Mori 2.18: The Glutton Strikes Again

Week 10/Friday

Nami: Our lives have changed so much now that Nio and I are no longer working!
Both Sora and Nao are at home skilling. Arisa doesn’t work until 5.

I’m at the nearby fishing hole, just relaxing.
Ronan Wade also fishes here. He’s been hanging around us a lot lately.
Yes, he loves the outdoors but he’s mean and hotheaded so I just ignore him, natch.

Nio: When I sit down to write a sci-fi novel, I realize with a shock that I can write skill books.
Now Nami will never let me go! *starts writing a Handiness skill book
By the way, I checked with Arisa and Nami: skill books can’t be written for Baking and Wellness!
And Zach hasn’t completed Renaissance Sim, so we don’t know yet about writing a skill book for herbalism. Probably not!

Sora: For my Master Mixologist aspiration, I’ve started learning to make bar drinks.
Nao: And I’m learning to play the piano with Auntie Arisa’s mentoring.

Sora: Do you want to know my favorite drink? It’s Flaming Zesty Salt!
W: Why can’t an insane sim pick something—oh, I don’t know—safer?

Arisa: I’ve just completed both my fifth masterpiece and the painter aspiration, when I go into labor.

Arisa: After holding my baby right after delivery, I can no longer interact with her.
I’m starting to panic since I can’t feed her or even pick her up! What’s going on?
W: For close to a sim-hour, Arisa can’t interact with her at all. I lock all the room’s doors but still no luck.
Then, I remember @FrancescaFiori’s remark about having to wait for a sim to walk all the way down the street.
As soon as I locked the house’s front door to “Everyone,” Arisa could hold her baby once more. So bizarre!
Francesca, you are a baby-life-saver!

Arisa: Folks, this is Lukia Mori. She’s named after Rukia in the Bleach anime but with an “L” to honor her father Lucas.

Nami: Switching to the Friend of the World aspiration, I find I have 13 out of the 20 needed friends.
I can so totally make 7 more friends!
I’ll start by befriending sims who I should be friends with already, like Elsa Bjergsen.
Looks like I’ll have another sibling soon! And, Watchette, why don’t we have a closet?
W: Yeah, yeah. Elsa would benefit from a makeover, but then I would have unwittingly used it now and forced Arisa home from work.
And whatever you do, don’t offer Elsa a fertility massage.
If the simverse gets too overrun with Mori’s, new families don’t move in!

Zach: That’s it, Hana! Just three more drawings and you’re done with Artistic Prodigy!
W: Hana, I hear you met two teenage boys at school today.
Please invite them over! Uncle Nio can check their traits for you, while you start Social Butterfly.

Hana: Dad, Grandpa gave me his “Woohoo Club” before he moved out. What does “woohoo” mean?
Zach: It’s too early for that talk yet, darling, but I’ll explain soon. Just don’t ask your friends at school, okay?
*mutters to self: Maybe Hana will forget her question over the weekend. We can only hope!

Nami: Marci Primley is now a very pretty Neat and Outgoing teen!
Regardless of who is chosen as heir, I definitely want Marci as a daughter-in-law unless, of course, she ends up with an extremely unmanageable third trait.
I wonder who she’d like? Sora or Nao?


Nio: It’s past midnight when we arrive at Granite Falls. We’re renting a new lodge built on the Forest Hideaway lot.
The daily rent has skyrocketed from $636/day to $2,463/day but, hey, we deserve to chillax, am I right?
Nami: Wow.  Just wow! It’s true to its name: Granite Falls Luxury!
Sora: I have a whim to make Grilled Chicken. Anyone hungry?
Zach: I’m going to hit the sack cuz I’m beat!

Zach: The next morning, I catch three ladybugs, then spy some fire ants a little later.
These are hard to catch because they sting!
Will they be the insects that help me complete my aspiration? Of course, they will! Come to papa!
And so I finally complete the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration! *takes a small bow
W: Thank you, Zach. You will be the one and only sim in this legacy to finish that aspiration.

Zach: I’m killing the Mixology and Cooking skills, you know!
I’m already Level 6 in both Mixology and Homestyle Cooking and Level 3 in Gourmet Cooking.
We’ve all come to the National Park. It’s such a treat since we go out so rarely!
Look at all the insects we don’t have in our collection yet! Oh, this Monarch Butterfly is uncommon!
*successfully swipes the Monarch Butterfly

Nami: The boys seem to be really enjoying themselves here at Granite Falls!
Sora must be reading in that Ranger’s Station, while Zach and Nao are fishing away.
Nio is running around looking for our one missing fossil! And little Hana is with Arisa (uh, sorry, Hana!).
And by the way, our genealogy chart says we have a new brother: Brennan Bjergsen!

As for me, I spend the vacay befriending strangers. I just need three more friends!
Meet the young adult mail carrier Esther Chesler.
She is a cheerful, non-commital kleptomaniac as well as my 18th friend! Moving on…

Nami: The stupid bear horns in on my convo with my soon-to-be-19th friend!
Maybe if I ask her to cloudgaze, the bear will get bored and leave?  Good riddance, blasted bear!

Nami: Hey, guess who just completed the Friend of the World aspiration?
My twentieth friend is Deja Akins, a neat, creative, foodie who tends bar at the Shrieking Llama.

Week 11/Sunday

Arisa: I brought home my promotion to Level 9 Standup Star last night!!
I’m super happy that everyone came home yesterday evening, because Lukia and I have birthdays today.
Isn’t she gorgeous? My precious Lukia is a Rambunctious Scamp who, like her father, loves the outdoors.

Nami: Wow, Arisa! Lukia has violet eyes, too!
Oh no! She’s so cute that I’m tempted to keep her, but I shouldn’t. And I won’t.

Nio: We celebrate Arisa’s adult birthday with a cake but no party. You better step your game up, girl! Lucas became an elder yesterday!

Hana: Uncle Nio wants to meet the two teens I met last week when I chose “Make Friends” at school instead of “Study Hard.”
I invite over Miles Singleton, a high school student.
Nami: Ask him to show you his swimwear, honey.
Hana: Um, okay. All I know is that he’s a Bookworm. Uncle Nio, Miles is so cute!
Nio: Let me help find out his second trait, Hana. Miles is also a Goofball.
Yes, he’s very good-looking and his traits are okay, but we can’t have the pear in the bloodline. *shakes head
Tell him good-bye nicely, Hana!

Hana: Next, I invite over Eugene Akins, a high schooler I met the same day as Miles. What do you think, Uncle Nio?
Nio: Well, he’s Good and Hotheaded, which is an odd combo. He also works part-time as a Barista.
Nami: Ah, he’s the son of Deja Akins, my twentieth friend! Let’s keep looking, okay?
Besides, Hana still has 7 days before her teen birthday (but you can never start looking too early).

Zach: The Mori Legacy has completed enough aspirations but lacks medals from throwing successful social events.
That’s why Nami and I have started having dates at home for the Soulmate aspiration. I have such a tough life!
Nami (whispers): I can’t believe that my darling Zach will become an elder in only five days.


Zach: We move the Fountain of Mirth to our bedroom—a quick solution for “Have both sims drink at the same time.”
We both got a little too playful once—hysterical, in fact—and had to devote a little time to calming down.
Otherwise, we enjoy our last of seven fantastic gold-medal dates on Monday afternoon!

Nao: Mom calls in my birthday party as soon as Sora, Hana, and Lukia come home from school.
Because Dad just finished Soulmate earlier today and he’s a loner, he wants a household-only party. Fine with me!

The Glutton strikes again!
Can you see Auntie Arisa’s pink dress behind me? She really outdoes herself at my party.
She actually grabs a piece of my cake before I can even land from my birthday spin!
Such horrible manners, Auntie Arisa! I’m never taking you out to eat!

Zach: Nao’s aged up into a teen who looks a bit like me but also like his grandfather. He has a lean face like the two of us.
Nao: To my Active trait, I add the Good trait and Renaissance Sim aspiration. I’ve maxed Logic already, so no sweat!

Nio: You can see the elderly Lucas Munch slouching by in a red T-shirt in the background. He looks sad and lonely, Arisa.

Nami: These screenshots don’t do the teenage Nao justice. He’s better-looking than my father and my husband.
Nao: *blushes
Zach: I think it’s funny that Watchette subconsciously gives Nao and I the same party outfits, but in different colors.

Nami: Besides Arisa grabbing a piece of the cake too early, the party goes pretty smoothly.
Sora is preparing group meals and mixing drinks like a boss.
But then, we’re are nearing the bottom of the party’s last inning with only a silver medal in sight, unable to make that toast!
Suddenly, Zach pulls through–making a toast while flaunting his usual stylish flair!
And it’s a gold-medal birthday party! You’re absolutely the best, Zach!

To see the updated family tree, click here.


My week/day system of dating doesn’t mean that I’m trying for a speed run.
It does help me keep track of births and birthdays and also offers a lazy but simple way of providing narrative transitions. Just in case you were wondering.

Swiping the insects from the Ranger Station is just for entertainment. I never have and never will complete the insect collection.
Still, it’s pretty funny that the idea never occurred to me before.
All total, Sora swiped four types of insects with little down time in between due to their low cost.

Granite Falls Luxury
I downloaded this 40×30 “Granite Falls Luxury” lot from the Gallery. It’s designer, named gizky, did a really fabulous job!
I made slight revisions for my family: I removed all the sinks, tilted the dinner table to add 2 chairs to seat 8 sims, and rearranged doors to restrict access to the computer room.

The Mori Legacy has completed all but three aspirations: one hard one (Party Animal, ugh) and two easy ones (Master Mixologist and Master Chef).
Special thanks to three sims who completed three aspirations that I find especially troublesome: Dorothy Primley (Grilled Cheese), Frank Biello (Public Enemy), and Zach Haskins (Outdoor Enthusiast).

Mori 2.19: Collectors No More

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