Rivals 2.12: Daichi, da Real MVP

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 2 (Dinero, Part I)


Daniela: Wow, you took long enough to get here.
You know it’s almost 4 am, right? After 6 am, this becomes a failed challenge.
Or is it only the vampire bloodline that fails? Anyway, why so late?

Serena and Caleb decided rather late that they wanted another child.
Daniela: So that takes, what, an hour tops? And I don’t want to be hearing about vampire stamina!

Actually, they wanted to try for baby as bats, but they didn’t know how so that took a while to figure out Then I waited to make sure she was pregnant.

Daniela: Okay, so I see from your shot that Serena’s eating for two but why the ugly walls?
First of all, the vampire household has only about one-tenth of your household funds.
Second, the confetti and her arm were on the other side of the bathroom wall, so I had to drop the walls.

Daniela:  Doesn’t it bother you that you won’t be able to influence the baby’s gender?
They’re hoping for a girl but didn’t want to wait until Week 2. Hey, wanna go visit and listen to pop music with Serena?

Daniela: Uh, no.

So, Daniela, remind me what you were doing when I left you all last week.
Daniela: Jesminder and I have been painting like crazy, trying to increase our household funds so we can boost the house worth.
Jesminder: Since I only need to reach Level 10 Painting to finish Painter Extraordinaire, I try painting another portrait.
We’re so excited to hear the masterpiece music, but this portrait’s only worth $1,375. Too bad!

You have more friends than anyone else in this house, Salim.
Why are you always cruising the other neighborhoods? What are you looking for?

Salim: Haven’t you noticed how Serena Zanna has been turning sims she wants as spouses and helpers for her bloodline?
We need to keep an eye out for the Dinero bloodline as well, even cure a vampire if necessary!

How you doing besides the cruising, Salim?
Salim: I only need $5,000 in publishing income to finish Bestselling Author. I should quit my job to help toddler Moss with his skills.

And how’s Mr. Versatility?
Arun: If the Zannas have a cloning machine, I want one for the Dineros, too!
Since I’ve reached Tier IV of Bestselling Author, I buy Connections and join the Scientist career.

And who knows? I may start building a rocket ship to avoid being chained to a computer for a while.
Anyway, I have the day off today and start my new job tomorrow. Time to work on the garden!

Jesminder: We also added a new member to the Dinero Club! Meet Daichi Yoshida!

Daichi: Hehe, I bet you didn’t recognize me at first!
Watchette started out changing my wardrobe but ended up also giving me Fabio hair and a soul patch.

Jesminder: While building my charisma for work, I’m shocked to notice a bat fly into the back room.
Arun: What does he want? How could he just fly into our house like that?

Um, Serena invited Daichi to the Zanna Club last week, so Caleb and Daichi are probably friends.

Daniela: The neat, cheerful, squeamish Daichi is such a great help!
And he cleans up in ways that only a neat sim can do! We’re never letting him go!

Salim: Work was so stressful today! I need a little hookah action!

Arun: I’m surprised at you, Salim! Isn’t this your hookah in the first place?
Daichi: Seriously, Salim! Only total noobs inhale that much!

I like how Arun and Daichi converge in the hookah lounge soon after Salim sits down.
Now I’m thinking of enlarging this area and perhaps turning it into a courtyard.

Salim: Arun and Jesminder are vegetarians, so the sight of Daichi cooking worries me. But when I check what he’s prepared so far, I find only vegetarian-safe dishes.
Daichi’s only flaw is that we must share him with the Zannas!

Moss: Hey Krishna, look! We have multiple dining options this morning!
Krishna: Hmmm, Caprese Salad, Tofu Taco, Tofu Saltimbocca, or Green Salad. What shall I choose?

Moss: While eating my Caprese Salad, Papa reads us a story.
Krishna: I’m eating a Caprese Salad, too!
Moss: Copy cat!

Salim: We’d never actually hired Daichi as a nanny before but Daniela had met him somewhere.
There’s a downside of never having hired him, you know.
Even though Daichi’s in the club, the boys had to spam “Talk to stranger” before they could interact with him in meaningful ways.
Here’s Moss getting Daichi to help him out for the first time!


Jesminder: I finally get off work at 2 a.m. I’m excited about two days off in a row!
Suddenly, my gaze gets pulled to the path behind our house.

Leticia Mixon: This nauseous feeling! I must be transforming into a vampire!
No comment on the blue lipstick, Leticia, but you know Serena won’t allow you to wear the same top from her party outfit!

Daniela: The irreplaceable Daichi takes a bath then returns in this outfit.
Watchette, I thought you’d given him a makeover when I took him to our closet?

I must have gotten distracted after only changing his everyday outfit.
But I think he’s really pulling off the pink shirt and blue shoes with those pants, lol.

Jesminder: I really appreciate how Daichi doesn’t annoy anyone while the kids are sleeping.
He just paints, cleans, gardens, or dances. I wish we had two of him!

Arun: This Citrus soak is really nice! I’ve rather missed feeling Focused!


Arun: The Somas have been sinking all their cash into a restaurant, which we have yet to visit!
Salim: And the Zannas have spent thousands of dollars wishing for career promotions.
Daniela: That’s why we’re the first household to be able to afford a dynasty museum.


Status of Dinero Bloodline

Founder: Daniela Dinero
*Completed requirements:
Reward traits: done

*Incomplete requirements:
Parties: need one more
Portrait (1): not yet
Mansion Baron aspiration: Need only house worth of $350,000

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Toddler skills: Level 3 Potty, Level 4 Thinking, Level 2 Comm/Imagin/Movement

Rivals 2.13: No, Nanny Scruggs! Just No!

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