Murky 1.4: Pining for Parsley


While trying to identify the herbs I’ve gathered so far, I’m suddenly struck with a bout of anxiety.
Have I already broken one of the rules of Murkland living?
It says: “Your sim is not allowed to stay the night or use the facilities at the hermit’s house.”

I hope that means I’m allowed to sleep overnight at Granite Falls, just not in the hermit’s bed (with her demon butler hug pillow).

An incoming text from Brennachan:
“If you wanna overnight in Granite Falls, you may sleep on a log but never use the hermit’s toilet!”
Oops! (How did she know?)
So, next time I’ll either just wet my pants or return to the National Forest to do my bizness.

Everyone knows that Black Butler is one of my all-time favorite manga!
I mean, Sebastian Michaelis is a demon as well as butler who cooks fabulous desserts with fancy French names!

That does not mean, however, that I’d want the hermit’s pillow lying next to me in bed.
(And, yes, this is actually a thing!)
So I’m very happy sleeping outside on a log, thank you very much!

Trying not to think about the hermit’s pillow, I continue identifying the herbs I’ve gathered.
In a moment of epiphany, I discover how to prepare Deodorizing Cream!
Now, if only I had some parsley!

Finally, a good use for those 99+ trash fruit in my inventory come to mind.
Fish bait!
I catch a Mountain Lionfish worth $368, my prize catch of the day!

Roughly 24 hours have passed since my arrival here in the Deep Woods.
The parsley plant looks ready to harvest, but I only see one or two parsley sprigs.
Hmmm, I’ll give the plant 12 more hours.

Maybe I’ll try my hand at wooodworking?
We can’t sell our woodwork items, but my lot could sure use some décor.

After crafting a horse sculpture, I lie down on a log, falling immediately into an exhausted sleep.


Waking up, I feel energized and ready to try my luck yet again.
After scarfing down leftovers for breakfast, I amble over to the fishing spot.

Speaking of luck, there’s a rainbow!
Or would that only work if I were Irish…and a leprechaun?

This is the fourth treasure chest I’ve fished up so far.
I’m afraid to get my hopes up anymore. Yep, just another sage leaf.

Yes, today is certainly my lucky day!  Íocfaidh an fear seo as gach rud!
That handy little Irish phrase means: “This gentleman will pay for everything!” (sez Google)

This tarp shower can only be used on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (just like the Hot Springs), but will save me so much time…
Time better spent on making friends, having fun, and tending my garden!

When I finally harvest the parsley plant, I get 10 sprigs. Nice!
Harvesting all the plants in the hermit’s rock garden earns me 6 more sprigs.

Looking around, I try to find Hermit Blake to thank her for her kind hospitality.
A little bird informs me that she’s gone fishing at the National Forest and looks forward to my next visit.

It’s time for me to go home! I stop briefly at the Campground to check on Lisa and Rainee.
They’ve left a note for me on the picnic table: Gone home to Nukecrest. See you again soon!

Home at last, I briefly rejoice over my new tarp shower and horse sculpture.
My smoldering trash piles, on the other hand, fill my heart with a lingering sadness.

Do you remember my first day in Murkland when I went looking for trash fruit?
The Mad Mudders were kind enough to share theirs with me, so I pay them a visit.

I spend a good hour looking for a front door, but without success.
Where the heck are those laughing voices coming from?

Finally, I locate two Mad Mudders at the back of the house.
Oops, sorry for barging in on you two…in the bathroom?

Sadly, I’m unable to introduce myself though I really want to meet these potential customers friends.

Anyway, I thank them for sharing their trash fruit and attending my yard sales.
Mad Mudders are absolutely my best customers, as I’ve said repeatedly.
That’s why I take the time to evolve, fertilize, and water their trash plants.

Wut? No, of course not! I’m not kissing up to them at all!

I’d mentioned before that the Mad Mudders are followers of Mad Mud who lives next door.
Brennachan tells me that Mad Mud’s scary but also flirty. I’m taking her word for it.
Dat crib, though!

Feeling a bit sleepy, I go home to take a nap then invite a group of not-friends-yet to the Fire & Music Festival.
They come to party. I come to…throw a yard sale!

It was a total bust, of course. My goods are no match for all the fun festival activities.
Plus, I still must be half asleep. When the music starts, I learn my table’s on the dance floor.


In the afternoon, I revel in the glorious sight of 16–yep, count ’em–16 trash plants!
Of course, they are light years away from perfect quality, but at least those trash piles are no more.

Tending my beloved garden on my Filthy lot quickly tanks my hygiene.
But I can’t bathe for two more days until Monday.

Hey, wait a minute! I can brew Deodorizing Cream! What’s that recipe again?
Let’s see…one Elderberry, one strawberry, and two parsley.
Brewin’ like a boss!

I travel to What’s Left of the Gym with some sims I hope to befriend.
Aspen Heath has been doing push-ups non-stop ever since we arrive!

By the time she finally comes up for air, I’ve had time to become friends with Carlos and Aeon.
Dang, those Bracing Breezes are da shizzle!
And yeah, Aspen and I are friends now, too. Yay!

Mortimer Goth: Who knew I’d find a Mountain Lionfish here? And it was a steal at only $674!
Gash the Mad Mudder: Oh darn! I was just about to buy that, too!

oshizu (internally): I need to befriend Mortimer and invite him to all my yard sales…

Check me out applying Deodorizing Cream while working my yard sales, yo!

You’re probably thinking  I’m one of those materialistic peeps who think only of simoleons.
Thing is, my rent is due on Monday and I have no idea how much it will be.
I made $1,500 just today, though, so I should be safe! Don’t wanna lose my cooler!

I normally keep my distance from the Infected, but I could make an exception for Zombie High-School Boy.
His name’s Lyndon the Infected, I learn.

I wonder why, besides Mortimer, the Mad Mudders and Infected are my best customers.
My markup? I’m selling my goods with a 75% markup. Is it too low?


Ahhhh, nothing like waking up bright and early on an empty stomach!
It’s hard to believe, but today marks the start of my second week in Murkland!

I wonder what new joys and pleasures Week 2 will bring…

Murky 1.5:  She’s a Mutant Muchacha

10 thoughts on “Murky 1.4: Pining for Parsley

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    • I was sad to learn how quickly the effects of that cream fade while we’re on the Filthy lot! I’m loving this challenge! And by the way, I moved you into your very own Artist Colony, which “I” plan to visit soon. 🙂


    • I’m glad you like the little bird remark. I found I had lots of “pretty” shots of Granite Falls with nothing much to say about them, hehe.
      By the way, I’m making my way through your Bachelorette Challenge these days. I’m so blown away by how much effort and detail you put into your storytelling!
      Makes me feel so lazy! *hangs head

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