Murky 1.6: The Plumber’s…Back


After parting ways with Moira Fyres, I take a look around the Overgrown Library.
I wonder where the librarian could be? I haven’t seen one around all evening.

Since I’m here, I sit down at a computer and ponder starting a novel.
Perhaps it won’t hurt to occasionally drop by the library and write.

I want to name my first book Murkin’ Like a Boss, but decide to save that title for later.
At this point, I’m hardly a veteran Murklander and have zero experience as a writer to boot.
In fact, perhaps I’ll rename all my books after I’ve written a dozen or so.
Can’t imagine ever writing 10 bestsellers, though!

I’ve since learned that oshizu shouldn’t even have been at the library after hours without becoming best friends with the librarian first. Sorry! 


What shall I do with my club?
To be honest, I need to personally garden more. Don’t really need help with gardening yet.
I’m not keen at all about sharing gardening tasks with others yet, not with only 16 plants to tend.

Still, I’ve filled my club with Murklanders who seem skilled in gardening, handiness, and wellness.
Scarp the Cliffdweller is a new friend. To my surprise, she’s a Criminal working for Bosswives.
A vegetarian, family-oriented, outdoors-loving’ crim? Maybe she’s undercover?

By the way, those bills I’ve been worrying myself sick over? They only came to $471!
So, I’m good for now!

I finally work up the courage to go visit the Infected at the Old FEMA Camp.
Takes me an hour or so to figure out how to knock on the door to be invited inside.
Once I find the bathroom door beyond the back left corner of the lot, I’m in!

Uma and Lucas explain that the Infected brew and sell Fireleaf Extract for a living.
They’re not, however, skilled gardeners, they say.

I cheerfully reassure them that I can help out.

Their garden hasn’t been tended for a while, it seems.
I harvest, water, evolve, and fertilize their garden. How lucky to find this untended garden!

They’re growing perfect-quality Poisonous Fireleaf plants, I discover. Impressive.
During my trip to Granite Falls, I never found any Fireleaf.
So I’m glad to find and identify some in this garden. Nice!

I chat a bit with Waylon the Infected, who’s an adult.
All of the Infected I’ve met so far are Insane, Clumsy Gluttons.
And I don’t know why, but they’re also very good customers at my yard sales.

I follow the laughter and find almost all the Infected in a computer room out back.
You can see the “front door” from this room, too!

Because I’ve experienced racial discrimination, I really feel for the Infected.
I mean, they’re socially ostracized for circumstances beyond their control, too!
That’s why I’m making an effort to be friendlier with them.

Well, to be honest, besides the social injustice issue, I’m also a little drawn to Lucas.
I know, right? Me and my thing for skinny boys with guyliner!
Don’t worry, I’m not going to obsess or nothing, just a mild crush.

Gah, I’m feeling a little itchy. Must be from handling the Poisonous Fireleaf.
But I’m too happy overall to feel uncomfortable, thankfully.

In the spirit of “exploring Murkland,” I ask Lucas to show me his swimwear.
He paws the air, hisses, then runs off. The first time, it was kinda funny!
I stalk Lucas and ask him 4-5 more times to show me his swimwear.
Then it suddenly dawns on me that all his outfits are the same. Doh.

I’m definitely not obsessing over Lucas.

Time to elevate my mind to a higher plane!
I invite some friends, both new and old, to the Fire & Music Festival.
We all proceed to dance the Murkland Two-Step, except for Forest Tree.
He’s doing some silly hippie bouncing. Get with the choreo, dude!

Rainee, you got some serious moves, girl!

Feeling good about being able to pay my bills this morning, I make tofu dogs for all.
Rainee and Lisa Bee are looking good! I haven’t seen them since our trip to Granite Falls.

I still don’t know why I couldn’t invite them to the hermit’s place.

oshizu: So, Rainee, what’s going on with you and Johnny Zest?
Last time I saw you two together, you were snarling and dissing each other!
But tonight, you two are looking mighty friendly…
Rainee: *shrugs mysteriously

Outside we notice Zoe Patel strolling by in a new set of threads.
When did she start dressing as if she lived in Forgotten Hollow?
She still has that annoyingly perky walk, though.


Woe is me! I wake up to find that I’m still itching from yesterday’s contact with the Infected’s Poisonous Fireleaf!
What?!?! The itching lasts for 7 more hours? It must be a 24-hour effect, ugh!

Grrr, no wonder the Infected don’t tend their own garden! Did I just get played?

No matter what I try, I’m too uncomfortable to take care of my own garden. Just great!
Oh well, I might as well go practice yoga at the Freegan Camp.
Maybe I can get focused enough to override my discomfort.

I really love the Freegan’s upstairs yoga space with all the greenery!

I return home feeling focused, only to find that I still can’t garden!
Due to all that yoga, my hygiene’s in the red. Deodorizing cream to the rescue!

At 3:30 pm, I can tend my beloved trash plants, at last!

My garden is still so very far from being perfect!
After a week, I only have 12 Nice plants and 4 Normal plants.
I decide to buy my own yoga mat!

Well, now that I’m so focused but my fun is low, I’m hankering to play cards.
I cross the street and boldly introduce myself to Mad Mud, who’s a romantic elder. Eh?!
Just in case, I invite over my newest friend, the self-assured Span Salamander, too!

Buying two chairs, I ask them to join me in a game of cards.
The three of us have a great time playing cards and chatting, though my logic and charisma don’t budge.
Still, it’s fun having new friends over!

I find that Mad Mud is mean and hotheaded.
He’s definitely NOT generous. I ask him for a small loan and he actually yells at me!

After we learn that Mad Mud is a doctor at T. Pose Hospital, Span totally kisses up to him.
Nobody will ever doubt that Span  is a Salamander!
Even so, Span is quite nice and I love spending time with him!
Mad Mud, not so much.


I’m feeling great when I wake up this morning!
After a little yoga, I tend my garden quickly because I want to visit my new neighbors.

They’re living in northern Nukecrest in the lovely Hillside Highlands Camp, created by MeaganJo.

Oh look, they have a plumber!

Francesca: That’s not a plumber, dear!
oshizu: He’s not? I thought because of his…back, erm, never mind. *blushes

So let me introduce you to my new neighbors.
That’s Caterina sitting on the very left. She’s so cute!

Next to her is Mario Loren. He’s very new to the whole Murkland/Nukecrest scene!
In fact, I hear he’s been specially created for this household!
Standing next to him is my dear friend, the one and only Francesca, sass queen extraordinaire!

Don Lothario: So why does Tarzan get to run around in skimpy shorts?
I’m wearing a tank top and long pants. Doesn’t that leave me at a disadvantage?
And why does Mario even have to live here? I don’t need no competition!

oshizu: I’m quite surprised to learn both Don and Mario have romantic aspirations.
Don is a serial romantic (as everyone knows), while Mario wants a soulmate, bless his heart!
And what a coincidence! They even share the Romantic trait!

Francesca: You’ve got to be kidding me, oshizu! Right, Caterina?
Caterina: You mean, Francesca and I are stuck on this lot with those two lovesick dudes?

oshizu: Hey, no complaining! This lot almost got the Romantic Aura lot trait.
But “someone” decided at the last minute that it wouldn’t be necessary.

oshizu: As much as I’d like to get to know my new neighbors better, I’m starving!
So I grill some vegetarian grub, leaving Caterina, Don, Francesca, and the plumber, I mean, Mario, to chat.

I really need to hold another yard sale after lunch and I’m taking this gang with me!
Next time, if you decide to join us, we’ll be seeing you at What’s Left of the Gym!

Murky 1.7: Unflirty Rex

9 thoughts on “Murky 1.6: The Plumber’s…Back

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  2. Loved the new chapter! Yes, the poisonous fireleaf plant…that’s why I couldn’t visit the hermit the first time…lol Loved seeing all the neighbors. Glad your bills weren’t too high and that you bought your own yoga mat 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’d never noticed how long that itch lasted before! Normally, a +2 uncomfortable moodlet wouldn’t faze me but on our Flithy, Grody lot with spilled water everywhere….
      Thanks so much for reading!


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