Mori 3.23: The NooBoomers

Week 13/Sunday

Grim: Since this is the Mori residence, when I first get the summons to reap Valentina Hastings here, I suspect foul play.
It’s curious how some sims become so famous, notorious even, while others only bask in the spotlight for the span of a few hours.
Anyway, Nao is just plain lucky! With Valentina’s Active trait, she might have lingered on for weeks!

Grim: What? The leftover party drinks are in the fridge, you say? Don’t mind if I do.
I see you tore down a room to expand the kitchen/dining area. And I love the new bar with matching counters, too!

Nao: I really had no idea how close to death Valentina had been!
If Marci and I had known, our wooho’ing downstairs might be seen as disrespectful.
As it were, when we last saw Valentina, she was in the dining area, picking fights with Nio and Zach.
And now that Valentina’s gone, Marci looks like she’s not feeling too well. Could it be?

Marci: To avoid the four-day waddle, I take a pregnancy test. Yes, I’m eating for two!
W: Hi, Marci. I’m this legacy’s Watcher. Has Nao ever spoken to you about me?
Marci: Yes, since grade school. It’s nice to finally meet you and become a watched sim like my mom was.

W: So, Marci, I’d like to help you and Nao complete this ten-children milestone as quickly and easily as possible.
Since I’m still so shocked about Valentina, I thoughtlessly had you take a pregnancy test.
Adoption is only allowed when there’s no other infant in the house, though, so we want an infant stage of two days, not three days.
From now on, no more pregnancy tests until you’re done adopting, okay?

Marci: I’ll remember that for next time, Watchette. And thanks!

Nao: Speaking of adoptions, I dashed off to the adoption agency during Marci’s pregnancy test. Meet our first adopted child! A little boy named Arlo.
Marci: We’re planning to do as many adoptions as possible at first, so the final children will be naturally born.
Nao: We’re really hoping for an heir with violet eyes.

Marci: And Nao, I don’t want to start working yet. I need to finish my aspiration to buy Connections!


Sora: As soon as I’m home from work a little past 1 am, Dad moves out.
He still belongs to the family club, though, so he just popped back over here. Wassup, Uncle Nio?
Nio: I’m drinking a Potion of Youth to return to a Day 1 adult. My elder birthday would’ve been later today, you know.
I’ll be here helping out until Marci gives birth Wednesday night, then I move out to make room for more nooboos. What’s new with you?
Sora: Work is great! And once I make four more excellent drinks here, I’ll complete the Master Mixologist aspiration!

Sora: Now that I’ve switched to the Master Chef aspiration, I need to earn a silver medal for a dinner party.
We only invite a few guests. Still you can witness me in all my glory, manning the new bar counter!
As you can see, the kitchen’s been pushed back to provide room for the bar and more room for partying.

Marci: It’s always great to see Mom. She’s looking wonderful with her green top complementing her red hair.
Nao’s grandfather comes dressed in some weird get-up. I wonder if he thinks that’s becoming for his age?
If you ask me, he looks like he’s trying too hard. *shakes head in disapproval

Sora: Our maid, who usually does nothing but stand around staring into space, leaps into a conscientious frenzy of cleaning.
She swoops in to throw out any new food that I prepare before the guests have a chance to sample it.
When guests stand to get a drink, she instantly puts away their half-eaten servings in the fridge.
Thanks for nothing! Darn, I should have just dismissed her! We earn a gold medal, despite her sabotage!

W: Enough with the glaring and drink your Essence of Energy. Today’s your first day of work!
We got caught up in Sora’s dinner party and you didn’t have a pre-work massage.

Nao: Stop rushing me! And what’s in this drink again?

W: If Sims 4 had a Supernatural EP, I would so make you a vampire!

Sora: Dad lives up the street now with Arisa but he still spends most of his time here.
As for me, I’m almost done with the Master Chef aspiration.

Nao: I come home with a promotion and panic for a moment as I spot Dad with his arm lifted!
Whew! No worries, though, he’s just channeling his inner Travolta.


Marci: Hey, sweetie, I’m glad we came to this gym in Windenberg this morning. Uncle Nio even mentored me a little.
Nao: No offense, honey, but your aspiration is Friend of the World, not Friend of the Family.
You need to go circulate and introduce yourself and make friends! You’re Outgoing, you’ll finish your aspiration soon!
Marci: Okay, okay. Let’s visit a few more spots, then.

Nao: Realizing that both Sora and I are  off today, we rush home from the South Square Café to plan a wedding.
Marci: Yes, our wedding! Let’s have an outdoor wedding!
W: Let’s try something new this time. Except for Sora, I’m locking everyone out of the house, the family, too!
This has to be one of the simplest weddings ever planned; it’s so Gen1, you know?
And why Sora? He needs to complete his “Cook 3 gourmet meals during a social event” milestone.

Marci: Watchette, where were you when Nao and I got married? You missed the shot of our wedding kiss under the confetti! *pouts
W: Sorry, I noticed that Sora was eating in the kitchen instead of cooking, so I had to remedy that.
Though you’re not under the wedding arch, here’s another kissy shot of the bride and groom.
Mama Nami looks very happy, indeed!

Nao: And we earn another gold medal. Everyone seems to be having a great time.
And thanks, Grandpa Kaoru, for not showing up in your stripper outfit. *rolls eyes
Marci: Oh, is that what that outfit is?
Nao: Uh no, Marci. You must have misheard me. Grandpa likes to dress like a dancer.

Nio: Nami and Zach still got dat sizzle! I’m glad she found her true love after all.
Speaking of true love, I’ll be moving out tomorrow afternoon, finally!
Nami: I really hate to see you go, Nio, but Nao and Marci need room for more nooboos.
Nio: Don’t talk like that, sis! You know I’ll be right down the street with Lyric. Just invite me over or keep me in a club!

Marci: Our first son and adoptee, Arlo, aged up to a child today after a two-day infancy. He’s a Whiz Kid who loves the Outdoors.

Nao: While Unclo Nio and Mom mentor Arlo and Marci playing chess, I’m off to the adoption agency once more.
Meet our first daughter and second child, Blysse. I wonder if she’ll also age up in two days on Thursday…


Nao: My siblings and I were so blessed, growing up surrounded by such multi-talented mentors!
Although Sora and I have tried our best to learn various skills, Marci came almost completely unskilled.
Each adopted child will be helped to complete one aspiration, after which they’ll be on their own.
The naturally born kids may receive more mentoring, depending on their traits and aspirations.
It can’t be helped, but the fourth generation will not be as fortunate as the third.

Sora: Mom, I hear you painted an amazing portrait of Marci this afternoon.
Nami: I hung it downstairs with the others. Let’s go look at them together, Sora!
Sora: Where are the portraits of Nehemiah Asher and Valentina Hastings? Don’t they need to be memorialized, too?
Nio: No worries, Sora. I wrote a biography of each of them, actually: Go Fish! The Life of Nehemiah Asher and Valentina Who?.
The household isn’t required to build a legacy museum, so this is simply a portrait gallery.

Marci: In a show of wishful optimism, Watchette moves Nio out in the late afternoon and places two bassinets side by side.
Yes, I realize it’s an odd place to put bassinets but this here’s a very central location for the whole family.
I go into labor around 10 pm, just as expected.

Nao: Good thing Uncle Nio moved out earlier!
Marci: I’m so very pleased to introduce our twin sons, Carlos (in my arms), who was born first.
Nao: And Donato (in my arms), who was born second.
Nami: We now have a full house with four adults, one child, and three infants!

Marci: We initially considered rushing ahead one day so you could see our second child, Blysse, aged up to a child.
Nami: Instead, we leave you an image of the inimitable Sora, flaunting some bar flair!

According to the legacy rules, household members can only be moved out after their teen birthday.
At that point, I will move out the adopted children and adopt two more, though only naturally born children are eligible to become heirs.
Moving out Nami and/or Sora (once he completes the Mixologist career) is also an option if either Carlos or Donato can be quickly groomed to take their place.
Anything can happen at this point.

Mori 3.24: High Five, Low Five

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