Rivals 2.14: Daichi’s Floral Pants

Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 2 (Dinero, Part III)


Daniela: I’m so glad that you also need the Logic skill for your career!
Otherwise, you’re always holed up in that locked writing room and we rarely spend time together!
Salim: It’s only for a little while longer, isn’t it?

Daniela: So true! Readers may laugh at our appreciation for Daichi, but he so deserves it!
Ever since Daichi’s come into our lives, we’ve been able to really focus on our jobs and household income.
Salim: I agree. We can trust him completely with Moss and he also helps around the house in little ways.

Daniela: Yes, plus he doesn’t wear little hot pants and hit on the husbands…

Jesminder: So I take Daichi to the closet to remove that hat from his party outfit. But guess what? Those clothes aren’t part of any of his outfits.
Do you think they’re his new nanny threads? We can roll with that.

Daniela: Since he likes to paint with us, Jesminder mentors him for a few hours.
Jesminder: It’s a waste of time, Daniela. I mentored him while he finished two paintings, but they were each worth less than $250.
Daniela: Good to know. We’ll just leave him to be  casual painter.

Salim: I ask Jesminder to make a cake and Moss is ready to age up just before noon.

Well: Oho, you must be new around here!
Moss: Not really. I’ve been around but I was a toddler until, like, five minutes ago. Who are you?
Well: What, you don’t recognize me? My name’s Westside Well. Surely, you’ve heard about my crew, W.W.A.?
Moss: Can’t say that I have. What do the initials mean?
Westside: Oh c’mon. Do I have to spell out everything? Wells with Attitude, duh!

Westside Well: So, what can I do for you, boy?
Moss: I’m hoping to boost my C grade to a B grade. *makes an offering and a wish

WW: Sorry, kiddo. But you’ll automatically get a B when school’s out tomorrow.
Don’t be greedy, son! Go do your homework, get some skillz, and come see again after school tomorrow, k?

Moss: Wow, Watchette told me the well dude would be nice to me cuz she moved him out of the basement.
Look at him, sitting out there all surrounded by trees and flowers and stuff!

It’s Thursday and I really want an A before my next birthday, but I don’t want to wait till Week 3…

Daichi: Don’t let it get to you, Moss! You’ll do great whether you get an A or not.
Moss: You’re right, Uncle Daichi! I’m just gonna chill and enjoy my two or three days of being a kid!

Daichi: By the way, Moss, your mom has green hair and your dad has brown hair. So why are you a redhead?
Moss: Papa says it’s a game mechanics thing. My red hair means I was really ‘sposed to have green hair…

Salim: During the recent renovations, Watchette moved the dollhouse over by the easels.
After watching the hotheaded Jesminder smash the dollhouse three times, I make her repair it one last time then sell it.
Good thing for her that Krishna’s already maxed Imagination.   Sheesh!

Jesminder: I’m sorry, okay? Look at me now! I’m being so productive! I’m playing chess with Moss, even though he cheats.
Moss: Look at my face, Auntie Jesminder! Do I look like someone who would cheat?
Jesminder: Your angelic smile ain’t fooling nobody!

Moss: As soon as Mama returns from work, Watchette immediately plans my outfits.
Apparently, my hair and my everyday outfit are recycled from the other, less-cute Moss.

Moss: I know, I know. You’re wondering how much we resemble each other, right?
Here’s a collage with me, my parents, and him (on the very right).
What do you think? Looks like I got Papa’s eyes with Mama’s nose and lips.

Arun: Poor Jesminder! She was just half a tick from reaching Level 8 Mixologist.
After her promotion, she’d complete the Master Chef aspiration so she was planning to quit her job.

Daniela: Yeah, when Watchette took Moss to the dresser,she forced Jesminder to come home from work.
Watchette: *hangs head in shame (Luckily, Jesminder works tomorrow!)

Krishna has found a new place to dance. No dancing in front of the stereo for him!
No, the kid demands some elevation! Maybe there’s a future for him in dancing? And just maybe he needs the Active trait?


Moss: Just me, on the way to my first–and, hopefully, my last–day of grade school.

Salim: I was surprised to hear that Yukio Soma phoned Jesminder.
But, come to think of it, Yukio and Jesminder both work at Cut a Dish Restaurant.

Jesminder: I’m finishing up a painting, Salim. Would you mind letting Yukio in?

Salim: Hi, I’m Salim Benali, the husband of your rival Daniela Dinero.
Yukio: Hey, Salim. It’s nice to finally meet you.

Salim: So, what brings you here? You come to discuss work with Jesminder while her husband’s out? *arches an eyebrow suspiciously

Yukio: Nothing like that! I actually was hoping to meet you, Salim. You know, I designed my restaurant Korma Chameleon with your household in mind.
Why don’t you ever come to dine?

Jesminder: These new easels that Daniela earned yesterday are fantastic!
The painting on my right’s the priciest painting I’ve ever made  at $9,362.
And this one on my left is the third priciest at $7,832.

Salim: So yeah, Yukio, we’ve been dying to go to Korma Chameleon but it’s impossible with small children.
Yukio: I know exactly what you mean! We have a toddler and a nooboo at our home, too!
Jesminder: As soon as our son Krishna has his birthday, we’ll go, promise!

Yukio: Daichi, stop that! It’s not cool to be so obvious about holding your breath, dude!
Seriously, don’t they teach you anything around here?!

Salim: Depending on Daniela’s work schedule, we’re planning a visit to Korma Chameleon on Saturday.

Yukio: That’s great news, Salim! We have a full-on vegetarian menu–you’ll love it!
Still, Jesminder, I’m rather shocked that y’all would just steal my nanny like this! I mean, he acts like he lives here!

Jesminder: *ignores Yukio’s remark and tokes innocently

Daniela: Thanks to all the paintings, novels, and Daichi’s hard work, I complete the Mansion Baron aspiration this afternoon.

Also, I choose one of the paintings Jesminder did earlier for my museum portrait.

Salim: So…I understand that those lime-colored chess pieces symbolize the “get back on the horse” motif.
But what’s the meaning of that Guardian of the Gnomelaxy?

Daniela: That green gnome? It’s completely meaningless, but Watchette likes how it fits into the color scheme…


Status of Dinero Bloodline

Founder: Daniela Dinero
*Completed requirements:
Portrait: Yes ($9,362)
Reward traits: done
Mansion Baron aspiration: done

*Incomplete requirements:
Parties: need one more
Career: Master of the Real (Level 8 )

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Toddler skills: Maxed all skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
*Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy (on last tier)

Rivals 2.15: Moss on Fire

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