Murky 1.3: The Hermit’s Hug Pillow

Week 1/Wednesday

Good morning!
I may look clean to you, but I have zero hygiene. (Uncomfortable +2)
Then, I become nauseous from eating this rummaged oatmeal, thanks to the Grody lot trait (Uncomfortable +10)
Meanwhile, all the trash makes me feel worse! (Uncomfortable +3)
What a way to start the day!

I’m so darn frustrated!
I now have 11 plants and 5 trash piles but my discomfort prevents me from tending  my beloved plants! Grrrrrr.
All I can do right now is read a Wilderness Digest until my nausea passes. *sighs

Before I forget, fans of Don Lothario might have spotted him at the gym yesterday.
He doesn’t actually live in Murkland but he’s changed his look.
Apparently he (with his green-and-yellow dreads) now identifies as a “Murkland ally,” so to speak.

Although it’s Wednesday and I’m entitled to visit the Hot Springs, I really want to tend my garden NOW.
In an act of sheer desperation, I apply the only bottle of Deodorizing Cream allotted to me by the Murkland Mercantile Store.
Finally, I’m able to water and harvest my garden!

In fact, I’m feeling so great now that I hop over to the Burner Camp then the Freegan Camp, evolving all of their plants.

At the Burner Camp, Jeep Girl waters while Dusty Boots stands in awe of my evolving prowess.
At the Freegan Camp, I occasionally glance enviously at their little kitchen, equipped with a grill and counters.

I return home with Level 3 Gardening, which means I can fertilize my plants.

Check me out whistling while I work, like one of those seven dwarves!

Before leaving for Granite Falls, I visit The Optimist’s Outlook Post.
It’s a fantastic build by MeaganJo for Nukecrest.
Due to the lack of fishing spots in eastern Newcrest, however, it’s been relocated to Avarice Acres in southern Newcrest.
I’ve brought along my homies, Carlos Coyote and Pedro Pesce.

oshizu: Hey, Lisa Bee, you don’t know me but I was a friend of Lisa Bee #1 in the red plaid shirt.
But since this is how you look in your own Murkland story, I hunted down your cc hair and replaced this you for the other Lisa.
Lisa Bee: Nice! But what happened to Lisa Bee #1?
oshizu: It was a hard decision since she was my friend and you’re not, but I deleted her.
Lisa Bee: Ouch!

Rainee Dazed: Johnny boy, I know you did not just disrespect my beanie!
Stop being pathetic and go do something useful, like our laundry!

That’s Johnny Zest with a murky makeover…

Aspen Heath recently moved into The Post, too!
And you know how the Salamanders of Fort Murkland recently bought out the Mercantile Company Store?
Well, they’ve been desperately trying to hire Aspen to work there, but she never shows up for an interview!

My homies, Carlos Coyote and Pedro Pesces, pretend to be all into their convo, while secretly enjoying their view of Lisa dancing.
The Real Question: did she go and start dancing in front of them, or did they sit down behind her?

I leave straight from The Post for Granite Falls, taking along these two Murklanders.
Lisa and Rainee must be especially tight. You know how I can tell?
See how Rainee lets Lisa reach through her stomach to warm her hands over the fire?
That’s the kind of thing only really close friends do!

Over a meal of grilled fruit, we chat about our experiences in Murkland and become friends.
I’m kind of regretting now that I didn’t bring the whole gang along.
Next time I visit, I want to get to know Aspen and Johnny better!

By now, all the plants in the Campground area are ready to harvest.
I make sure to gather all the herbs and strawberries, collecting an insect or two along the way.
Then we head to the National Park area.

I know exactly where to find the secret entrance to the Deep Woods.
In exchange for taking care of their plants, Veegan the Freegan dropped knowledge on me about its whereabouts.
He also gave me a package to deliver to the hermit. It’s very light. What could be inside?

On my way to where I expect to find that entrance, I check out the Ranger’s Station.
If I ever get a klepto roomie, we’re heading back here to nick the rare insects and that world map painting!

When I finally locate the bramble-covered entrance to the Deep Woods, I hear a mournful cry.
A sad bear calls out to me for comfort.

It’s too late in the day for that, my furry friend! I need to reach the Deep Woods before nightfall!
The brambles seem to beckon to me, inviting me inside. I step forward valiantly…

Rainee: Not to detract from oshizu’s heroic passage into the Deep Woods or anything, but what do we do?
Lisa: What do you mean, Rainee?

Rainee: I mean, can we go home whenever we feel like it?
Or do we need to stick around in Granite Falls until oshizu remembers to send us home?
Lisa: Nobody knows…

oshizu: I wonder what’s going on with Lisa and Rainee? I’ve phoned them 3 times each already!
Every time I invite them to the current lot, they reply that they’re coming right over but then they never show.
Did they go home to Nukecrest? Oh look, I believe that’s the hermit up ahead!

oshizu: How do you do? I’m oshizu from Murkland where I live next door to the Freegans.
Hermit: Good evening, young lady. My name’s Blake Luke but I’m known as The Hermit.
What brings you all the way to the Deep Woods?

oshizu: I come to seek your wisdom about herbalism, O Big Grasshopper.
Also, Veegan asked me to give you this. *hands over a slender, medium-sized box

Blake: Oh my, you are such a dear to carry that all the way here, oshizu!
It’s getting late so I’m going to bed now, but please make yourself at home in the Deep Woods.
Sweet dreams, Little Grasshopper!

I try a few more times to contact Lisa and Rainee without success. They’re back in Nukecrest, I hope.

I spot more  fireflies.  And that blue glow is a Will o’ Wisp!

I learn first-hand that Lunar Moths are better appreciated from a distance. Ugh!

In Japan, the dragonfly is considered a symbol of victory and success.
In my former life, I owned so many accessories with a dragonfly motif.

The waterfall is so breathtaking that I fish until I get sleepy.

Please be a tarp shower! Please be a tarp shower! Please be a tarp shower!

Nope, it’s a cowplant berry. Boo!
That’s it! I’m off to sleep!


My hunger wakes me up early the next morning. Blake the hermit joins me before 5 am.
She must be super lonely here by herself all the time. We enjoy a pleasant conversation.

Blake: I bet you’re wondering what was in that box you brought me!
oshizu: Dying of curiosity, to be honest.
Blake: It’s a daki-makura pillow cover of Sebastian Michaelis from The Black Butler manga!

oshizu: What’s a daki-makura?
Blake: And here I thought I lived in the middle of nowhere! That’s Japanese for “hug pillow.”
oshizu (internally): She sleeps with a life-size body pillow with a picture of the demon butler Sebastian on it?

oshizu: Hey, Blake, I thought you’re a loner!?
Blake: Never too lonely for Sebastian, dearest. *winks
oshizu: You’re super weird, you know that? I think we’ll be great friends!

After two-and-a-half hours of non-stop chatting, Blake becomes my good friend.
She also teaches me her secret recipe for Fungal Infusion Fertilizer.
It’s apparently the best-quality fertilizer but it requires Dust Spirits.

I absolutely detest collecting insects, but I really love to fish.
So I’ll stick around and fish until nightfall, hoping that parsley plant gives me a full harvest!
And I need to ask the hermit a few more questions about herbalism before I can make the Deodorizing Cream.

Murky 1.4: Pining for Parsley

9 thoughts on “Murky 1.3: The Hermit’s Hug Pillow

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  2. After I downloaded Fort Murkland and your Mercantile Company Store, I was so happy to find your Aspen Heath! I spent at least one RL hour trying to get the Salamanders to hire you for their store. I even cheated to be able to hire a second employee, thinking your sim might show up. Didn’t work. Poo!
    I’ve resisted looking carefully at your store to see if it sells parsley, LOL. I love gameplay cheese!
    Thanks for stopping by and reading!


    • Thanks so much! I wonder why I couldn’t get you and Rainee to the hermit’s area?
      Every time I phoned, you would reply “Coming right over!.”
      Come to think of it, I’m not supposed to use the phone to invite you, am I?


  3. What a great next chapter! I love that she was wishing for a shower tarp! Believe me, it was pure luck. Loved that Veegan sent a “hug pillow” to the Hermit. I want one! lol Looking forward to your next adventures.


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