Mori 2.12: Love, At Last

Week 8/Thursday

Nami: Watchette seems to have forgotten about Zach and I, but we’ve been busy and can no longer try for baby.
In a moment of confusion, I take a pregnancy test, thinking that it would bring the two infants closer in age.
In fact, Baby 2 will only be born a day sooner but will stay in the infant stage a day longer (3 + 3).
Darn it, I hate being math-challenged!

Nami: I rush back to tell Zach the good news. After a show of happy excitement, he climbs into bed.
Well, it is 7:30 am and I have kept him up all night. *blushes
Still wide awake, I gaze at Zach’s sleeping face and fervently wish that he could join this household.

Frank: Thanks to Kaoru’s mentoring, I max Fitness and the BodyBuilder aspiration!
Kaoru: I should be angry with you for what happened with Anita, but I should have noticed that she needed more affection.
Frank: I’m really sorry about what happened, Kaoru. She was feeling so insecure about being elderly while you were having a second adulthood.

When Kaoru and I stand side by side, I’m still leagues away from his state of physical perfection.
Yet, don’t you think I look a lot better than when I moved into this house a week ago?
Kaoru: Has it only been a week?
Frank: Yeah, I moved in last Friday.

Nami: For the sake of transparency, here’s a look at our Potions Room that has just been uploaded to Watchette’s Library.
On the left, you can see all 80 Potions of Youth in four rows of 20 each.
Below them is a row of shelves holding one of each type of reward potion.
The other walls shelves hold items unrelated to legacy scoring: essences, tested serums, and a few herbal remedies.

Nio: Welcome home, Dad. How was work today?
Kaoru: I had a great day, son. And you?
Nio: I’d been worried that Lyric might have miscarried because she’d conceived earlier than Nami but hadn’t given birth yet.
Just a while ago, though, I checked my relationships and see that I fathered twin girls: Maribel and Felicity.
As soon as everyone’s home from work, I need to check where Lyric lives. I can’t wait to visit them!
Kaoru: Congratulations, Nio! *mutters: I’ll have my four grandkids as soon as Nami gives birth again!
And, Nio, we’ll have to postpone that visit, you know. We’re still waiting on Guillermo to croak…

Nami: This morning, Nio got promoted to Level 8 Oracle.
And after earning my Level 7 promotion this evening, I choose the Start-up Entrepreneur branch.
I’ll start and finish work earlier, giving me more time to spend with the children!
Nio: When is your due date, sis?
Nami: Well, Sora will age up to a child early Saturday morning and then I go into labor on Sunday morning.

Nami: Before leaving for work, Frank tells me that he’s crafted some camping mascots for my children.
Dang, he wasn’t kidding! There’s a veritable army of camping mascots on the roof!


Frank: I arrive home a little past 1 a.m. with my final promotion to Level 10. You are now looking at The Boss!
Cringe and fear my name, weaklings!

Nami: Come to mama, Mr. Zach Haskins!
Look how handsome my fiancé is! If we kicked Isabelle out, we could totally move Zach in!
Okay, folks, let’s get this show on the road. It’s a launch for “Operation Death by Embarrassment,” as Frank requested!

Kaoru: We try everything possible to embarrass Frank in an effort to push him into a Mortified mood but can never get past Very Embarrassed.
We even plan outfits at the dresser so he’s wearing that “Hat of Shame” sombrero, but no dice.
On the contrary, Isabelle and I get so embarrassed letting Frank walk in on us taking showers that Watchette makes us take naps!

Nio: Next, we try death by fire. I stuff fruit into the rocket ship’s exhaust pipes and sabotage the landing stabilizers.
Frank has zero Rocket Science skill and the crash initially appears fatal, but he survives.

Isabelle: Since the crash leaves Frank feeling dazed, Watchette wants him to wear a Dazed animal hat.
This time, going into CAS forces Kaoru, Nami, and Arisa to leave work early.
No matter! Watchette has started feeling desperately stubborn. Or is that stubbornly desperate?
W: Alas, repairing the broken stereo doesn’t cause death by electrocution. Foiled again! *gnashes teeth

Kaoru: Night falls and we regroup to consider our options.
Watchette has been saving the cowplants for later, since death by cowplant is so easy.
But after we push Frank into Very Embarrassed mode again, the very-hungry Frank eats the cake of one of two cowplants
Nio: And when the still-hungry (and now Drained) Frank eats the cake of the other cowplant not long after, he gets further Drained.
Mysteriously, the first cowplant offers cake a second time right away. When Frank takes the cake once more, it devours him.
Kaoru: Thanks for the new essences, ladies!

Grim Reaper: Would you believe it? This is the fourth death on this lot in eight days!

Carla the Cowplant: Dang, Kaoru! If everyone milked me with your gentle touch, I’d be giving it away for free!
Kaoru: Hush now, Carla. You know I’m not into the whole interspecies romance thing!
Grim Reaper: Ahem, I don’t mean to interrupt you lovebirds, but what’s going on with Guillermo?
Kaoru: Who knows? In four more hours, he’ll have been in that room for 48 hours.
Grim Reaper: I’m sure you know that he has to go through a 24-hour Hungry mode then a 24-hour Ravenous mode before dying of starvation.

Kaoru: Darn it, Grim! Since we’re all off on Saturday, we were planning to leave the lot to buy a retail store!
GR: Tough luck, Kaoru. If you want me to reap Guillermo, you’re staying on this lot for at least another 28 hours.
Kaoru: Well, Nami’s going into labor Sunday morning. I just hope she doesn’t insist on having her baby at the hospital again!
W: If Guillermo dies of old age after all this time, I will be profoundly peeved!

W: Rest in Peace, Frank Biello.
You maxed the Dancing, Fitness, Handiness, and Mischief skills; the Bodybuilder, Chief of Mischief, Public Enemy, Mansion Baron, and Curator aspirations; and the Criminal/Boss career.
But all you ever really wanted was to play with the dollhouse and dance!


Nami: I’m the head of this household now and I don’t have to listen to anyone else. I’m asking Zach to move in!
Someone to love, adorable children, a family life apart from the legacy—I want it all!
Nio: I can’t believe what you’re doing, Nami!
Nami: Don’t you remember our Watchette is math-challenged? With Frank gone, there’s only six sims in the house.
It would be just my luck to have twins tomorrow morning!
Nio: But Dad promised me that Isabelle and I could have a child.
Nami: You should hear yourself talking about Lyric and the twins sometime, bro.  Isabelle is not who you really love!
*whisper, whisper, whisper

Zach: Aren’t you going to introduce me, Nami?
Nami: I’m so sorry, darling. Everyone, this is my fiancé, Zach Haskins. He’s an Active Loner with maxed Wellness who Loves the Outdoors.
Kaoru: I’d thought Zach was close to my age, hun.
Nami: When he moved in, he was zero days to elder. What close timing! I had him drink a Potion of Youth and he’s back to Day 1 of the adult stage now.
And now our children will grow up with both parents nearby!

Nami: Zach is sheer perfection in motion! And did I tell you that his starting aspiration is Freelance Botanist?
I forgot to check when he moved in this morning, but his Gardening has risen to Level 6 already!
Zach: So what’s the plan for me, people? As Kaoru knows, I’m just a Level 1 Scientist.

Kaoru: Anita and I maxed three careers and the Gen2 kids completed all five teen careers.
Nio: When Arisa, Nami, and I are done, Gen2 will have cleared five adult careers, including Isabelle’s Villain and Frank’s Boss.
Kaoru: So, the next seven generations from Gen3 to Gen9 need to complete the remaining 15 careers, including two active careers, that’s roughly 2.1 careers per generation.

Nami: What all this means, Zach, is that you don’t need to join a career, unless you want to.
Zach: Understood! I’ll work on my own skills and aspirations first while supporting everyone with my Wellness skill.
Then I can help mentor our kids.
And since I love the outdoors, I’ll do my best to complete Outdoor Enthusiast. What a perfect life!

Nami: While I’m busy ogling Zach as he gardens, I receive notice of Sora’s birthday.
Sora has my round cheeks with Zach’s eyes and lips!

Sora is a Kleptomaniac and starts out as an Artistic Prodigy.
W: Sora aged up with red hair but I changed it to dark brown during his makeover.

Nami: Our household has witnessed so much drama and death since I assumed leadership of the Mori Legacy.
Gen2 has had a rocky start, but we’ve achieved many accomplishments and can hopefully just focus on collections and careers until Gen3 takes over.
And you know what? I believe that, just maybe, Cupid is smiling down on me, at last!

Zach: Sweetheart, who is that grungy sim standing in a puddle of pee in the small room next to the gym?
Nami: Oh, you mean Guillermo? That’s kind of a long story…
Kaoru: Hey, since we can’t leave the lot today, let’s throw you two a wedding party!

Yep! One little wedding coming up next!

I hope none of you have been offended by the slew of recent deaths on the legacy lot.
Due to my lack of experience with engineering deaths, I’ve been trying to see how they work while also trying to get past them.
You will perhaps be glad to hear that the household has already achieved six out of the eleven required types of death.
And if Guillermo ever dies, that would make seven!  *rolls eyes

To close on a lighthearted note, here’s my adaptation of an anonymous joke I read on the internet:

If your primary spouse and your secondary spouse were drowning and you had to choose, would you go to lunch or a movie?

Mori 2.13: Shame on You!

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