ll be done with over half the aspiration!
Nami: Whoa, why is your skin blue, Frank?
Frank: Apparently, Watchette removed that whitish-pink skintone cc from her Mods folder, so I’ve defaulted to blue skin.
Nami: Well, the blue looks pretty cool on you, which is good since Watchette probably can’t change it without using a cheat!
Anyway, awesome work on Public Enemy!

Frank: Declaring an enemy is really time-consuming! I couldn’t declare Guillermo my enemy until after he despised me for beating him up!
I’m really glad now that Kaoru took the time to mentor me in fitness!

Frank: I really struggled to make Hugo Villareal a declared enemy, not sure why.
In fact, I had to fight him six times and insult him all the way to Newcrest and back before he despised me enough.
To complete Public Enemy, I need one more declared enemy and to witness a death.
Hmmm, how can I witness a death without ending up dying myself? Nio told me what happened to Dorothy!

Frank: For my third declared enemy, I pick the first sim who ever disliked me: Andy Herrick.
Since Nami’s hooked up with that scientist, Andy’s fair game now, hehe.
By the time he’s my declared enemy, Andy’s really furious so I try setting him up for “death by cardiac explosion.”

In the notorious Sauna-less Sauna Room, I place angry sculptures by Nio and angry paintings by Anita.
Next, I lead Andy there and have him drink two Red Hot serums invented by Kaoru. This is a group effort, you see.
Then I quickly skedaddle, lock the door behind me, enable the Angry aura on all the sculptures and paintings, then watch and wait.

Frank: I thought he might not be getting angry enough but he starts stomping his feet.
That’s my cue to disable all the angry objects and go back into the room to witness.
Grim Reaper: Who do you people think you are? I just came here two days ago to reap that fisherman, dude!

Frank: Sorry, Grim! I was just trying to declare this guy an enemy but he got super angry, so I decided to go for it.
GR: Well, for what it’s worth, I think Nami chose wisely when she picked you as Secondary Spouse.
Frank: Awww shucks, Grim, I bet you say that to all the boys! *blushes

Frank: This is my first time leaving for work from the Mori House.
I’m still only Level 7 Mischief, but I did complete the Public Enemy aspiration today (after witnessing Andy’s death).
Strangely, I seem to level Mischief most quickly by trolling teh forum, which is a huge relief!

My traits are Childish, Bookworm, and Dance Machine. I’m not really cut out for all this meanness and darkness.
I mean, all I want to do is play with the dollhouse and dance…


With the three Mori kids aged up to young adults as well as the addition of Isabelle and Frank to the household, I now have five working sims who are all on different schedules.
As a result, it’s very difficult to exit the game, plan outfits, or travel, because there’s always at least one sim at work!

I realize that viewers don’t find my preference for tracking a challenge by weeks and days very illuminating, but I’ve realized with this challenge how convenient that sort of calendrical tracking is.
I plan to resume that system again from the next update, which means sim-tomorrow (Monday) marks the second day of Week 8.

When the household made a quick visit to the Oasis Springs gym this sim-morning, Doreen showed up and she was no longer pregnant. Too bad her baby won’t show up in our sims’ relationship panels.
We’ll just have go visit the Partihaus in a few days.
Nio and Nami will become parents in three more sim-days; Lyric will give birth on Wednesday afternoon and Nami will give birth Wednesday night.

Frank’s making a great contribution to the Mori Legacy!
He’s taking care of not only the Boss career but also the Public Enemy aspiration.
Even though he’s neither evil or mean, he does what he needs to do without dropping actions.
He’s been very focused on doing what he’s been invited into the legacy house to do.
I was actually quite mesmerized by the sight of Frank working his way through the Public Enemy milestones so earnestly.

Quite obviously, I’ve become severely addicted to this household and the legacy challenge.
Thank you for reading along! We haz nooboos in the next update!

Mori 2.11: A Wildly Improbable Romance

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