Mori 2.14: The Birth of a Patriarch

Week 9/Tuesday

Kaoru: Wassup, Grim? Thanks for coming by to reap Isabelle. Sorry for keeping you so busy lately!
Grim: No worries, Kaoru. That’s what I do!
Zach: So what are up to now, Grim? Did you stop by the gym to stare at my body or did you come to work out?  *encourages Grim to work out

Kaoru: Time passes so quickly! I’ll be an elder in just two days!
I recently completed Big Happy Family and gained the Patriarch trait, which would be more useful if this were an Immortal Dynasty Challenge.
When Nio brings home his final promotion for Oracle tonight, I’ll also complete Successful Lineage!
I could have earned both of these much faster if I hadn’t waited until I was practically an adult to have children!

I’ve been inventing objects to leave behind so the household will never need another Scientist.
Recently, I invented another fully-upgraded SimRay, a fully-upgraded Cloning Machine, and a Satellite Dish.
Hmmm, maybe I should invent a non-upgraded SimRay for the family to use for “death by fire.”

Nami: I’ve been so much happier since Zach’s moved in! Has it been noticeable?
Zach: This morning, I realized that Nami and I were Soulmates but not BFFs, so we remedied that.
Nami: I wonder if we should do the Soulmate aspiration after Zach finishes Bodybuilder and Outdoor Enthusiast?

Nio: Just as I return home at 10 am, we get a notice that Naoki is ready to age up. His parents are busy, so I do the honors.
Naoki is a Whiz Kid with the Active trait (like his dad), so I mentor him while he plays three games of chess with Arisa.
Zach: Nami read to Sora for two hours, so I’m the one reading to Naoki. I love being a father!

Zach: Here’s a collage of the four of us. As Nami mentioned previously, Sora has Nami’s cheeks but his eyes and mouth resemble mine.
Nao has my facial shape as well as my eyes and mouth, but his mother’s skintone.
Of course, it’s impossible to say how children will turn out until they become teenagers.

Nio: Speaking of children, I’ve created a little club with Lyric and our two daughters.
Lyric is looking lovely as always. She works as an Entertainer, like Arisa.
Next to me sits Maribel who is Cheerful and next to Lyric sits Felicity who is Insane.
Once Sora and Nao reach the Social milestone where they need three child-age friends, they should start a club with my daughters and Doreen’s kid with Paolo!

Nami: Today I bring home my Level 8 promotion and don’t work again until Thursday.
Nio: Nice work, Nami! You are really on a roll, even while bearing two children!
Anyway, married life seems to really suit you, Nami! And Zach’s a great guy!
Nami: What about you, Nio?
Nio: Well, after spending time with Lyric and our daughters today, I’ve decided not to ask Lyric to move in.
It’s just not right to separate her from our girls. Once you’re ready to let me go, I can always go live with them, right?
You and Zach should feel free to have a third child, sis.

Nami: Where is that fabulous man of mine? It’s just past 4 pm and Dad gets home at 7.
We have time for a fertility massage and a few “Try for baby” moves!
Zach: It’s a little rushed, but we can do it!
Nami: Zach, why are you always in your workout shorts?
Zach: What can I say? I’m an Active sim!

Arisa: I can’t believe Nio is already a Level 9 Oracle and Nami got promoted to Level 8 Start-up Entrepreneur today?
What is my problem? Why am I still at Level 5 Jokesmith?
W: Well, you drop your queue a lot, then leave for work without finishing your daily task. Sometimes I send you to work, but you get distracted and arrive late for work.
You should buy the Pro Slacker trait! At least, you won’t be penalized for being late to work.

Arisa: Zach’s an Active sim, but you’re a Geek, Nio. What’s your excuse for wearing shorts?
Nio: This is my athletic wear, sis. When Watchette asked me to mentor Nao, I was practicing yoga.
Nao: It’s so cool that you’re mentoring me, Uncle Nio! I’m already Level 6 Mental!

Sora: Ahhh, this is the life, I tell you—playing video games, listening to tunes!
W: Just when I think that Nao is the cuter brother, Sora goes and makes this adorable face!

Zach: We’re right on schedule, honey, let’s make some fireworks!
Nami: After one try, I’m definitely pregnant because Zach’s Try for baby option is greyed out.
But I take a pregnancy test anyway, because I can’t deal with waddling for four days.

Kaoru: Since everyone’s off tonight, we make a quick stop at the Partihaus on our way to Granite Falls.
This little girl looks just like her mother did at this age.
Her name’s Marci Primley, the daughter of Doreen Primley and Paolo Rocca. She has the Neat trait. (Neat!!!)
Depending on the rest of her traits, she’d make a great spouse for one of my grandsons!

Zach: It’s my first visit to Granite Falls and I’m eager to start working on my Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration!
We gather herbs and fish in the Campground area, the National Park, and then the Hermit’s Retreat where we pitch our tents.
Naoki: Our fish collection is only missing two fish, but I catch a Gummie Guppie tonight at the National Park. Go me!


Kaoru: In the morning, I start fishing right after breakfast and catch the elusive blue crawdad. Our extended collection of 32 fish is complete!
Nami: This is the first visit to Granite Falls for everyone in the house except Dad. It’s beautiful here! My baby bump approves!

Sora: While Dad’s outside distracting the hermit, I successfully swipe a Satisfied Squirrel Hot Chocolate Kit from the Hermit’s House.
I can’t wait to max the Social skill, so I can start leveling Mischief and swipe the quality swag!

Zach: The hermit and I become friends really fast. It helps that we share the Loves the Outdoors and Loner traits.
Just think, if I’d had the insane trait, I might have become the hermit!

Nami:  It’s 7 am and we need to go home so the boys can prepare for school.
By the time we leave Granite Falls, Kaoru, Nio, and Zach have all completed the first tier of Outdoor Enthusiast.

Nami: We cut it really close! There’s just enough time for Zach and I to discuss techniques for Cognitive Focusing and Mental Relaxation with our sons.
For his first day of class, Nao drinks a Focused potion. He’s a Whiz Kid and we want him to get an A as soon as possible!

Kaoru: I believe today will be my last day of work since I become an elder tomorrow.
Or maybe I should have Watchette join me at work tomorrow so I can make one last attempt to complete some of our collections.
I almost quit work today, but realized that I can’t retire unless I age up to an elder first. Bah!
I’ll just take a day off tomorrow!

Zach: When I reach Tier 3 of Outdoor Enthusiast, I notice that my “Befriend the Hermit of Granite Falls” milestone isn’t checked off.
In a panic, I try chatting with him on the internet and then on the phone, but no go.
Then I spot him strolling by the house.  Saved!

After brewing the required 3 excellent herbal remedies, I make a few more to boost my Herbalism skill.
I’m at Level 9 now, so I should start thinking about that darned tent-sleeping milestone.
By the way, I thought our stove was broken. Whenever I finish brewing a remedy, I can’t use the stove anymore
Watchette says the remedy sits invisibly on the stove burner; she’s seen it happen before. She can’t see the finished remedy until placing the stove in the family inventory.
What a pain to have to move the stove after every remedy. Thanks for helping, Watchette!

Nami: In my second trimester, I’m still undecided about whether to have a girl or not.
If we weren’t concerned about unique traits, I feel our simverse is populated with a lot more attractive-looking female sims.
This is less true, I feel, when it comes to male sims.
I spotted this dubious specimen of manhood behind our house earlier, complaining to no one in particular about trash left over from our wedding.
Kaoru: Sims like him are the reason The Dancers cannot be revived!


Nami: I made up my mind early this morning and have eaten 12 strawberries while listening to pop music.
Checking my moodlets, I see I have the Vicarious moodlet, thanks to Dad. I should try to max cooking while he still lives with us.

Sora (in blue) and Nao (in green) leave for school, wearing little impudent smirks.
What do they know that we don’t know?

Outdoor Enthusiast
I felt unwell and spent the last two days real-life resting. Everyone knows how much I dread the Outdoor Enthusiast’s “Sleep in tent for 5 nights” milestone.
When I woke up, I realized that I’d forgotten to pause and exit my game two days ago. Checking my game, I found that Zach had already completed the tent-sleeping milestone and that none of the other sims in the house were missing or dead. *pumps fist

Then I woke up for real and realized that I’d just dreamed about Zach and his Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration. Oh well!

Have 10 kids in one generation
This requirement for the tenth point in the Family category has a single couple having or adopting 10 children. Since Kaoru and Nio will be moving out soon, I’m really tempted to keep whiny Arisa until she completes the Comedian career, then have Nami and Zach (because they’re such a nice-looking couple) bear and adopt seven more children.
Okay, I just read a comment by Pinstar that the children can’t be moved out until their teens. I’ll have to wait until a later generation when I can resist having an heir with so many siblings.
*grabs a notepad and starts calculating

The Simverse Population
Although a legacy challenge doesn’t require pollinating (since LegacyLoves can be downloaded from the Gallery), I haven’t found too many spouse candidates that really attract me, erm, I mean “attract my sms,” of course. Sadly, I can’t upload my own LegacyLoves household to Gallery then download into my game.
Genes are everything, almost.

Mori 2.15: A Gluttonous Gal

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