Rivals 2.13: No, Nanny Scruggs! Just No!

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 2 (Dinero, Part II)

My apologies for a mundane update, because maxing toddler skills takes priority over everything else, well almost everything.


Krishna: Today’s a great day because both our mommies don’t work!
Moss: The way your mama gets all excited when she reads to us is so cool!

Daniela: Our nanny Daichi occasionally paints with us.
This morning, he crafted a painting showing women going about their daily lives.
I like this painting so much it now hangs in the boys’ room.

Jessminder: I have Daniela pose while I start several portraits of her.
Among the five portraits of Daniela I paint today, the highest-priced painting is $8,448.
That’s double every one of my previous attempts, but I believe I can still do better.
I’ll wait until Daniela brings home that higher-quality easel.


Daniela: Because both boys are awake and Daichi is teaching Moss, I hire a nanny for Krishna.
It’s no surprise anymore that Nanny Scruggs arrives feeling flirty. *rolls eyes
Luckily, Salim and Arun are at work until the evening.

This morning, I expand the house’s footprint, build a basement, then move a few rooms around.
Now the sunken lounge can hold a few sofas, too.

Daniela: Oh, Jesminder! Next time, just rally the troops, girl!

Arun: That 1×1 room behind Jesminder is driving the neat Daichi crazy, hehe.
I’m trying to grow a trash plant, but Daichi threw away my last trash pile.

That’s why Watchette built that temporary room until the trash plant sprouts.
Poor Daichi and that dirty itch he can’t scratch!

Daniela: The sunken lounge has become the new favorite spot for reading to children!
Around 3 pm, our little Moss earns the Happy Toddler trait! Go, Moss, go!

Salim: Don’t ever ask me to do this again!

Jesminder: Of course, Nanny Scruggs is all over my Arun as soon as he’s home from work.
How can she spend all day with Krishna and still feel flirty?

Arun: Don’t you dare work my nerves with your coy small talk. I’m already tense from a hard day’s work.
Why do you return here even after we’ve fired you? *fires Nanny Scruggs (again)

Salim: Luckily for us, Daichi stays on point with helping Moss to learn.
Daniela and I are doing our best to earn the funds to complete Mansion Baron, so we’re grateful for Daichi’s diligence.

Moss: Play, play, play!
Daichi: Yes, let’s get you energized! At this rate, you may be able to age up tomorrow night!

Jesminder: You might recall that Independent Krishna became a toddler right after Inquisitive Moss.
Arun: Krishna is further along with his skills, but I don’t think it’s only their traits.
In fact, Moss slept through a couple of times when parents were available for teaching.

Ice Cube: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Arun Bheeda! Thank you for building me a room, even though it’s a windowless basement room!
Arun: Well, it’s not decided yet whether I should try to max the Scientist career. If I do try, I promise you…actually, I can’t really promise you anything…
Ice Cube: Hmmph!

Arun: You named yourself after that rapper? Why? Wait, don’t tell me…because Invention Constructor = I.C. = Ice Cube?
I.C.: Ain’t nothing to it. Gangsta rap made me do it! And why can’t I have a nickname, too, yo?

I.C.: Cool, so we’re making a cloning machine?
Arun: Yep, Watchette even added wallpaper and flooring to this room in your honor! She usually takes at least a week to do that!

Arun: Watch out, Ice Cube! Don’t forget that component over there!

I.C.: Listen, Arun. I appreciate your suggestion, but I’m the Invention Constructor here. And I don’t need any backseat drivers. Who do you think you are, anyway?
Arun: The Invention Supervisor?

Arun: Superb job, I.C.! The Dineros now have their very own cloning machine!
I.C.: The pleasure’s all mine, I.S. What a shame we can’t high five!

Daniela: We’ve been trying not to spend simoleons, except for building and renovating. But now that we have a basement, I finally cave and buy a Whispering Wishing Well.

The well looks happy so I make an offering and receive a guaranteed promotion tomorrow. Nice!
Wishing Well: But not nice enough that I get my own room with wall and floor coverings, apparently…

Daniela: Upstairs, I get a phone call from Summer Holiday, so I check my relationship with her.
For some reason, Summer is my only non-household friend. Go figure!

Summer: So, since we’re friends, can I come over?
Daniela: I don’t think so…

This time around, we’re avoiding that entire household. But if I had a pollinator…

Arun: We spend the rest of the evening as usual: Daniela and Jesminder paint while Salim and I write.

I’ve written one of the 3 bestsellers for Bestselling Author, but I’ve lost interest in writing since becoming a scientist.
Hmmm…Salim can write Books of Life so maybe I should switch to Nerd Brain?

Moss: Here I am, posing for you in front of our beloved Baker’s Cousin Display Case.
Daichi: Dear me! Looks like the parents have been dipping into the toddler’s food supply! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Moss: You’re probably getting tired of seeing shots of me and Krishna as toddlers.
But I’m hoping to age up tomorrow on Thursday!
And Krishna’s birthday is Friday night, so we won’t be toddlers much longer!

Daniela: Moss and Daichi, we’re counting on both of you!
And maybe I can throw you a gold-medal birthday party, little Moss.


Status of Dinero Bloodline

Founder: Daniela Dinero
*Completed requirements:
Reward traits: done

*Incomplete requirements:
Parties: need one more
Portrait (1): not yet
Mansion Baron aspiration: Need only house worth of $350,000
Career: Painter (Level 7)

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Toddler skills: L3 Potty, L5 Thinking, L4.5 Comm/Move, L4 Imagination

Rivals 2.14: Daichi’s Floral Pants

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