Mori 2.11: A Wildly Improbable Romance

Week 8/Monday

Nio: After reaping that massage therapist Andy Herrick, Grim decides to stick around.
I guess he’s feeling pretty at ease in our home. Hey Grim, nuestra casa es su casa, okay?

Isabelle: I return home in the early morning with my Level 11 promotion to Secret Agent/Villain.
Check out my new career outfit which I’ll only wear for one day.
I quit my maxed career to work on earning points to buy Connections.
My Master Chef aspiration is roughly halfway done and I’m eager to join the Culinary career.


Isabelle: While I continue cooking to fulfill whims, everyone except Nio (who’s at work) sits down for breakfast.
Frank looks so different in blue skin wearing that gangster suit!

Kaoru: I don’t know how I ever missed noticing it! In front of the house, I spot my wife Anita flirting with Frank!
I ask Watchette to check and she learns that both their Romance bars are around 50%!

W: I should have taken a screenshot of their incriminating Romance bars, but I’m so astonished that I immediately have Frank “Ask to be just friends” with Anita.
Their romance isn’t anything I’d staged. The thought of those two becoming an item had never even occurred to me.

Kaoru: What do you think, Watchette? How and when could this have happened?
Have I been too focused on work and mentoring both the kids and Frank?
You know, Frank tried flirting with me, too, while I mentored him in Fitness but I just brushed it off.
W: Frank has already completed the Public Enemy career, and his Mischief skill is up to Level 9.
When he maxes the Boss career, he’ll be removed from the house. Sad to say, Anita should go as well.

Kaoru: I still can’t believe it! Anita is married to me and yet she chooses….Frank!?

Anita: This evening, I complete a second career at the ripe old age of 111 days!
During my young adult years, I first completed Painter/Patron of the Arts. Today, as an elder, I complete Writer/Author.
Initially, I only joined Writer to write books faster. I wanted to be able to write Books of Life for the family and to mentor Writing.
But Fate has generously let me live long enough to reach the peak of the Author career.

Moreover, I’ve raised three wonderful children and learned numerous skills.
I feel ready to let go of life, especially now that my affair with Frank’s been exposed…
My final gift to the family will be to give Nami room for a second child right away.
I wish I could hold my grandchild even once, but this is my punishment for playing with Frank, I mean, playing with fire.

Anita: I join the Scientist career with plans to die by electrocution, but that doesn’t work out.
So now I’ve asked Watchette to help me die by drowning.

W: What’s surprising is that, while she’s paddling around in the pool, Anita has a thought bubble of only one sim: Frank Biello.
Not Kaoru who she’s lived with for so long, but Frank who moved in just four days ago.
When did the two of them even get the chance to have such high romance bars?

Frank: Watchette, are you gossiping about Anita and I? My lips are sealed! A gentleman never kisses and tells.
On the other hand, I maxed Mischief and completed Chief of Mischief earlier today.
On my next workday on Thursday, I’ll definitely be promoted to Level 10 Criminal/Boss.
W: Hmmm, maybe Anita’s always had a secret passion for bad boys…

Nami: My own accomplishment’s been overshadowed by Mom maxing a second career, but I also got a promotion today to Level 6 Tech Guru.
And by the way, the timing of my Eating for Two notice means I should go into labor around 1:17 am on Thursday.
So this evening, I’ve been eating carrots and alternating between watching The Kids Network and listening to Alternative music.
Maybe I’ll invite Zach over tomorrow night so he could come with me to the hospital. Or should I have a home birth?
I really hate having to always worry about losing the mood boosts of household members at work.

Frank: Late Tuesday night, I see Guillermo roaming around among the trees behind the house and invite him over.
We have a spat in the Sauna-less Sauna Room, after which I lock him inside.
What? I’m helping the Mori household out by shouldering the unsavory task of earning the “Death points.”
I’m thinking “Death by starvation” for Guillermo.


Nio: It’s 10 a.m. and I get back from work just as Dad is leaving for the Lab.
I bag a promotion today and am now a Level 7 Oracle. It won’t be long now.
I’m really impressed by how Dad has stayed in the Scientist career all his life. He’s really committed.
Not for me! When I max my career, I’m going to quit my job and live off the garden!

Arisa: I’m sad about not doing as well at work as my siblings!
While Nio is a Level 7 Oracle and Nami is a Level 6 Tech Guru, I’m still only a Level 4 Entertainer.
Nio: What’s going on, Arisa? You’ve already maxed three musical instruments and the Comedy skill!
Arisa: Well, I was certain of a promotion on my second day of work, but I arrived an hour late and that reset my performance bar.
On my third work day, I still didn’t get that promotion either!
Nio: You have to be more careful about arriving to work on time, sis. But it’s not entirely your fault!
Nami and I need to be Focused for work, but you need to be Playful. Watchette’s afraid of you getting hysterical at work.


Isabelle: I finally buy Connections and join the Culinary career but don’t start work for four days! Four days! Ugh
I can’t complete my starting aspiration, Master Chef, until I “Cook 3 gourmet dishes at a social event” (too easy).
Reaching Level 8 of the Culinary career will take a bit longer, but I can do it! Meanwhile, I take care of the garden.
Whenever I finally finish Master Chef, I’ll be able to complete Freelance Botanist in a day or two!

Anita: I can tell that Watchette’s never caused a death by drowning. It’s taking forever!
Here’s a tip, sweetheart. Next time, make sure the sim’s Energy bar is really low before he enters the pool.
He won’t drown until several hours after his Energy Bar is completely depleted.
Oh, I hear that ominous music! I’m blacking out!  Farewell, Kaoru! If only you could have loved me more..

Grim Reaper: Whoa, it’s truly Anita! We’d just had the convo about her death!

Grim Reaper: This makes the third death in this household since Nami Mori took over five days ago!
Should I be pleased about the boost to my reaping quota, or unhappy about all the overtime?

Kaoru: Rest in Peace, Anita Mori. You were the love of my life, but you met Frank and then you weren’t.
Grim Reaper: Don’t take it too hard, Kaoru. Who can account for women’s tastes?

Nami: I’m feeling so uncomfortable tonight, Zach. I’ll be having our baby in several hours.
I’m more than delighted that you’ve come to spend the evening with me.
Zach: Nami, do you have a pool here? Why did you ask me to change to my swimwear, sweetness?
Nami: Just checking out your drool-worthy assets, my love. Shall we go watch The Kids Network?

Nami: With only an hour or so before the baby arrives, I decide to propose to Zach and he says yes.
I’ve had two spouses which I chose entirely for this legacy’s sake. I deserve some happiness with sweet Zach!

Zach: So what do you think, readers? Should I move into this crazy household?
Nami: Oh, I wish, Zach, but there’s just not enough space! Unless, of course, we move out Isabelle.
She’s maxed her Villain career already and hasn’t been very useful otherwise, but Nio might have a fit.
We can’t move Arisa out because she’ll complete the Joke Star aspiration and the Comedian career!

Nami: Just as Zach is about to give me a fertility massage, I go into labor.
(I know, right? He’s got those smoldering good looks, that hawt bod, AND Level 9 Wellness!)
I invite Zach along to the hospital but he freaks out and vanishes.
Oh well, nothing like strolling down a hospital corridor in a towel by myself.

Nami: After suffering the usual surgical incompetence that the hospital is known for, I return home with our son.
Everyone, please welcome Sora to the family.
Nio: Oh no, not “Sora”! That means “Sky” and you already monopolize the color blue!
Nami: In fact, my color is turquoise. Sora can choose light blue or navy blue, depending on his personality.

Zach: Returning home, Nami phones to ask me over (since I ran off in a panic at the hospital).
She invites me to spend the night, so I quickly head downstairs and go to sleep.
Nami: Oh no you don’t, Zach! That’s not what I meant by a sleepover! I still want another child!
Zach: It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it! *grins

Grim Reaper: So what’s up, Frank? What happened to that Guillermo dude in the Sauna Room?
Last time I was here, he was all smelly, starving, and ready to croak!
Frank: Well, I’d thought we’d be on the lot until Guillermo kicked the bucket.
But Nami went into labor and decided to have her baby at the hospital.
When we got control of this lot back, Guillermo had escaped.

GR: Why would Nami need to go the hospital for her baby? Didn’t her man run off on her there?
Frank: Apparently, she gets a birth certificate for her kid if Watchette joins her for a hospital delivery.
GR: If she’d gone to the hospital without Watchette, could she still have gotten a birth certificate?
Frank: Who knows? That’s a great question!

Frank: Anyway, back to Guilleromo. I invited him over again and locked him up in the Sauna Room.
Because starvation takes so long, I thought we’d try something different this time…
GR: Dude, you should have asked Watchette to move that room away from the rest of the house first.
Frank: Yeah, you’re right. But it’s too late now. He’lll probably end up starving in the end…

GR: By the way, Frank, have you thought about how you want to go, when your time comes?
Frank: Well, this family asked me to join them to handle their wet operations, so I feel I should choose a difficult death.
Hmmm, what about death by embarrassment?

I just wanted to repeat how shocked I was to discover that Anita and Frank had been in a romantic relationship.
And if I hadn’t by chance sent Frank over to perform some Mischief interactions on Anita, I might never have noticed their Romance bars.
Who needs to stage weird scenarios for their sims when they get into such bizarre situations all by themselves?

Rest in Peace, Anita Mori. You were a phenomenal spouse to Kaoru and a loving, supportive mother to three children. You mastered numerous skills and aspirations.
Yet, you marred your stellar image at the end as a result of your hanky-panky with Franky. (Actually, Anita would have died of old age in 4-6 days.)

Mori 2.12: Love, At Last

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