Mori 2.15: A Gluttonous Gal

Week 9/Thursday

Nio: I hope to max Dancing by having Dad close by, but his Patriarch trait doesn’t kick in, whether he’s playing the violin or not.
Wait, Nami just walked by and she immediately got the Patriarch trait! What am I missing?
Does the game think that he’s not my father?  *checks family tree again

Arisa: After Watchette tells me take a bubble bath at 1:00 pm, I meander this way and that to finally reach the bathroom.
Nio: It’s 2:10 pm and that Arisa is still in the bath? Does a bubble bath take longer than 45 sim-minutes or did she simply start her bath late?
Kaoru: She is seven days from becoming an adult. I think she needs to start using Negotiate Bonus, too.
W: I get it now. Arisa is slower. She needs 90 minutes to take a bubble bath before work.

Kaoru: I love sitting down to dinner with my family! Oh, I can’t forget to take them out to dinner!
I’m dying to try out that restaurant Iyashi and we need to start on our Experimental Foods Photo collection!
Speaking of cooking, Zach’s turning out to be a surprisingly great cook! After cooking just four meals, he’s already at Level 6.
Nami: We really need to focus on moving Arisa out.  Maybe hook her up with that pink-haired dude who looks like a gym trainer?
Nio: A better choice would be Hugo Villareal or Lucas Munch, then she could go live in a nice home that we could visit!

Zach: My Energy finally hits the red zone and I take off for the tent.
Watchette makes me a little living area of my own but, thankfully, decides that I only need to be here to sleep.
But where did the gate go?
W: You’re being well watched, Zach. Look! I even got you that new Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar!
Kaoru: Tsk tsk. What do you mean, “well watched,” Watchette? You’re spoiling that sim rotten!

Nao: I just realized that I don’t have a BFF, because I’ve been so busy with school and stuff!
Will you be my friend, Uncle Nio? What!? I’m just a kid, Uncle Nio, I don’t have any deep secrets to reveal yet!

W: That happy look on your face means good news?
Arisa: Yes, I finally made it to Level 6 Solid Storyteller in the Comedian Career!
Nio: It’s only taken you 13 days to go from Level 4 to Level 6, girl! What are you waiting for?
Grab some dinner then go finish your daily task!

Nami: What are you doing tonight, Dad? Why play the piano?
Kaoru: To be honest, I’m running out of things to do. I’m just waiting for your sons to complete their aspirations so I can help mentor them.
Nami: We got the notice about celebrating your birthday around 7 pm tonight. How shall we celebrate?
Kaoru: Everyone’s actually home tonight since I miscalculated Nio’s last promotion.
He was supposed to work last night but he came with us to Granite Falls instead.

Nami: And did you hear that Arisa finally got her Level 6 promotion?
If Zach weren’t doing his tent-sleeping milestone, I’d want to go out and celebrate at Iyashi, but…
Kaoru: I understand, dear, the timing is inconvenient. What about if we have a small birthday party?
The boys can meet some adults for their Social Butterfly aspiration.

Nio: While chatting with Nao, I hear some weird chomping sounds over by the fridge.
Then I remember that Arisa’s third trait is Glutton.

Nao: Auntie Arisa should probably avoid dinner dates, agreed, Uncle Nio?
Nio: Yeah, agreed. The way she eats could prove a serious deal-breaker, Nao.
Nao: Whatever. Now, Uncle Nio and I are BFFs!

Nio: Um, Arisa, do you mind moving away from in front of the fridge? We need to prep for Dad’s birthday.

Kaoru: Say what you will, Nio. Arisa looks gorgeous when she’s not eating!
I mean, look at her performing one of her comedy routines!
These are desperate times! I encourage her to drink an Essence of Confidence then try to Negotiate a Bonus. Success!
W: She could have just boosted her mood to Very Confident with the mirror and some Wellness socials, but I share your feeling of despair.

Kaoru: Do you like how I’m blowing out my birthday candles but not a single sim is paying attention?
Nami: Dad, I think you should have done the “Go here together” action first.
Kaoru: I’ll remember that for next time. But, oh wait, I’m an elder, so there won’t be a next time.

Nao: The girls arrive: That’s the cheerful Maribel Archer (left), the insane Felicity Archer (center), and the neat Marci Primley (right).
Maribel and Felicity are our cousins, but Sora and I are sure glad that Marci isn’t!

Nao: Watchette bought us a puppet theatre for tonight’s party. I give it a whirl after Mom whispers to me that we’ve earned a gold medal.
My show seems to be a big hit and really boosts my Social.
Sadly, I can’t invite sims I’ve never met to my performance.

Sora: In the other room sit Doreen with daughter Marci and Nio’s girlfriend Lyric.
Marci’s really cute and almost as pretty as her mother, Ms. Doreen Rocca!
I wonder if Uncle Nio will ever marry his girlfriend.

Nio: Watchette catches Arisa leaving the room with Dad, apparently she’s offered to give him a massage…during a party.
She’s so hopeless! I’m glad Watchette nipped that in the bud right away!
Nami: I invited that nice Lucas Munch over, hoping that Arisa and Lucas might hit it off. What do you think?


W: Of course, Zach wakes up before having slept an entire night in the tent (the counter’s still 0/5) and with low Social.
Gaaahhh! Go have Kaoru mentor you in Fitness if you won’t sleep!

Kaoru: Thanks, Watchette! I’d rather mentor the younger generations than plunk on that ole piano any day!

Nio: After all the party guests go home, I ask the lovely Lyric to marry me.
Lyric: I seriously believed that you were never going to ask me!
Nio: Do you think we could have our wedding here, Dad? I don’t work again until Sunday.
Kaoru: Of course, though we can throw your wedding early so we won’t come between Zach and his tent…

Nio: Dad’s Patriarch trait didn’t help at all with Dancing, but helped me max the violin in about 90 minutes.
That’s some powerful stuff! Patriarch won’t help Zach but you could mentor Nami in all the mentor-able skills.
Kaoru: She’s maxed those already but maybe I’ll use it to help her power-skill Cooking and Mixology; they’re always useful.
And you and Arisa should mentor Zach since you two will also be moving out eventually.

Nio: Well, aren’t you some kind of awesome, Nami! You’re 3 days younger than me but you maxed your career first!
Nami: My back’s killing me. Do I give birth tonight? If I go the hospital to have the baby, will Zach’s Energy meter refill? Life is so complicated!

Nami: Around 6:30 pm, I go into labor and take Zach with me to the hospital. I’m sorry that this might affect Arisa’s work performance.
Zach: Being an Active sim, after a brief bout of prenatal panic, I head for a treadmill but that pesky Watchette cancels the interaction.
Nami: After haggling with the receptionist for an hour, I’m finally allowed to go to the delivery room.

Zach has not been entirely a paragon of moral support! Will he act like this every single time?
W: You talk as if you plan to have more children…
Nami: Well, I did just max my career today and am planning to quit that job…
W: I think it’s too late for you to think about having 7 more children, even if you adopt.
I’d prefer to start by adopting so we could keep the last five naturally born children.

Zach: You’re right. I’d hate to have to move out Sora and Nao so soon! Maybe their generation can have the 10 children…

Nami:  Welcome to the Mori Legacy, little Hana Mori!
While I hold our precious daughter in my arms for the very first time, my perfect husband is busy cleaning up the delivery room.
You don’t have to do that here, darling, we’re ready to go home now!
Doctor Tina Watt (to Nami): Does your husband happen to have a brother? Ideally, a twin brother?

Mori 2.16: Party Poopers

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