Rivals 2.18: Drop It Like It’s Samosa

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 2 (Soma, Part III)


Bradly: In the wee hours, I mix my first amygdelight before starting to upgrade our rocket ship.

Bradly: Before work, I make an offering and a wish at the wishing well and receive a full promotion. If only I could reach Level 10 Scientist before Megumi moves out!

Yukio: We’re going to have Candy write you a Book of Life, too, Bradly.

Yuki: I really like my Level 7 work uniform. I wish I could keep this uniform forever!
Yukio: I agree. It’s one of the nicest Painter uniforms I’ve seen so far.

Yukio: Caleb drinks two plasma packs while dining at our restaurant this afternoon.
I mean, I’m glad he’s not preying on our customers but couldn’t he remain seated to avoid drawing so much attention?

And see that diner on my left with the hat? When Candy goes to prioritize their meal later, his review drops from 4 stars to 1 star.
What could she have said to him? It causes Korma Chameleon’s rating to drop a 1/2 star to 4 stars!!!

Have I introduced you to our new waiter, Krishna Joyson?
He’s a lazy loner which makes him seem unsuited to work as a waiter. I’m still deciding whether to fire him or not.

I’m so disappointed that Moss Dinero decided not to dine here today.
After he was seated, I rushed over to welcome him but he left soon after without ordering. I wonder why.

But now that Caleb has started dining here, I wonder if Megumi’s restaurant should be Italian…

Candy: This is why we have to keep that gate locked. Why did that creep follow me up here, anyway?

Yukio: This guy just wouldn’t leave! He’s just been sitting there with that stupid smile ever since Korma opened today at 11:30 am.
It’s 6 pm, though, and everyone needs to take a short break (especially the staff), so I close the restaurant (and the fool leaves without paying).

Daichi’s been acting oddly since yesterday.  Returning from the restaurant, I start the club and Daichi arrives as usual in his everyday outfit.
When I  phone for a nanny, Daichi’s encouraging Megumi while she draws.
Instead of a different nanny arriving, though, Daichi suddenly changes into his nanny uniform.

Oh well, we’re off to the restaurant! We can find Megumi another violin mentor there.

Yukio: Hiring an entertainer to mentor Megumi in front of the restaurant is a total bust!
The wait staff all come out to listen and leave her tips. The customers all drop by for a bit as well.
One of us even accidentally selects “Request a table” instead of “Disallow new customers,” so we all start getting seated until Watchette stops us.

After 3 hours, a single “real” diner has yet to be seated, so I close the restaurant at 10 pm and reopen it right away. Arrrggghh!!!

Lily: Really, Nancy? You couldn’t just go to the ladies’ room after we ordered?
Last time I ever invite you out for dinner! Scratch that, last time I ever invite you anywhere!

Yukio: On the plus side, we’re back to a 4.5-star rating!


Yukio: Now that we’re done investing in Korma Chameleon, we can finally build the Soma Museum.
That’s our club seal above the door!

Yuki: These are 12 of the 14 or 15 portraits I’ve painted of dear Yukio.
One is worth $9,044 (on the very left), two are around $6,500, and the rest range from $2,000 to $3,600.
I guess just having the Art Lover trait isn’t enough to make me a great painter…

Bradly: Or you could try a few more portraits once you bring home a better easel. How many more promotions do you need for that?

Yuki: The Fengs come to dine as a couple for a change. Lily’s even feeling flirty.
Had enough of girls’ night out, hey, Lily?

Nancy Landgraab’s back again, too. Not surprisingly, she’s not with Lily today.

Yukio: I welcome the Dineros to Korma Chameleon.
I’m not sure why Moss Dineros wears such a poignant, troubled look. Dude, it’s just lunch!

Yuki: So Nancy’s not dining alone after all! Her husband Geoffrey arrives, feeling flirty.
It’s great to see the married couples here together.

Yuki: I rush over to the Dineros’ table to offer them complimentary drinks.
Daniela and Salim’s 5-star reviews dropped to 4 stars because they didn’t like the food.

Yukio: This is unavoidable, I guess, since I just changed our menu last night to center on food and drink that are the hardest to prepare (Difficulty 5).

Yukio: Our third waiter, Krishna Joyson, shows up for work 3 hours late and out of uniform.
Needless to say, I fire him.  We don’t really do enough business to merit 3 waiters, anyway.

Speaking of business, when I played a tournament challenge last year, my outdoor restaurant had 8-9 tables filled for lunch and dinner every day.
It might be a combination of a higher-quality environment and the perks I’d purchased. Hmmm.
Oh right! The “Meal Rush” perk! How could I have forgotten!

Yukio: Before leaving, he looks pensive then mutters that we should add squid to the menu. Yeah, right!

Okay, let’s close up and go home, folks!

Back at home…
Megumi: Just as Papa’s about to leave for work, I finish playing the violin for five hours and am ready for my birthday.
Yukio: I, of course, return to celebrate my little girl’s leap into her teenage years.

Yukio: My little Megumi has grown up into a most beautiful teenager!
Her namesake, Megumi Tadokoro from “Food Wars,” was raised in a traditional Japanese inn run by her mother.
So we used an image of such an inn’s hearth for Megumi’s collage.
Yuki: Megumi ages up with that hair and wants to keep it, but I change its color from silver to lavender.

Yukio: And now we face a tremendous question! What boy will be even close to good enough for our Megumi!?
Bradly: My son, Braddon, obviously!

Megumi: Mama makes me the leader of Avant Gardes, which has almost no perk points but does boast a Writing skill boost.
I add everyone to the club and start a club gathering to start earning points.
Sadly, Daichi can’t be added because he already belongs to the Zanna and Dinero dynasty clubs.

Auntie Candy, would you at least smile while you’re mentoring me?

Yukio: Now that our restaurant and museum are more or less complete, I’m thinking about hiring a butler.
Yuki: Do we really need a butler? We only have one toddler in the house and Daichi’s so helpful!

Yukio: Actually, what’s great about a butler is that we could order a butler around!
Yuki: Really? So, okay, we could order a butler around, but the big question is, do they listen?
Yukio: Maybe we could try it out. That way, Daichi could focus on Braddon and we won’t have to deal with the other lame nannies…

Coming next: Will Korma Chameleon ever reach 5 stars?

Rivals 2.19: Reaching for the (5) Stars

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