Rivals 2.16: I’m a Sim without Conviction

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 2 (Soma, Part I)


Candy: Watchette returns to our house to find we only have $1,595 in household funds.
Yuki: That’s because we’d transferred most of our funds to the restaurant before switching households.
Watchette’s not sure what happens to the restaurant while we’re not the active household, so we transferred funds just in case.

Yukio: Bradly, when did you reach Level 7 Handiness?  You need to go to Granite Falls NOW!

Bradly: I realize everyone’s rushing to build up our funds, but surely they will forgive me if I indulge myself and scoff at this ugly statue?
As long as you learn the woodworking schematic right after that then fly home.

Bradly: Even though I didn’t select her, Megumi keeps showing up when I’m about to travel to Granite Falls.
After canceling my trip three times because of Megumi, I give up and take her along.

Sadly, I don’t get to scoff to my heart’s content because Megumi’s hungry and tired.

In the morning…
Megumi: Okay! I’m ready for a hard day of skilling. Well, at least until I get sleepy again.

Yukio: When Megumi wakes, I phone to request a nanny. We all hold our breaths, waiting to see who arrives.

Megumi: It’s Nanny Daichi!

Yukio: It’s so good to have you back, Daichi! I was a little worried you might be unavailable.
Daichi: Not if I can help it, Yukio! And thank you for inviting me to your club. I feel the most comfortable here at your house, you know.
The vampires are a little scary for obvious reasons. And don’t get me started on all that secondary smoke at the Dineros!

Bradly: With Daichi, we never worry about the children being left unattended.

Yukio: Also, Megumi is crazy about him and responds very well to his lessons.

Yuki: Wow, Daichi is feeling flirty for no reason at all.
I’m wondering if the devs added the Flirty mood to nannies as some kind of joke.

Candy: You only prefer Daichi, sis, because he doesn’t hit on your hubby like Nanny Scruggs and Nanny Houda do!

Yukio: Hey, I have some time before work so I thought I’d come to the grilling area and socialize.
Daniela: Hi, Yukio. You’re looking well. Have you met Caleb Vatore?
Yukio: Nice to see you again, Daniela. Nice to finally meet you, Caleb!

Daniela: That Lilith is unbelievable! She is constantly following her brother around!

Yukio: Doesn’t Lilith live with her brother and Serena Zanna? Why follow Caleb all the way here to take a photo together?
Daniela: That’s what I mean! I think Lilith’s affection for her brother is–how can I say it?–“unnatural”…

Yukio: Whatever, it’s not really any of my business. And Daniela, don’t let them spoil your afternoon, either!

Summer: Oh look, there’s Caleb and Yukio! I wonder if they’ll notice me?
Miko: I’m having a terrible day!

Miko: But my day just got a lot better…Hi there! I’m Miko Ojo from the Fashion District! And you are?
Yukio: Hello Miko! I’m married…

Yukio: Speaking of married, what are Daniela and Caleb doing over there?
They seem to be getting really friendly… Oh, I better get ready for work or I’ll be late!

Megumi: Mama really could use some tips from Daichi about reading children’s stories!


Yuki: As one of the Avant Gardes’ original members of the Avant Gardes, I call a club gathering to meet its leader Maaike Haas.
After I befriend her, I’m all ready to ask her to step down but Watchette keeps wanting us to pose for a “better shot.”
When it’s finally time to ask Maaike for real, Maaike suddenly rushes off to work. Grrrrr.
Oh well, I’ll invite her over again later today.

Yukio: Megumi’s natural birthday is Friday night but we’re hoping she’ll max all her skills by Thursday night.

Yukio: We open Korma Chameleon for a lunch session.
With the money we made from painting, publishing, and camping mascots, we’re able to boost the restaurant’s value to $108,214.
I remodeled the interior, added landscaping outdoors, and renovated two rooms for household use.
Now to get to work on the restaurant’s ratings!

Do you recognize a familiar face dining with Mortimer Goth? Man, he sure gets around!

Yuki: We close the restaurant for two hours to go home, check on Megumi, and give our staff a rest.
When we reopen for dinner, I invite Maiike to the lot and take over Avant Gardes.

Yukio: After seeing Candy singing on the sidewalk, I add Singing to the banned club activities while the restaurant’s open.

Candy: Wow, both Mortimer Goth and Lily Feng have dined here for both lunch and dinner today!

Yuki: Yukio leaves for work so he leaves me in charge of the restaurant tonight.
I have to send my sister Candy home because all she wants to do is chat with Bradly and me.

Bradly: Good evening, Mr. Landgraab. What, you dined here for lunch today, too?
That’s fantastic! I hope you will be continue to be our regular patron!

(I wonder how the game decides which sims will visit the restaurant.)

Bradly: Around 11:30 pm, I get Bradly’s birthday notice but we can’t close the restaurant yet.
We’re waiting on a pair who arrived at 7 pm but have yet to leave.

C’mon, Daichi! Continue your discussion of grilled cheese sammies somewhere else, please!


Bradly: I finally get home two hours later, heading straight to Braddon’s bassinet to age him up.
Wouldn’t you agree that my little boy is perfect?
Off he waddles to grab himself something to eat!

Bradly: I’m so thrilled to be a father!
Braddon: (Whoa, this onion bagel is seriously delish!)

Yukio: I bet Don’s going to be super excited to see that Braddon has his green eyes!
Maybe it’s time for the three founders to convene. Maybe we can help each other to age up our helpers…

Current Status of the Restaurant Bloodline

Founder: Yukio Soma
*Completed requirements:
Restaurant: Korma Chameleon, resale value = $108,214
*Incomplete requirements:
Portrait: none
Career: Chef (Level 9)
Star rating: 3.5 stars

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
Toddler skills: Potty Level 3, Level 4 Comm/Imagin/Thinking, and Level 3 Movement

Rivals 2.17: I’m a Sim Who Doesn’t Know

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