Mori 2.17: Operation “Storm The Lighthouse”

Week 10/Monday

W: Our intrepid Outdoor Enthusiast embarks on a third night of sleeping in a tent. Will he make it?
Nami: He darn better make it! Besides being my sweetheart baby daddy, his only responsibilities are to complete Outdoor Enthusiast and help raise our children.

Arisa: I finish a portrait of Zach that I’d started yesterday.
Nio: But Zach doesn’t need to be memorialized for the legacy score! Nami’s primary spouse is Nehemiah Asher!
Arisa: For scoring, you’re right. But for the sake of aesthetics, the legacy museum will hang a portrait of Zach.
Your biography of Nehemiah is sufficient. Ain’t no one got time to paint a portrait of dat.

Nio: I’ve been tasked with an ever-increasing number of Books of Life. I only have three left now.
I wish I could move out already but I was voted the cadet heir.
Arisa: Why do you want to move out before I do?
Nio: Well, you’re taking up space in the house by not maxing your career, sis.
Arisa: But Dad and I should leave while you stay here.  That’s what everyone voted.
Nio: I know, especially since I’m the only one who can write the Book of Life. *sighs

Nio: Dad seems to be making great progress with his “Operation Storm The Lighthouse.”
I guess Elsa’s taking the day off work to chill with Dad. He sure looks good for an elder.

Elsa: Get in that bush, lover boy! *swats
Arisa: I’m thinking I’ll take that first-floor bedroom with the pink Princess Cordelia bed…Was it originally Elsa’s?
Grrrr, I need to hurry and max my career! Dad’s not going to live forever!

Nio: We have a new maid who is very attractive—our new gardener, not so much.

Nio: The gardener is a bit creepy, if you ask me.
He tells us that he’s all done in our garden, then runs up to the backyard to gawk at the heart-gushing bush.
Kaoru: Hey, gardener…do you mind?
Nio: Our maid is perfect but can we request a different gardener?

Hana: Sadly, Rambunctious Scamp is the only aspiration where mentoring doesn’t work!
Nami: That’s not true! Coaching swimming gives a child up to Level 5 Fitness when they age up to a teen!
Let’s ask Watchette to build us a pool! We haven’t had one since our indoor pool got removed.
W: Hana really does have violet eyes! And I completely forgot about “coaching swimming” for active Nao. He would benefit from ageing with Fitness points already! A pool, pronto! *waves magic wand

Hana: So I see an old man who Mom says is my grandpa in the living room.
He’s jumping up and down and squee’ing with this stranger lady. Very undignified for a grandpa, if you ask me!
Nami: Hush, Hana! Your grandfather lost his wife some time ago and deserves to find companionship in his silver years!
Hana: Okay, if you say so. I’m still not going to let him read to me!

Kaoru: Zach doesn’t wake up and emerge from his tent until 11 p.m.
Zach: All that time we wasted at the restaurant really messed with my sleeping schedule.
Kaoru: Well, great job on your third night in the tent—only two more to go now.
Nio: I hope It’s okay that I invited Marci over—I wanted to bind a Book of Life to her.
Nami: Thanks so much, Nio!

Kaoru: I’ve been waiting for you to wake up, Zach, to show you this. *shows photo
Do you know this dark-haired woman sitting with Moira and Morgan Fyres?
Zach: Why, yes, of course! That’s Tammy Haskins! Why do you have this photo of her?
K: On my first day of this legacy, I went looking for a wife and met Tammy at Magnolia Blossom Park.
I ruled her out only because she was already an adult.
Z: And she was already happily married with a young boy, so thank you for not stealing my mother!
K: It’s a small world, isn’t it? The Mori and Haskins bloodlines ended up merging after all!

Hana: I let Grandpa coach me in swimming after all because he asks so nicely. I’m Level 8 Motor now and am almost finished with Rambunctious Scamp!
Nao: I’ve already done Rambunctious Scamp, but Mom’s coaching me to see how it affects my fitness later, since I’m an Active sim.
W: The pool cries out for a surrounding patio area, but not today.
Nao: You bought that new stuff pack, Watchette! Where’s our water slide, huh?

Nio: When Dad plays the new Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar, he gets that cloud of black smoke around his feet like the Grim Reaper does!
I hope that’s not unhealthy!


Nio: With the restaurant, Hana ageing up, and dad’s move, everyone completely forgets my birthday!
W: Sorry, Nio, but look on the bright side! We threw you a wedding three days ago!
Nio: Speaking of marriage, Dad’s Operation Storm the Lighthouse is a wrap.
After eloping with The Lighthouse keeper, he moved in with Elsa (who really needs a makeover) this morning.
Nami: Nio, you’re right about Dad looking great as an elder! Hey, where are the yoga mats?
Nio: Watchette had to remove them because Arisa was insisting on practicing yoga during Dad’s proposal and their elopement.
Nami: Typical Arisa!

Nami: Well, aren’t we feeling wildly enthusiastic this morning! Want to share the good news?
Arisa: I joined Garden Gnomes the other day then took over as leader. We’re having a club gathering now.
Also, Dad’s moved out, so there’s room for me to have a nooboo, like Nio and Nami!
Nami: You and Lucas are that friendly already?
Arisa: A girl needs to explore her options, you know?

Nami: Wow, Lucas and I could only try for baby once before the option greyed out!

W: Because every pregnant sim deserves at least one “Eating for Two” screenshot! Congrats, Arisa!
(Note that Arisa and her child will move out when Arisa does. Or does the child have to stay until they’re a teen?)


Nio: Today I hit Level 5 Tech Guru and complete Computer Whiz, so I can quit that job!
Arisa: I reached Level 8 Comedian yesterday! Only two more levels! *sighs
Sora: Nao and I stayed home today from school and worked on our skills.
Nao: Staying home for skilling is not really a day off!
Hana: I got my first B in school!
Zach: I’ve slept four nights in that tent and hope tonight’s the last night! Then off to Granite Falls!
W: While Nio enthralls the children with a dramatic story, Arisa gazes longingly at…Zach then asks for a sports massage?!
Arisa, ask your brother Nio for a massage, not your brother-in-law, you idiot! (Besides Zach, Nio and Nami also have maxed Wellness.)
Once she finishes Comedian, she and her child are history. Go live with Lucas, girl!


Zachi: Today, I wake from my fifth night of sleeping in the tent. Hallelujah! After dinner, we leave for a short trip to Granite Falls.
Our resident Mr. Sticky Fingers liberates a walking stick from the Ranger’s Station in the National Park.
W: This is the first time I’ve EVER had a Walking Stick in an insects collection. I wish I’d thought of this sooner, hehe!


Zach: I’ve found only 9 of the needed 15 insects after checking the Campground and National Park last night, so we’ll need to return.
Hana has school this morning, so we wake very up early to celebrate Sora’s teen birthday in our campground lodge.
Nami: Thanks for making a birthday cake, Arisa!

Zach: Happy birthday, Sora!
Nami: Sora ages up to a rather nice-looking teen but his traits! Oh dear!

Sora: Adding to my Kleptomaniac trait, I roll the Insane trait and the Mixologist aspiration.


Watcher’s Remarks

I’ve never played a sim with traits like Sora.
Since I’m allowed to move children out once they reach the teen stage, I’m wondering if I want to move Sora out so Nami and Zach can have another child.
Something to think about while I prepare to upload this chapter.

Also, I’d like to explain the importance of a mixologist. There are two points in the Food category specifically related to the mixologist career and aspiration:
•   Complete both food aspirations in a single generation (can be different sims); and
•   Reach the top of both food careers.
I definitely want a capable mixologist.

Also, can anyone tell me? I know I need to keep the heir’s children in the house until they’re teens but does that also apply to a spare’s children? *groans

Mori 2.18: The Glutton Strikes Again

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