Mori 3.26: Can There Be Another Fabio? (Part II)

Week 15/Thursday

Nao: After Sora arrives and begins helping Fola with her drawing, I take off for the adoption agency.

Nao: I hear that, when adopting a child, the adopting parent arrives home with the child and they stand in front of the house together.
When adopting an infant, however, one just gets confetti on the curbside while the baby is whisked straight into a bassinet.

This time, I’m sure our baby is a boy! Here he is, our seventh child and fourth son, Fabio Mori.
And yes, I’m not giving up on having a son with that name. There can be another Fabio!
Sorry, if this is a little confusing. Original Fabio is now our daughter Fola and the seventh child is the new Fabio, okay?

This is the final adoption for this generation. Apparently, this has been an exhausting morning for both of us!

Nao: Whenever Fabio cries, all the kids and their mentoring relatives make a beeline for the bassinet.
They neither change his diaper nor feed Fabio, but they do stop me from looking after Fabio’s needs.
Sometimes it takes over an hour before I can fight my way through the masses.
That’s why Fabio’s bassinet has been moved to a room which locks out everyone but Marci and me. Sheesh.

Nao: Hello Blysse. It’s now 3:30 pm and you were aged up and moved out to Oasis Springs eight hours ago.
Yet you do not leave, even though you’ve been removed from all the family clubs.
What is it about “moved out” that you don’t understand, young lady?
W: sniff, sniff! Do I smell a death by starvation? Nah, we’re taking a break from deliberate deaths this generation, or are we?

Nao: It has been such a long a crazy day! I’m trying to paint a bit. Marci is researching stocks.
The twins have invited everyone to watch a movie to keep the other adults away from my easels.
We’re all just killing time until we get the twins’ birthday notice.

Carlos: We finally get the notice about throwing our birthday party and we quickly head to the backyard party area.
I’m the first to blow out my candles.
Besides being Good, I’m now a Genius Curator. That’s a quick aspiration to complete!
Oh dear, please change this hair, Watchette!

Donato: Now it’s my turn to blow out the candles.
Besides my Outgoing trait, I’m now a  Cheerful Bodybuilder. Cool, I can finish Bodybuilder as a teen!
Hey, I really need a change of threads. And this hair, ugh!
Nao: Your studiousness is commendable, Ethernet dear, but we do not do homework at parties. Put away that textbook right now.

Carlos: Ahhh, now that’s a little better!
Nao: Who do you think Carlos resembles? He still reminds me of Sora a little.

Marci: *brags about job title
Donato: Oh no, Mom, please. Just don’t! Do your work-related bragging with your co-workers, k?

W: I vote Donato the best-looking male sim appearing in this legacy’s simverse so far.

Nao (looking serious): You both rolled relatively easy aspirations that you can complete in your teens.
When you’re young adults, it would be great if you joined careers with similar work schedules.
Carlos and Donato (listening seriously): Yes, Dad.

Marci: Hey, Carlos, looking good! Nice party outfit!
Carlos: Thanks, Mom. How are you feeling?
Marci: Well, I keep wanting to ask people to feel the baby but I’m only in my first trimester so I don’t get that social yet. Just two more hours, though!
Wanna feel my stomach anyway?
Carlos: Uh, no thanks, Mom.



About Fola, if I’d been paying closer attention, I’d have realized that Fola wore a yellow onesie the first time Nao picked her up, despite my confusion at the adoption agency.
As it were, there was just too much going on during the two-day window after Fola was adopted until she aged up. Lesson learned!

Nao and Marci have now had or adopted seven children. The remaining three will all be naturally-born girls.
There is enough room in the household for all five naturally-born children to remain for now.
Sorry for the double post. There was nothing of interest going on for over a sim-week and then suddenly all the kids were having birthdays!

Rest in Peace, Kaoru.
You built that family lot up from scratch and, with your Patriarch trait, devotedly mentored the second generation to complete the Knowledge category.
Before your death, you achieved your fondest wish–to dress up as Eduardo. Your wife fell for Frank but you otherwise lived a charmed life.
Much appreciation for all the superb work you did to found the Mori Legacy.

Mori 3.27: 2-4-6-8 Who Do We Appreciate?

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