Mori 2.21: I’ve Only One Itching Desire

Week 12/Sunday

Hana: Hey, I thought Watchette was going to play the forum’s Baby Boomer Challenge until the fate of the Gen3 heir is decided?
Sora: Nah, she’s going to let us continue until just before my young adult birthday on Thursday.
Nao: So what’s up for today? We’re all free until Sora works at 6 pm.

Nami: First things first, Hana needs to do her homework before we all get carried away.
Zach: Next, we’re throwing a Black & White Bash as a kind of belated birthday party for Nami and Hana!
W: *starts locking doors and searching the family inventory for the shrimp cocktails

Hana: When we get the “Listen to the piano 0/3” milestone, I sit down at the piano and “Play concerto for group.”
It takes so long to trigger that I almost give up but, after several tries, enough partygoers gather around the piano.
W: This is actually the first time I’ve completed this particular milestone in any of my games.

Nami: The guest list is strictly family: Kaoru with Elsa; Arisa with Lucas and Lukia; and Lyric with Maribel and Felicity.
Arisa shows up in a little black number looking absolutely stunning. No surprise there.

Nio: That’s my daughter, Felicity. She’s an Insane Goofball. For some reason, Maribel never showed up.
Felicity has really grown up into a beautiful young lady, wouldn’t you agree?

Nami: I’m thinking Sora would really hit it off with his cousin Felicity, since they’re both insane.
Here he is, giving her props. Why does he look so serious? You’re not passing the Olympic torch, son!

Zach: Arisa’s daughter Lukia walks in the foreground, looking too adorable for words.
You can see inappropriately dressed partygoers at both sides of the image.
Nao: Mom phoned in the party but stayed in her casual clothes so I ask to see her formal outfit. Weird.
Hana: Dad shows up in his swimwear, so I ask to see his party wear. Dad, that’s not what we mean by “black and white apparel.” *facepalm

Hana: Whatever, it’s another gold-medal party! Thanks for the belated birthday party, people!

Zach: Lucky for you guys that it’s already past 3 pm, or Watchette would have us back slaving at the store!
Sora: Hey, look! Mom’s invited over that weirdo Ed Tribble. They’re chatting at the back of the house!
Hana: Who’s Ed Tribble?
Nio: Meh, he’s a tragic clown who hangs around our shop, acting all depressed and crying in front of our customers.
Nao: He’s a complete downer! As soon as he shows up, we always ask him to leave.

Nao: Hmmm, Mom’s really giving him a workover. Look at her consoling him. Do you think…?
Zach: No, son, no worries! We’re safe—notice how the sauna is back in the sauna room!

Hana: It’s not looking very good, Dad…
Nami: Hey, Watchette, Ed Tribble was living alone. Would you please cheat the $19,900 he brought with him from our household funds? Thanks.

Ed: I’m not sure I understand what I’m supposed to do, Nami.
Nami: It’s really quite easy, Ed. You use this little Simray—it’s a miracle of modern science, really.
One by one, you transform these worthless objects into items of value! Awesome, yeah?
W: Ed Tribble is a one-day-old adult and a Non-Commital, Self-Assured, Creative Quick Learner (Nerd Brain).
Transform away, Ed!

Sora: Mom, why are we all over by Auntie Lyric’s house, fishing? Where’s our new housemate, Ed?
Nami: Well, I wanted you all here so that you wouldn’t get the 24-hour tense moodlet from Ed’s scientific experiments.
*mutters to self: And to also prevent Nio from doing something stupidly heroic, like putting out the…

Ed: Fire!!! Oh no, I’ve caught on fire? What do I do? What do I do? I can see a pool, but I’m fenced in!

W: The Mori’s are all away fishing, feeling calm and peaceful. Everyone, that is, except Hana.
Hana feels the need to run all the way over to the Mori house and gains a Tense 50+ moodlet, then continues to panic.
I send her back with the others, but she just runs back to skitter around in a useless panic.
For heaven’s sake, why do you keep running back here, Hana?

Hana: I really have no idea, but now I’m stuck with this darn Tense moodlet.

Ed: I can’t stand up any longer. Why would Nami does this to me? What did I ever do to her?
Well, yeah, I used to visit the store constantly, driving away their clientele with my depression and weeping.
Gee, I wonder why the curtains don’t burn? Arrggghhh…..

Grim Reaper: Oh, Nami, Nami, Nami! The fourth-generation heir takes over in one or two weeks, but you just couldn’t resist, could you?
That makes two types of death for the first generation and seven types of death for your second generation.
Nami, you are so gung-ho! Don’t forget to leave some milestones for the next seven generations, okay?

And, Watchette, I saw how you snatched back Ed’s SimRay after he caught fire! You’re just as bad and definitely even worse than Nami!

W: Hana, thank you for the 5+ hours you spent in a needless frenzy in front of the house while your brothers boosted their Fishing skill by five levels each.
Nami: If not for Hana, this would have been a perfect operation! Watchette, are we sure that someone didn’t switch Lukia and Hana at birth?


Grim Reaper: Thanks for the deep stone massage, Nami! I’ve been so tense lately—I really needed that!
Nami: Hey, my pleasure, Grim! It’s the least I can do to show my appreciation!

Nio: Our repairman arrives. I truly hope he has a co-worker who wears red overalls, so they can be Mario and Luigi!
Nami: Awww, Aldo Valenzuela is a pretty adorable adult! And his traits are Foodie, Art Lover, and Music Lover!
If I hadn’t already had one primary spouse and three secondary spouses, I’d want to move him in as a short-term pollinator!
Zach: (silence…)
Nio: I agree, Nami. If he lost that chubbiness and had violet eyes, Aldo would be perfect! Hahaha.

Sora: Nao brings Marci home from school with him then invites us all to watch that movie about the lost dog.
He invites Lukia, too, who must have been walking by.
Watchette calculates that Lukia’s teen birthday comes this Friday, the day after my young adult birthday on Thursday.
Nao: Do you think we could throw her a birthday party, Sora? She’s got Gramps’ violet eyes, too! *whispers: Pssst, Sora. Why doesn’t Hana have to work part-time like us?
Sora: I think Watchette’s cut Hana loose because she’s so temperamental.

Nao: Hey, bro, I met our uncle Brennan Bjergsen at school yesterday. You wanna go meet him?
Sora: Sure! Shall we invite along everybody?
Nao: Yep, the whole house plus Marci. Let’s go!
Nami: So Dad’s son Brennan is a real cutie but his eyes are blue, not violet!

Zach: I know I’m not one to talk, but Sofia and Elsa Bjergsen both look really elderly. Should we take precautions so Brennan won’t get culled?
Nami: Well, yeah! The whole point is to keep The Lighthouse in our family. We don’t want to waste Dad’s sacrifice!
Nao: Uh, Gramps made a sacrifice?
Nio: Sshhh, take a good look at your grandfather! You don’t think he could have married someone younger and prettier?
Sora: By the way, why does Hana look so angry?
Nami: Eh, she has an Angry +1 moodlet for four hours because she didn’t like the movie we just watched.


Hana: Who’s brilliant idea was it for me to do the Curator aspiration? *mumbles, grumbles
Zach: You don’t even understand how lucky you are to have insta-completed your aspiration on your teen birthday, Hana!
By completing Curator, you can buy more reward traits which will improve the quality of your life.
Hana: Yeah, whatever. Meanwhile, Sora and Nao are already in bed, sleeping.


Sora: What are all of us doing here at Pan Europa Discotheque on a school night?
Nao: By the way, we kids have never been here before, you know!
Nio: Join the club, dudes. None of us have ever been here before, lol.

Nami: So, considering that Dad and Zach have become elders, they wanted to convene The Dancers at least once in their lifetime. Do you mind, boys?
Kaoru: Thanks, Watchette! Gives me and Zach something to brag about after we cross over to the other side!

W: Dear readers, sorry for pulling this sorry act again, a “tradition” that started in my Apocalypse Challenge. I just think it’s hilarious and a rather nice way of memorializing our senior studs.
Don’t hate me for showcasing The Dancers again!

P.S. Did you recognize the chapter title? It’s from that song by Jimi Hendrix…

Mori 3.22: A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall

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