Mori 3.22: A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall

A big thank you to all of you who voted. Our next heir will be Naoki Mori!
His older brother Sora will stay to complete the “Complete both food aspirations in one generation” milestone, while Hana will be moving out.

Week 12/Wednesday

Nami: Sora and Naoki have stayed home from school most of the week, preparing for the transition to the fourth generation.
As for Nio, Zach, and I, we’ve devoted ourselves full-time to teaching the boys the mentor-able skills.
Nio: They’d already started with Fitness and Handiness, maxing those yesterday. Tonight, they maxed painting.
Nami: Zach turned 104 days old today. He gets tired easier lately and goes to bed much earlier than the rest of us.
Nio: Hana goes to school, watches TV, and cares for the garden. She’ll move out to live with our Dad soon.


Nami: Our little Sora is a young adult at last. He is now an Insane, Kleptomaniac, Music Lover.
The “Tell jokes 0/2” milestone really frightened me during this party.
At first, no one would tell jokes so all the men try telling jokes while I’m at the bar and Hana’s at the piano.
The result: Zach and Nio turn hysterical whereas everyone else becomes Very Playful.
Nao: The mirrors don’t help! Zach and I only come down from hysteria when Nao changes the club vibe.
But we still earn a gold medal for Sora’s birthday party! Whew!

Sora: Today, I’m the one who successfully makes the toast, uh, through Mom’s head. Whatever!
Notice how Mom, once again, plies everyone with drinks to increase our chances of making a toast!

Nao: Late afternoon, I notice that Marci’s aged up to a young adult so I invite her over.
Sadly, her third trait is Cheerful which is the same as my grandmother, so Marci can’t be my Primary Spouse.
I still want to marry Marci and have children with her. I’ll need to consult Mom the Deathmonger. Darn it!

Marci: Wow, Nao, you’ve been working out, haven’t you? It really shows!
Nao: Yeah, thanks! Sora and I both maxed fitness yesterday. Happy birthday, Marci!
Marci: Erm, Nao, would you mind lifting your eyes and looking at my face while we chat?


Sora: My starting aspiration is Master Mixologist so I’m glad to finally start working on it!
Tonight’s my first workday in the culinary career! I’m so excited and start preparing for work early.
Brain Boosting yoga routine, check!
Ylang ylang aromatherapy massage with incense, check!
Essence of inspiration, check!

Nao: Tonight I’ll get my final promotion in the Retail Employee career, which means I max three teen careers.
Let’s see how quickly I can complete my Renaissance Sim aspiration on my birthday this Sunday!

Mom moved Hana out last night to live with Grandpa, but she’s still not done pestering me.
Can’t you see I’m trying to get focused before work?

Nami: Once the boys are safely at work on time, I spy little Lukia across the street and age her up.
0h Lukia! The daughter I wish I’d had! She grows up with the “Mori assets” we female members all seem to have.
She looks very lovely and stylish, even without a makeover!

And those violet eyes! Too bad her second trait is Jealous…


Nami: Watchette’s been complaining about everyone constantly on the computers, playing video games or trolling teh forums.
Nio: First, she locks the two computers in the Inspired Room away, since none of us are writing novels or skill books.
Zach: But look what’s she done to the computers in the Focused Room now! What’s a guy supposed to do for fun?
W: *cackles diabolically

Nao: Somebody explain why we’re bar-hopping in the middle of the night? The Shrieking Llama Bar was a graveyard.
And we’re the only ones here at Narwahl Arms except the DJ and the bartender.
Nami: Saturday night is Ladies’ Night but we couldn’t leave the house until Sora got off work at 2 a.m.

Nami: In the morning, we all head out to Mori’s Emporium for a few hours. Oddly, Hana shows up.
She has no “Retail” interaction so she’s not here as a customer and starts disrupting our sales talks.
Zach: Everyone’s busy with customers, except me, so I ask Hana to leave.

Sora: We hire a new employee! I’ve been managing him myself, switching between having him clean or answer the customers’ questions.

Nio: Sora, I notice you’ve been talking with the Lice Cooler. We’re only here for several hours.
Would you mind waiting until we get home then talk to our fridge instead?

Zach: This morning at the shop, I got my first notice from Grim. Normally, that would give me about three more days.
Nami: Normally, yes, but you’re an Active sim who completed the Bodybuilder aspiration.
You could live for another two to three weeks. What would you like to do?
Zach: I’d like to stay until Nao’s birthday on Sunday then move out to live with Lucas Munch, Arisa, and Lukia.
Nami: Tell you what, I’ll join you as soon as Marci Primley maxes her career! And honey, are you thinking now what I’m thinking?

Zach: Nami, stop reading my mind! (How will I bear to be apart from her?)
Nami: (How can I live without him? Luckily, he’ll be living right up the street!)

Nami: Nao invites Valentina Hastings over as a prospective Primary Spouse.
She’s an elderly Level 4 Writer but, hey, she brings unique traits: Active, Glutton, and Evil.
Zach: It’s important, I agree, to bring in someone with unsavory traits so the desirable ones can be saved for later!

Nao: When Valentina arrives, I strike up a conversation with her but you’ll never guess who else arrives, uninvited.
Of course, she has to come sit right next to us. *mutters: we still haven’t done “death by starvation”

Nao: Just another night of spouse-hunting at the Shrieking Llama Bar.
Tonight’s Singles’ Night but, happily, all the clientele are ladies except for my uncle, Wendell Behr.

Nami: Here’s the lineup of tonight’s candidates:
Pamela Coffey (standing next to Nao): Adult/Maid; Romantic Dance Machine, Hates Children.
Aurora Tilley (seated next to him): Elder/Bar regular; Outgoing, Goofball, Bookworm.
Reese McClure (seated with afro): Adult/Fisherwoman; Childish, Loner, Geek.

Valentina’s still the best candidate, Nao.  Our work here is done!

Nio: What’s Sora up to in the kitchen?
Nami: We got him that new bar counter, so he’s practicing bar tricks while telling a story to himself.
Zach: Sora’s doing great at work! He’s only worked two nights so far and he earned a promotion each night!
He even joined the mixology branch already yesterday!
Nio: That’s superb! You remember my first fiancée Isabelle? She hadn’t reached Level 6 Culinary even after two weeks!

Week 13/Sunday

Nao: It’s finally time for my birthday party!
Half the guests are at the side of the house, trying to enter the locked room with the “Don’t Wake the Llama” table for children. Go figure!
I blow out my candles anyway. I want to give Sora enough time to prepare for work this evening. (And I insta-complete Renaissance Sim, just as I’d planned!)

Nami: Congratulations, Nao. I now officially pass the reins of the Mori legacy to you, the chosen third-generation heir!

Nao: Once we earn our gold medal, I end the party immediately and get to work on Valentina Hastings.
We’re already good friends, so I can ask her to move in right away.  Primary Spouse, score!
Her aspiration makes no difference, since I discover her age bar is already bubbling. The timing couldn’t be more perfect!
Zach: Nami, I believe Nao takes after you a lot more than we’d realized…

Nio: Dad, I know you like The Dancers outfit, but it’s inappropriate dress for your grandson’s birthday party!
Kaoru: Do you mind? I’d just like to flaunt it while I still got it, okay?
W: Honestly, I did give Kaoru a different party outfit with The Dancers outfit as a secondary outfit, but he always comes to parties here dressed like that.

Nao: Marci, I was wondering if you’d move in with us.
Marci: Yes, of course. Mom says that’s always been the plan.
Nao: There’s another question I’ve been wanting to ask you ever since we were in kindergarten together. Marci, will you marry me?
Marci: Yes, yes, yes!

Valentina: Hello, young lady. My name’s Valentina. I’m Naoki’s Primary Spouse. (Take that!)
Marci: Hello, old biddy. My name’s Marci. I’m Naoki’s Secondary Spouse and fiancée. (Touché!)
Nao: Well, this feels a little awkward.

Marci: Is it really true what your mother says about you and me having ten children?
Nao: Well, I thought we could adopt half of them, if you’d like a career, too. What do you think?
Marci: I think we should get started!

Grim (checks notes on tablet): Hmm, I see. Valentina Hastings, writer at Walrus Books. Active, Glutton, Evil.
Moves into the Mori house after Nao’s young adult birthday at around 5 p.m. today, then dies of old age three hours later at 8 o’clock.

I gotta say this for the new third-generation heir: Naoki Mori sure knows how to pick ‘em! A real chip off the old block, he is! Nami must be proud!
And seriously? He’s already moved in a Secondary Spouse? What a boy scout!

Watchette: This is not at all how I’d thought this chapter would close, but Valentina rushes off to death much sooner than anyone anticipated.
Valentina lies dying while Nao and Marci are downstairs “getting started.”
Rest in peace, Valentina. We never even really got the chance to resent you.

An old life moves on. A new life emerges. This is the nature of things.

Mori 3.23: The NooBoomers

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