Mori 2.13: Shame on You!

Week 8/Saturday

Zach: So who’s this Guillermo?
Nami: Did you ever meet a blue guy named Frank who used to live here?
Zach (checks relationship panel): Nope.
Nami: Well, Frank was a Public Enemy and Guillermo was Frank’s very first declared enemy. Before Frank “departed,” he’d wanted to starve Guillermo to death.
So Guillermo’s been in that empty Sauna Room since after I returned home from the hospital and phoned you—early Thursday morning, I think.
Zach: So you’re just leaving him in there to starve?
Nami: *feigns intense interest in her fingernails

Kaoru: Little Sora truly is an Artistic Prodigy. He maxed the Creative skill in the middle of his third type of drawing and hasn’t even touched a musical instrument yet.
Nami: Is it because you’re encouraging him with your maxed Painting skill, Dad?

Arisa: Watchette has built a wedding venue on a 12×14 foundation so she can save it to Library as a room.
It’s split into three areas. On the left side, is the wedding arch and seating.
Watchette/W: For now, I plan to delete  this “room” when I’m done, then re-purchase it from the Library whenever a wedding will be held.
To be honest, I really like having such a large party area outdoors, but then what do I do with the other room downstairs with the bar and dance floor

The two areas on the right side consist of a dining area (above) and a dance floor with DJ station and a bar (below).

Zach: Only one guest has arrived so far, but Nami and I proceed to exchange our vows. She looks even more beautiful than usual today.
Nami: And you, Zach, are absolutely stunning in a tux!

Nami: We invited at least a dozen people besides family but only Ulrike Faust shows up.
Isabelle is our mixologist and I have no idea where Arisa’s gone.
Earlier, Watchette had to lock up every single skilling object because our family was trying to leave the ceremony to work out, play video games, or whatever.
How can they not care about our wedding? Sheesh!
Whatever! The most important thing is Zach and I are officially married!

Nami: We exchange bites of our invisible wedding cake, then I’m off to the DJing Station.
Zach: Nami is blue because so many guests didn’t come, but I’m a loner so that’s fine with me.
I wonder why we can’t do a group dance? When I moved in, Kaoru gave me a “special” outfit and told me to practice dancing.

Kaoru: There goes Isabelle off to work. She’s been such a disappointment after clearing the Villain career eight days ago.
After all this time, she’s only a Level 5 Line Cook and, because her aspiration is Master Chef, she’s barely earned any reward points. *shakes head

Kaoru: Nami earns a gold medal for the wedding party!
Of all the invited guests, our neighbor Ulrike is the only one who’s attended the wedding.
She is really a gorgeous woman with a lot of elegance and class. She even dressed to match the room décor!


Zach: In the wee hours of the morning, I plant and water one long row each of fast-growing elderberry and fireleaf herbs.
By tonight, I’ll be able to power-graft these plants and max the Gardening skill.
The sooner I can complete my starting aspiration, the better!
W: When Zach moved in, all he had in his inventory was a high school textbook. Why did we never meet him while he was a teenager?

Nami: Sora completed Artistic Prodigy last night and started Whiz Kid this morning.
Though I’ve stayed up painting in order to read with him for two hours, Sora took forever to play three games of chess with Arisa!
Arika kept dropping her queued chess games for other activities, like grabbing one of Isabelle’s bar drinks.
But now it’s just Sora and me! He is so adorably attentive!

Nami: When the little boy climbed all the way to the top of the mountain and witnessed the sun rising out of the clouds…
Oh dear, I’m going into labor!
*mutters: Grrr, that stupid Guillermo is making our second child miss out on a birth certificate!

Sora: I wish Mom would be a little quieter! I’m trying to watch The Kids Network!

Nami: Welcome to the world, little Naoki Mori, born in the hour of the pelvis-thrusting skeleton.
His name is pronounced like “Now + key.”

Zach: What a miraculous feeling to hold our little boy in my arms.
Look at you with your long eyelashes, Nao! You’re going to grow up into such a heartbreaker!

Kaoru: Suddenly we hear the music of someone’s approaching death.
W: Wait, why is Guillermo holding up his arm like that? Grim, how did he die?
Grim Reaper: You’ll have to find out for yourself. When he returns as a ghost, you can ask him his cause of death, at least that’s what I read on the internet…

W: I’ll explain how I know at the end of this update but Guillermo had been an elder with a bubbling age bar by the time of Saturday’s wedding party.
Talk about a waste of time! *facepalm

Nami: Well, now that we’re not stuck on the lot anymore, let’s go see about buying a retail store in Magnolia Promenade.
Watchette builds us a basic two-story shop very quickly. The second floor is currently empty.
Kaoru: Looks like you forgot to cover the floor. Next time, okay?

Zach: I’m a loner so I leave the store to the rest of the household. Sora and I go fishing off the pier.
Kaoru: On long tables and two Lice Coolers, we arrange all the food we’ve been hoarding in family inventory and also hang some extra Space Prints.
Nami: Dad, Nio, Arisa, Isabelle, and I work in the store until around 10 pm, but we only manage to buy a single retail perk.
Nio: Buying all the retail perks is going to take forever, sis! We need to re-read that strategy by Nutella!

Week 9/Monday

Zach: Using a strategy shared by reggikko, I work through my paired rows of Elderberry and Fireleaf plants, taking cuttings from one pair of plants at a time then grafting them onto each other.
I hit Level 10 Gardening and finish Freelance Botanist before I’m halfway down the rows.

Kaoru: Nami, what do you think of Isabelle?
Nami: Zach has already finished Freelance Botanist, Mansion Baron, and Fabulous Wealthy, while Isabelle is still stuck on her first aspiration.
She also hogs the skilling objects and distracts us into dropping our queues by making bar drinks.
I believe she’s outlived her usefulness to the Mori Legacy—I vote her off the island!

Kaoru: When Isabelle gets embarrassed after walking in on me in the shower, Watchette leaps into action.
W: Using various tricks, we get Isabelle into a Very Embarrassed mood.

W: Next, we have Isabelle hit on Kaoru, but he likes it and runs off to work in a Flirty mood. Silly Kaoru!
Arisa also likes Isabelle’s advances and gets flirty, so she’s not helpful, either! Go work on your comedy routines, Arisa!
It takes Zach, who rejects Isabelle’s flirting with disgust, to push her into Mortified. But she lives on.

Oh well. Her needs are low so I move her to the Sauna Room. Maybe she’ll starve. Just in case, I occasionally have her “reminisce about an embarrassing memory.”

W: Now that I’ve managed to stop obsessing over Isabelle, I shift my attention to the rest of the household.
Arisa, you need to finish your daily task! Stop dropping it from your queue! That’s why you’re still a Level 5 Jokesmith!

Zach: I’m in the gym, being mentored by Kaoru, when we hear the doom and gloom music…
W: Hmmm, Isabelle must have wet herself after consuming the bar drinks I left her. She’s entered a state of Ultimate Mortification.

Grim Reaper: Six types of death in in eight days—it’s a new personal best for you, Watchette!
*counts fingers: Overexertion, Overheating, Hysteria, Cardiac Explosion, Drowning, Cowplant, Old Age, and now Mortification. That’s eight all together, so what’s left?
W: Electrocution, Fire, and Starvation. The first two will be super hard, I’m sure!
I feel very bad that Nami’s generation had to deal with so many deaths but this will make life easier for the remaining generations.


Nio: Would you please help me out, Watchette? *waves arm
I’m late for work, which started an hour ago at 1 am, but I’m stuck on the computer and can’t leave.
W: Sheesh, Nio, I wish you sims would autonomously stop what you’re doing when it’s time to go to work.
Nio: By the way, Watchette, do you like me when I wear my Level 9 Oracle threads?
W: Oh yes, Nio, I like you very, very much in your Oracle threads! And when you get home, let’s have a talk about Lyric.

Author’s Notes

I still can’t believe he died of old age after all that time the family remain glued to the lot for his sake.
Do you remember how blue Frank was planning outfits to change hats as he tried to get embarrassed, then dazed, and then embarrassed again?
Apparently, all of Guillermo’s needs (except Social) got refilled whenever a sim came out of CAS after planning outfits. (Thanks to Playalot for explaining how to test the relationship between CAS and NPC needs.)
So now we know: If you’re trying to starve an NPC sim, don’t plan outfits!

The Eighth Sim:
Now that Isabelle is gone and the household is back down to seven sims, I’m torn about who the eighth sim should be.
Nami and Zach could have a third child (a daughter, this time) or Nio could invite Lyric to join the family.
If we go the Lyric route, Zach and his Active trait could join an Athlete career and Lyric becomes the homebody. She’ll have to wait to have an in-house child.
Kaoru becomes an elder in two sim-days, but he has the Long-Lived trait and……hmmmm.

Mori 2.14: The Birth of a Patriarch

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