Mori 2.16: Party Poopers

Week 9/Friday

Watchette/W: As the loading screen opens after our return from the hospital, I discover Zach sleeping in Nao’s bed downstairs.
Oh no you don’t, Zach! I rudely awake him and tell him to go chat with his wife.

W: When he tries heading for a bed again, I turn him around to go for a jog. Don’t come back until you’re dead tired, you hear?
I want you to spend one entire night sleeping in the tent. It’s now 1:30 a.m.

Nio: When I check Arisa at work, she’s very close to a promotion so I quickly switch our club vibe to Playful.
Arisa: And I come home a Level 7 Rising Comedian!
Kaoru: Keep it up, Arisa! Only 3 more levels to go. You can do it!
Arisa: Let me get working on my daily task before I get distracted.


Zach: I make a nice breakfast this morning but why is it so hard for everyone to sit down together?
Kaoru: I hear you slept your first entire night in the tent. Good work!
Zach: Ugh, feels like it’s going to take forever. I’d rather be sleeping with my wife, you know!
Sora: I finished all my aspirations except Social Butterfly. Since we never go anywhere, it’s hard to make enough friends!
Nao: Same here, I’ve done the same three aspirations.
Kaoru: But since you’re active, Nao, you might do one of the Athletic careers. You should really try to finish Social Butterfly, both of you!
Sora: Let’s start a club with Marci, Felicity, and Maribel!

Nio: By the way, Paolo passed away last night. Doreen must be really sad.

Kaoru: Let’s throw your wedding party now, Nio. You don’t work until 1 a.m. tonight!
Nio: I’ll definitely hit Level 10 Oracle tonight, so it would be sweet to get married to Lyric right before work!
Nami: Well, what are you waiting for? Phone it in, bro!

Nio: Lyric looks breathtaking in her black bridal gown!
Nami: I’ve never seen my brother Nio looking quite so demure!

Arisa: Awww, Lyric looks so very happy!
Hey, where have some of the guests gone?
Kaoru: They’re hoping to use the computers or massage tables. Don’t worry—Watchette’s moved them all into a locked room.

Nio: The usual shot of the exchanging of wedding cake!
Kaoru: May you and Lyric enjoy many happy sim-days together!

Arisa: Hubba hubba, Dad! Who’s that handsome hunk sitting next to you? Would you please introduce me?
Kaoru: This is Wendell Behr. I recently discovered that he’s the son of Candy Behr.
The young adult Wendell is your half-brother, however, so he’s off limits to you.
Nami: What? You gave Mom grief about her affair with Frank and you yourself had a love child?

Kaoru: After I completed Soulmate with your mother, Watchette coerced me into also completing Serial Romantic.
The tenth point in the Legacy score’s Love category is earned by a single sim completing both of these aspirations.
I ran into Candy at Narwhal Arms and all the aspiration required was that we share a First Kiss and she become my girlfriend.
But Candy was extremely, how shall I phrase it, persuasive.

Nami: Anyway, now that Nio’s off to work and we’re all productively engaged, I’d like to ask your opinion of Nio’s wedding party.
Kaoru: Even though Nio and Lyric looked ecstatic and the party earned a gold medal, it had to be the worst in our history.
Nami: I agree, Dad. I wish Watchette would make us a lockable party room. Once the guests enter, they do not leave the room.
Kaoru: In fact, I wish we had two-way locks! A guest could enter the venue but they could not leave!
Well, at least, not until we ended the party…

Nami: I learned something new about babies and parties, too! During a party, I should keep the baby in a locked room only accessible to Zach and me.
Kaoru: Really? Why?
Nami: Whenever Hana cried, Doreen and all the children ran over to her but wouldn’t breast feed Hana or change her dirty diaper.
However, if any sim queued an interaction with Hana before I did, they prevented me from taking care of Hana’s needs. It was a nightmare.

Kaoru: Despite all our party woes, though, I’m glad to see Nio happily wed. You Gen2 kids have made so many sacrifices for this legacy!

Week 10/Sunday

Kaoru: I’ve also learned something new about myself lately.
I love having a husband and children. I don’t want to add to the scheduling confusion by keeping my job.
Also, Dad will be moving out soon, so I’m thinking about adding a secondary spouse to be a pollinator.
What do you think?  And tonight’s Guys’ Night Out so we can go a-hunting!
W: The pickings seem extremely slim. I do have a personal favorite with odd traits, but great looks. We do need unique traits, though, right?

Sora: Meanwhile, I can now Troll Teh Forums! Who needs Social Butterfly when you’re a Klepto, you know what I mean?
W: Nio, then Isabelle and Frank, and now you, Sora. Can we please get a break from skilling Mischief?
*checks to see if any remaining careers require Mischief.  Nope! *sighs with relief

Sora: Hey, I only need two adult friends to finish Social Butterly! I should finish it, right?
Nami: You’re so close! You definitely should!

Arisa: Our first two generations have completed so many skills and aspirations that I don’t even know why I bother to work on Bodybuilder!
I realize I’m slow to act and that I’m a glutton, but I have always been a dutiful daughter.
Dad will probably move out (where?) before receiving his first notice from Grim.
Nio will move in with Lyric and their girls. But what do I want to do and where will I go?
Maybe I’ll just move in with Dad somewhere. I don’t want him to live alone in his old age.

Kaoru: And I’m playing guitar in the kitchen because?
Nami: Exactly! You and Patriarch are helping me max Homestyle and Gourmet Cooking!
Kaoru: Hey, Nio gets back in an hour and no one else is working today. We can finally go out to eat once Zach wakes up!

Nami: Well, well! Someone looks insanely happy this morning! Congrats on maxing Oracle, bro!
Nio: Thanks, sis! You know, I’ve checked our skills and you’ve got mentoring covered without me. I’m ready to move out, yo!
Nami: Not so fast! We’re waiting on Zach to earn his second night of tent-sleeping then we’re all going out to eat.
Nio: Huh? It’s only his second night so far?
Nami: Please, don’t ask! Also, you’ve written a Book of Life for Nao since you two are BFFs but could you also write one for Zach, Sora, and Hana before you go?
Nio: No problem! I’ll start right now then wait for Hana to age up tomorrow.
W: Would you please write one for Marci Primley, too?

Nao: I just maxed Social so I’m going to try for Social Butterfly, too.
I invite Marci Primley over and hope we can become friends.
W: I might have given a little squee at how cute they look together. And notice how Nao’s left eye is slightly narrower than his left eye.

Nami: While waiting for Zach to wake up, Watchette has started to build a sunken garden similar, in concept, to the one in her previous Immortal Dynasty.
Obviously, it’s not finished yet but the garden is now subterranean.

Zach: One nice thing about this tent milestone, I actually get a full night’s sleep while the others are slaving away!
Two nights down, three more to go! I want to be done with this tent before returning to Granite Falls to collect the 15 insects!

Kaoru: And we’re all off to the Iyashi Restaurant in Newcrest.
Because of how Iyashi is positioned on this lot, we all trample through the sand garden on our way to the restaurant’s entrance.
W: This is a no-cc version of my Shimuzu remodeling that the Sanadas frequented in their Apocalypse Challenge.

Nio: That’s it, everyone! Take a photo of your meal! That’s what we came for!
Nao: Grandpa invited Ms. Elsa Bjergsen along and she becomes my friend. I hear Uncle Nio whispering that Grandpa has his eyes on her, whatever that means.
Sora: Mom says Ms. Bjergsen’s a detective so I better not “enthuse about the thrill of the steal” to her, eh?

Zach: At 8:19 pm, we get a message that it’s Hana’s birthday, but we’re still waiting on our main course.
Don’t forget to take your photos!  After that, more eating and less talking, folks!


After waiting in vain until 11 p.m., we realize we need to re-order our main course.
We’re finally served our third and final course at 2 a.m. What terrible service!
On the plus side, with seven of us snapping photos, we do complete our collection of Experimental Food Photos!

Nami: As soon as I get home, I age Hana up. A Creative Rambunctious Scamp, she immediately runs off to the space gym.
Zach: My Energy’s already in the yellow zone, but Watchette sends me on a jog (push the limits) before letting me sleep in the tent. What a slave driver!

Zach: Like our sons, Hana (which means “flower”) also has my narrow eyes.
Occasionally, I make an expression where I involuntarily squint my left eye; all three children share this as well.
Nami: Hana is in dire need of a makeover but not until after Zach wakes up so as not to refill his Energy bar. *sighs
Her most fascinating feature is that she’s the only one of us so far to have inherited Dad’s violet eyes.

Nio: Speaking of Dad, he forms a club for two with Elsa Bjergsen then autonomously offers her a fertility massage. Good thinking, Dad.
Let’s go ahead and claim The Lighthouse as a Mori stronghold!
Arisa: Maybe I’d like living with Dad after all…and by the way, Nio, you can’t move out before me!
Nio: Why not?
Arisa: Because you were voted the cadet!



Before a party is thrown at the house, I need to lock away all the computers and massage tables as well as place paintings to fill the easels.
Otherwise the party guests and hosts will not stay in the main party area to wine, dine, and socialize.
Am I the only simmer who must strong-arm their sims to party? Nio’s wedding party was really the worst.

The Household

I really want to move out Arisa, but she’s still only a Level 7 Comedian, so she’ll have to wait.
Kaoru the founder, who is roughly a 4-day-old elder, will be moving out in several days.

This leaves seven sims in the household. Nami, Zach, their three children, Nio, and Arisa.
I thought of importing a pollinator and found two very attractive prospects in the Gallery, then realized I’d prefer saving them for my future heirs’ primary/secondary spouses.

The Household (once Kaoru moves out)
Zach (11 days to elder): Needs 3 more tent nights to complete Outdoor Enthusiast
Nio (19 days to elder): Maxed his career and many aspirations; he can quit his job and mentor
Arisa (3 days to adult): Level 7 Comedian; if Kaoru moves out in 2 days, she could have a baby daddy…
Nami (12 days to adult): Maxed her career and 21 skills; she can quit her job and cruise
Sora (4 days to teen): finishes all 4 aspirations after making 1 more adult friend
Naoki (7 days to teen): finishes all 4 aspirations after making 2 more child friends (Nio’s girls?)
Hana (13 days to teen): anyone’s guess but first she needs a makeover

The first two generations have worked so hard that Gen3 might actually be able to take it easy!

Mori 2.17: Operation “Storm The Lighthouse”


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