Rivals 2.19: Reaching for the (5) Stars

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 2 (Soma, Part IV)


Megumi: My two unique skills will be Writing and Guitar.
When I take a break from writing, I’m delighted to learn that Uncle Daichi can mentor me!

Yuki: Wow, it’s a good thing Yukio fired that waiter Krishna this afternoon. Looks like he has serious anger management issues.
Bradly: Or he’s just mad about being fired today. He totally deserved it!

Bradly: We’re not exactly rolling in dough, but we’re not doing badly, considering how much time we spend at Korma.
Selling off all those rejected portraits of Yukio also brings in a tidy sum.

Watchette builds me a lab downstairs! It’s great to have my own space to work!

Bradly: I take a break to dance with my little Braddon. I wonder why Don doesn’t come around.
Doesn’t he realize Braddon’s only going to be such an adorable toddler for several more days?

Braddon: I’m thinking I want to grow up to be a bro like Papa. I wish Megumi could be a bro, too!

Braddon (sings): Get up, get down, put your hands up to the sound!
Get up, get down, put your hands up to the sound? Shufflin’ shufflin’ shufflin’…

Bradly: Has it already been mentioned that Sims 4 group dancing borrows choreography from that Party Rock Anthem music video?

Yukio: A little past 11 pm, I officially become the first sim in this challenge to max a career!
And in a few days, Bradly will be the only one working so we can really focus on that five-star rating!


Yukio: Salim and Caleb are both married to dynasty founders, yet they sure spend a lot of time away from home.
Daniela and Serena must be keeping their husbands on long leashes…

Bradly: Hopefully, I can use this to boost my work performance and Rocket Science skilling.
Also, since Megumi is creative, Braddon should probably become a genius. So this is for him, too!

Bradly: Yukio opens Korma at 11 am and I accompany him there for the lunch crowd.

I’m not comping his meal just because he’s my baby daddy! It’s because he’s also a valued customer!

Yukio: I’m trying to reach a 5-star rating without resorting to comping everyone’s meals.
But about half of our clientele are leaving 4-star reviews ever since I changed the menu.

Since my chefs can’t be trained anymore, I buy the Ingredient Quality Options perk and switch to higher-quality ingredients.
By the way, I saved one of Yuki’s portraits of me to hang in our restaurant.

Yuki: Yukio opens Korma again for dinner and I come here straight from work.

We get a notice that Megumi earned her Level 3 promotion for the Fast Food career tonight!
I summon her to Korma so I can take a photo of her in that cute work uniform.
As soon as she arrives, though, she immediately changes to her party outfit (Korma’s dress code).

What kind of expression is that, young lady?

Megumi: Braddon and Uncle Daichi are also in their party outfits.
Uncle Daichi initially showed up at Korma to dine but ended up visiting Braddon and me upstairs.

Yukio: I try to send Bradly home to continue leveling his Rocket Science skill, but he acts as if he’s having pathing issues and won’t leave.

If he can’t leave because he’s Braddon’s designated caregiver, then why hasn’t Don been around?

Yukio: We are doing really well tonight. It looks like we’ll receive all 5-star reviews.
When I inform our hostess to disallow new customers, however, all our diners get up and leave.

Our Finance Report shows that we actually did business tonight, but the customer count is zero.
This isn’t the first time that’s happened with “Disallow new customers” either. *sighs

Yukio: Dear Yuki unlocked the Deluxe All-Seasons Easel as part of her Level 8 promotion package today.

Yuki: Now that I have this super easel, would you pose for me again, dear?
Yukio: We need to hurry, darling. It’s getting close to the time for switching households.

Yuki: Oh right, it’s Saturday night! I need to quit my job before midnight.
From now, I’m only going to paint at home and work at Korma, like you, dear.

Yuki: During Week 3, I’ll finish these six portraits of Yukio, then start painting Megumi’s portrait.

Megumi: I quit my job tonight, too! Also, I take over this room as my bedroom.
Candy asks Watchette to move her writing stuff to another, smaller room.

Megumi: I’m a geek like Mama, so I spend the time before the Big Switch outdoors, digging for collectibles.

Braddon: Since Megumi has abandoned me, Watchette remodels this room for me. *sniffle, sniffle

Bradly: Next time, I’m going to Sixam, for sure!

Yukio: Watchette, I’m a creative, cheerful foodie with Level 1 Fitness. Why do I have the “Drink Energy Juice” option?
Beats me, Yukio. Hold on a minute… *checks Carl’s Guide and comes up empty-handed
Whatever, drink your energy juice and start jogging. We’ll see more of you during the next two weeks if you’re a jogger.
Just make sure you don’t bulk up, Yukio. You’re fine like you are now.

Candy: Why am I pulling weeds in the garden like some ugly stepsister?
I’m the one wrote those three Books of Life, remember? Pippin, a little help, please?

Never forget! Never forgive!


Week 2 Status of the Restaurant Bloodline

Founder: Yukio Soma
*Completed requirements:
Restaurant: Korma Chameleon, resale value = $108,214
Career: Chef (Level 10)

*Incomplete requirements:
Portrait: (trying to beat $9,044)
Star rating: 4.5 stars

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
*Completed move-out requirements
Toddler skills: Maxed all 5 skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
Good friends: Yukio Soma; Daichi Yoshida, Elizabeth Scruggs, and Houda Abd Al Kader
Teen Career: Fast Food (Level 3)

*Incomplete move-out requirements
Unique Aspiration: Bestselling Author (on Tier II)
Skills (2): Writing (Level 10) and Guitar (Level 4)
Enemies (2):
Collection (7):

Note: This was a stellar week for Yukio and Megumi in all respects, except the star rating.
However, Bradly is the only one employed now, so Week 3 will focus on earning that last 1/2 star and keeping a 5-star rating for three days.
Also, hopefully, Yuki will not need to paint 20 portraits of Megumi to craft one that’s museum-worthy.

Coming next: Week 2 chez Serena Zanna/Skilling with Toddler Massimo

Rivals 3.20: You’re Hawt, Gnomesayin’?

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