Mori 2.19: Collectors No More

Week 11/Monday

Nao: With my party over, I’ve started reading the three books for Renaissance Sim.
First, I read a Bestseller Handiness skill book, written by Uncle Nio, then his skill book on Gardening.
And yes, you’re thinking my room looks oddly familiar, no?
Watchette’s confined me to the Sauna Room with a comfy chair because otherwise I walk around the house between readings, she says.
Just for your reference:
Nao reached L4 Handiness with Nio’s skill book, L3 Gardening (almost L4) with Nio’s skill book, and L2 Cooking with a commercial skill book.

Sora: I’ve been alternating between making Homestyle Cooking (L9) and Gourmet Cooking (L5) dishes.
The smapple stove is higher quality, but I enjoy cooking on the chef station for some reason.
Too bad Nao and I can’t complete our aspirations until we’re adults!  Oops! I maxed Homestyle Cooking!

Hana: All I need to complete my last aspiration, Social Butterfly, is two more child friends, but it seems like all the children my brothers knew are teens now.
So, I’m working on Charisma instead. Too bad, but Watchette doesn’t want to import a new family just to add two children.

Zach: I’ve been trying max Painting but Nio’s been such a pain lately!
He likes to come hog the easels even though he knows I’m planning to use them!
W: That’s why I’ve been having Nio and Arisa write skill books non-stop lately.  Otherwise, they need to much micro-managing.

Nio: I know how I can be useful! Nami went on six space missions this evening but didn’t bring back anything new.
Since I’m a Geek, I think I can do better. I can find that missing space rock and live alien!
W: But he didn’t…

W: Well, what do you know! It’s Zach, not Nio, who completes our collections of crystals and fossils. Superb work!
Zach: While I’m out digging, I see Lucas Munch walking up the hill to his house.
It must be lonely living in that big house all alone. I feel pretty lucky to be surrounded by family!


Zach: Nao and I share the Active trait, so I mentor Nao in Fitness before school.
Do you have any career preferences, son? You’ve already maxed Logic and Charisma. If you max Fitness as a teen, you could easily go either Astronaut or Athlete.
Nao: We should do the harder careers first, so I want to be an astronaut!
By the way, Dad, can you believe Watchette almost had me wear that same shirt as Eduardo’s?

Nami: We Gen2 teens already maxed the five teen careers, but Sora looks so happy to have maxed Barista that we memorialize the moment!
He’s switched to the Fast Food Employee career now, same as Nao.

Nio: Watchette has me run out to get to know our new mail carrier, because she’s rather pretty.
Her name is Shanice Chu and her traits are Clumsy, Insane, and Loves the Outdoors.
Her Loves the Outdoors trait is shared, however, with the Founder’s wife. Oh well.

Nami: At 5 pm, Nao leaves on his first day of the Fast Food Employee job.
W: Thanks for letting me take a photo, Nao! I never got one while Arisa worked that job before!

Nami: Lukia has been skilling on her own all this time. Nio and I haven’t mentored her since she’s leaving soon and Arisa has been busy with work.
Just with Watchette telling her where to go and what to do, though, Lukia’s managed to finish Rambunctious Scamp and reach her last tier of Artistic Prodigy.

Lukia: Thanks for helping me! I’m a B student now and I want to leave here an A student!

The Sauna Room is nothing if not versatile!
Does your sim insist on writing a book in the Focused Room, repeatedly returning there instead of writing in the Inspired Studio?
No problem! Just move the desk set into the sauna room, summon the sim, and lock the door.
Sometimes sims need to be clearly shown who’s the alpha dog! I’m not sure if I’m joking or not…

Zach: I complete the Bodybuilder aspiration tonight, though I’d maxed fitness sometime ago.
Nami: I wish the Bodybuilder aspiration didn’t require a sim to get so bulky!


Arisa: I arrive home a little past midnight with my final promotion to Level 10 Comedian!
I’d expected to need one more day, but perhaps Negotiate Bonus did the trick!
Also, Watchette had me take a bubble bath earlier than usual before work and then I just meditated.

My long journey to max the Comedian career is now over.
Watchette, may Lukia and I move in with Lucas tonight? I’m afraid he has less than a sim-week left.
And soon after, Lucas Munch finally gets to live with his wife and daughter!

Nami: And we are now a household of six sims!

Hana: In the morning, I wake up early and check the club that Gramps left me.
I change its name to Amigos and set its membership requirement to “Children only.”
What do you know? I discover that two new children have moved into our simverse!
I’ll be able to complete Social Butterfly after all!
I age up on Sunday so I decide to take vacation days for the rest of the school week! Yay!

Hana: Mom says it’s easiest to make friends one at a time, but I call a club gathering anyway.
Jaxon Bauman (right) and Breana Summer (left) are both not-in-the-world sims.
We have only two club activities: be friendly and play Don’t Wake the Llama.
This doesn’t work because we can’t chat and play that game, so I end the gathering and invite them over one at a time.

Hana: I like Jaxon and hope we’ll be friends for a long time. He’s an Insider.
I also befriend Breana Summer, even though she’s an Evil sim.
When I complete Social Butterfly, I ask Breana to leave the lot. Don’t call me; I’ll call you!

Sora: I hear the garden’s finished so Nao and I go there to chat in the moonlight about our day.
I love the way the garden’s lighting changes at different times of the day.
W: I’ve covered the ground with a grass-like floor covering which makes mopping splattered water very easy.
On the down side, I can’t use a brush to paint soil around the flowering plants against the walls or around the fountain.


Nami: I’ve decided to move in a pollinator. Our simverse has a number of attractive females and I don’t want to use up our LegacyLoves.
Firing up my old Spouse-Hunt club, I filter potential members using the Mixology and Wellness traits to look for newcomers. I find three.

Nio: The elder Cade Bigelow (left) is Mean, Self-Assured, and Non-Commital. Sayonara, you will not do, Cade.
Nami: The young adult Dillan Shea (center) is a Cheerful, Mean Foodie. He’s also a married Criminal, so nope!

Nio: Our last hope is the adult Ed Thayer (right). He’s a maid so we’re hoping for Neat, but he’s a Clumsy, Ambitious Goofball.
Nami: You will do fine, Ed! Oh wait! He has unique traits! We’ll keep you on standby as a potential Primary Spouse instead!


Nami: A huge thanks to Nio for finding the Unnaturally Large Space Rock to complete our thirteenth collection!
Nio: My pleasure! I guess it was worth you, Zach, and I going on countless space missions everyday this past week, eh?
Zach: Yep, no more collecting for this family, ever!
Nami: Oh, Nio! Part of me wants to let you go to live with Lyric, but another part of me wants you to stay here and support the legacy!

Nami: We got the notice about celebrating Zach’s birthday last night, but we’ve waited until this morning.
All the kids took the day off from school and Nao has just returned home from his Barista job.
*phones in a birthday party
Zach: After my gold-medal party is over and I make a quick trip to the dresser, Nami and I take a selfie.  Ouch, my back!

Nao: When all the guests prepare to leave, I ask Marci Primley to stay and watch TV with me.
Marci: I guess watching the Fireplace Channel heats things up a notch!  And he’s such a gentleman, too!
You’re welcome for the new closet, Nao! Marci needed to lose her cowboy hat.

Nao: She’s agreed to be my girlfriend but I’m waiting to see her third trait before asking her to exchange promise rings.  What if she’s Jealous?
W: If she’s Jealous in addition to Neat and Outgoing, she brings three unique traits. We could live with that.

Wait, you two exchanged promise rings during the minute I was telling Sora to get back on the treadmill?
Nao: Uh, I thought you said I didn’t need to wait? Anyway, look how happy we are!!!
Well, it’s true that you two have always been close.
Nami: You know I’ve always wanted Marci as a daughter-in-law, Nao, whether you’re chosen as heir or not. It’s fine. We’ll work things out.


Nami: We spend yesterday and today at our store, Mori’s Emporium, in Magnolia Promenade.
Nio: It’s great to sell off all those extra aliens and space rocks we gathered while trying to complete our collections!
Zach: On Friday, we sell 22 items for a profit of $11,810; today, we sell 29 items for a profit of $16,940.
We buy three more perks: Faster Checkout (Large), Faster Restocking (Small), and Additional Employee #1.

Nami: The legacy household can definitely buy all the perks eventually, guys! It doesn’t have to be done in a single generation!
The alternative to buying all the perks would be a household worth of $5.7 million. And you know how glitchy that would make our home lot!
W: I wish we could see a list of the perks we’ve already purchased!

Zach: Little Hana’s maxed fishing while we’ve been working at the store. By now, we’re all sick and tired of interacting with customers.
We close shop at 4 pm and head home so that Sora can prepare for work.

Zach: By the way, today is Nami’s birthday, but we’re way too tired to throw a birthday party this evening. And besides, tomorrow is Hana’s teen birthday.
So Nami drinks her once-in-a-lifetime Potion of Youth and will remain a young adult for another 20 days.
W: Gah, what am I doing? If they didn’t want to throw a party, Nami could just have blown candles out on a cake!
No matter! Nami will not be living out her entire life in this household, anyway. But I still don’t like that she and Sora will be young adults together for awhile. Grrrr.

Mori 2.20: Who’ll Be the Gen3 Heir?

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