Rivals 2.17: I’m a Sim Who Doesn’t Know

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 2 (Soma, Part II)


Braddon: I love to watch Megumi because she’s so pretty!
*raps: You can do it! Put your back into it!

Megumi: (I like to pretend that I don’t notice Braddon watching me…)

Bradly: With the help of Yukio and Daichi, I finish building the rocket ship right before leaving for work.

Yukio: Of course, the first day Korma Chameleon ever has five tables filled, everyone at our house is at work except me!
Don Lothario shows up wearing a striped tank top. That’s his party outfit?
We need to invite him over to meet our closet–Don is a handsome guy but he needs to lose that tank top!

Yukio: While I’m busy greeting everyone, I see diners from three tables get up and leave. Too bad!

Oh, I should have known! Don’s just out for a jog before his meal arrives.

When he sits down to eat, I hurry over and offer him a complimentary drink.
He actually leaves for another jog after his meal but before his complimentary drink arrives. Sheesh.
Get your five-star self back here, Don!

Just when I think he’ll never stop chatting with the Fyres, he gives a 5-star review that boosts Korma to 4 stars!
I know just how to show my appreciation! *Summons Braddon to the restaurant

Don: Thank you for wanting to thank me, Yukio, but I have to confess! I’m still not that comfortable with being a father yet.
Braddon: (This Papa looks kinda scary…)

Yukio: All our diners have paid and we’re closing the restaurant, so why don’t you go home with us, Don?

Don: Well, aren’t you a handsome little devil with your green eyes! He looks just like me, don’t you think?

Braddon: (No comment…)

Daichi: Braddon, why are you out here by yourself? I thought you were with your father. Where’d he go?
Braddon: *points thatta way
Daichi: Are you kidding me? Your father leaves you outside alone to go jogging?
Braddon: (I might like my other papa better…)

Yuki: Because Megumi isn’t tired but Braddon is very sleepy, we take along their beds to the restaurant.
When Watchette comes out of Build mode after placing their beds upstairs, Yukio freezes.

Bradley: No worries, Yuki. You, Candy, and I can handle the diners ourselves, if it’s just for tonight.
Daichi’s here, too, and he can look after the toddlers.

Bringing the toddlers to Korma is a huge pain because the adults constantly check on the toddlers.
Why don’t you do that at home, people!?

Candy: I realize that the Fengs are very wealthy townies, but I just can’t imagine living with them!
Lily Feng is always making the most unpleasant faces!

Yukio: I can actually turn my head but I can’t move otherwise. When Watchette returns Megumi’s bed to family storage, Yuki freezes.
When Braddon awakes and Watchette returns his bed to family storage, both Daichi and Megumi freeze.

Now, only Bradly and Braddon remain unfrozen. What a night!

Bradly: At the host station, Victor Feng and Nancy Landgraab decide to meld.
Okay, I’m calling it before I freeze, too. I’m closing Korma and taking everyone home!
Next time, let’s just buy new kiddie beds for Korma!

Bradly: By the way, I earned the Level 5 promotion earlier today, so now we have a cloning machine like our rivals.


I’m about to leave for my fifth space mission for Nerd Brain, even without any rocket ship upgrades.
If I want to take this ship to Sixam, though, I really need to work on my Rocket Science.
And where there’s a will, there’s always a way! Mwahaha.

Yukio: This morning, I decide to throw a bogus social event to complete the Master Chef aspiration (which everyone shares).
I call it “bogus” because I’m ignoring the party goals but I realize too late that I could have simply thrown a non-prestige party.

Bradly looks very dapper in his suit! Now that’s a party outfit!

Bradly: I realize you want Braddon to befriend someone in either the Dinero or Zanna household.
And I agree with your inviting Jesmiinder Bheeda, since she’s the mother of Krishna.
But why invite Caleb Vatore instead of Penny Pizzazz who is Paola’s mother?

Yukio: Because I know Caleb but I don’t know Penny Pizzazz.
But Penny’s a co-worker of Yuki’s, so let’s have Yuki invite her over someday soon.

Based on their clothing, you can tell that Daichi is an invited guest, but Nanny Scruggs is just slacking on the job.
I can’t believe she’s sitting with the guests as if, “Oh yeah, I was invited to this party, too!”

Yukio: Just before noon, Megumi is very, very close to maxing all her skills.
She’s very sleepy now and is going to bed, but I’m thinking she might be able to age up tonight!

Braddon: Just me, looking adorable. What did you just ask? Of course that’s enough of a reason to include this shot!

Yukio: I wait until Megumi and Braddon go to bed, which means I don’t open Korma today until almost 2 pm.
I’m rewarded, though, by the Dineros who finally come to dine!

Is it just my imagination, or does this new Moss seem less…innocent?

Daniela: Don’t look my way! He certainly doesn’t get that from me! *adjusts halo

Candy: While we teach Megumi and Braddon to dance, Victor Feng comes to join us.
Sadly, we can’t lock the upstairs to household only because of Daichi, but we can’t lock it to club only because of the toddlers!

Yukio: I’m closing this restaurant! The Dineros have left and we don’t want Victor’s lousy 3 stars, anyway.

Yukio: I don’t open the restaurant for dinner so we’ll be ready for Megumi’s birthday.

Megumi: Nanny Scruggs leaves me dancing by myself to go make moony eyes at Nanny Daichi, but I max Movement anyway!
Hmmph! It’s too late now, Nanny Scruggs!  Papa, I’m ready for my birthday!

Yukio: After four adults unsuccessfully try to help Megumi blow out the candles, Watchette finds that repairing our world doesn’t help either.
Finally, I open Korma and we all travel there instead. I request a table, order a cake, and Megumi can finally age up!

Megumi: Yep, and I aged up 25 hours earlier than Moss did, too!


Megumi: I’m hoping to finish my aspiration, get a B grade, and earn 2,000 satisfaction points by early Friday evening.
As soon as I get those three things done, it’ll be time for my teen birthday!

Current Status of the Restaurant Bloodline

Founder: Yukio Soma
*Completed requirements:
Restaurant: Korma Chameleon, resale value = $108,214
Portrait: $9,044
*Incomplete requirements:
Career: Chef (Level 9)
Star rating: 4.5 stars

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
Toddler skills: Maxed all 5 skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
Childhood aspiration: (Artistic Prodigy)

Rivals 2.18: Drop It Like It’s Samosa

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